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So Anequina has all river water.  Not even any lake water in spite of a few small pools, just river.

Splendid. (I still need 2 blue fish, and i found the first 2 while fishing with someone lol)

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I always thought it was awkward how Jakarn would call Eolan “good-looking” even though he was always covered head to toe in armor around him. 

Then I remembered one of Eolan’s most distinguishing features was easily visible though his low-level helmets, and realized his current hairiness frames his face just like them…

To be fair to Jakarn, few people from Eolan’s Planemeld days ever saw him pleased.  Though he still does not like Jakarn much.

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My current Necromancer tank, Nick Romancy.

He is an Imperial who was incredibly loyal to his master, and tried to use necromantic spells so that he could continue to fight the war for him.

Unfortunately, though a skilled Necromancer, he was nowhere near the necessary level, and botched it and became a zombie, who must constantly fight and feed to not deteriorate his mind. Fortunately he also cursed his steed to keep him company.

Joy is a goth who really has no business being a healer, but she is nonetheless, and mostly summons healers from beyond the grave to do the job for her.

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