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Solipsistic Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism is unique in a very important way.

Every other approach to ethics requires taking on additional axioms beyond the experience axiom.

The latter axiom is inescapable - we have to take something about our raw experience as axiomatic because no amount of doubting it will negate the experiencing itself.

All other axioms are arbitrary and unjustified until proven necessary.

The idea that preferred/pleasant experiences are ethically more valuable than less preferred/pleasant experiences also looks like an arbitrary axiom if we just look at it from our normal, day-to-day, higher-level perspective.

But if we build from the ground up it is qualitatively less arbitrary/axiomatic: raw experience itself already provides that value function. Defining ethics on top of it is just going with what is already inescapably there. It makes sense precisely because any other choice would be more arbitrary/axiomatic.

Of course, the only thing our raw experience stream provides is a solipsistic value function - giving us utilitarianism in a world where the only mind is you.

The rest is for another post.

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tfw you think the whole concept of tertiary orders and like, being committed and accountable to a group to do good in the world and try to be a good person is great, but you can’t subscribe to christianity or any other religion.

anyway this is my way of saying, does anyone of any faith or none want to be part of a group that supports each other to try to do tangible good and be good people? with a focus on actions rather than beliefs? and how would we even organize such a thing?

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Me: The death penalty is cruel and denies someone the chance to change or commit any good deeds. Humans should not have power over one another's lives because there is no morally correct choice. Thus, no one deserves to die.
Other Me: Even Donald Trump?
Me: ....shit.
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Online games, films, books and stories that say the only way an disfigured or plain girl could get a guy to love her is if she uses a love potion are so sexist and ridiculous. They say if an ugly guy get gets a beautiful woman that’s normal, but if an ugly girl gets a handsome guy that’s witchcraft.

Like no. Maybe she has a great personality. Maybe he thinks she’s beautiful even though most people don’t. Mind your own business.

Beautiful people shouldn’t be forced to date ugly people for character building. But don’t break up their romantic relationship if they’re happily and willingly dating someone who’s disfigured. There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful person wanting to date a disfigured or unattractive looking person they genuinely love.

These types of stories have been popular in books and film for hundreds of years and it’s a ridiculous trope to say a girl dating a guy better looking than her is using witchcraft.

1) there’s nothing wrong with using kindhearted magic or witchcraft to help people. I’m not a witch, but I’ve met nice witches online.

2) stop being a dick to witches and women. (If you’re a dick to genderqueer people or men, stop being a dick to them as well).

3) if a good looking person is happy with dating or marrying an ugly person, don’t break them up and mind your own god damn business.

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“Coase’s simple insight was that when two parties come into contact both are harmed by the presence of the other. When the cattle farmer’s cows stray on to the neighbouring arable farmer’s crops, which farmer is responsible? There would be no problem, no crop damage, without both farms being present and adjacent. It is the conjunction of the two farms which ‘causes’ the crop damage, not one farmer alone. When a factory pollutes the water used by a laundry, it imposes costs on the laundry—but banning the pollution imposes costs on the factory. This perspective implies that common-sense ideas about blame are meaningless. There is no way of establishing the victim and the villain by examining who imposes costs on whom, because costs flow in both directions. Coase concluded that the decision about whether or not to allow a firm to emit pollution was ‘no different from deciding whether a field should be used for growing wheat or barley’.10 That is, all that matters is maximizing total product, output or value.

Coase’s analysis stopped there. However, by the early 1970s his Chicago followers, now just as likely to be in the university law school as in the economics department, went much further. They extended the analysis from the world of economics to that of law and morality. Applying Coase’s ideas to accidents, for example, they argued that both the injurer and the injured may be said to cause an accident, because both parties must be present for an accident to occur. From this, it is a short step to conclude that both parties are equally to blame for the accident. Traditional ethical and legal ideas about motivation, responsibility and rights are cast aside in this new approach, which soon became known as the ‘law-and-economics’ school of legal thinking.

[…] Coase overturned centuries of legal thinking about accidents—by accident… [H]e saw his idess as showing the ways in which markets and other economic arrangements are dependent on the wider legal system. But his followers put it the other way round: legal rights should be determined by economics (and hence not by ideas about justice, fairness, responsibility, motivation, and so on). The law-and-economics people wanted to use economics to explain and reshape the law… and the consequences were momentous.”

– Jonathan Aldred, Licence to be Bad

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I understand that this is a very long post. I wanted to add a disclaimer to my blog because I feel like it sets an important precedent. I do not know what the future of this blog holds and I truly hope that it continues to grow because all of the people who interact with my content… it’s totally amazing. I want to connect with more people and really become part of the community of spiritual people and diviners and witches here on Tumblr.

So, this is where I stand. This is available as a separate page on my blog but I wanted to share it as a post as well. I’m posting this to protect myself, the services I provide, and the content I produce. I’m also posting this so my new followers, old followers, and anyone passing through understands my values, abilities, and limitations. Lastly, I’m posting this in the interest of complete transparency because I do not know where this journey is going to lead me.

  • This blog is a safe space for all people. You are safe here no matter your spiritual pathway, or belief system. You are safe here no matter your ethnicity, nationality, or country of origin. You are safe here no matter your sex, gender, or sexual orientation. You are safe here. Nazis aren’t fucking safe here.
  • This blog will not fucking tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or bigotry of any kind. Black lives matter, trans women are women, and all bodies are perfect bodies. SW positive.
  • I am not a doctor, nurse, or any other type of medical professional. If you are having medical problems, you need to seek the guidance of a trusted licensed medical professional. I am not qualified to give any guidance, diagnosis, or treatment of any medical problem.
  • I am not a lawyer, attorney, or any other type of legal professional. If you are having legal trouble, I strongly advise that you seek the assistance of someone appropriately trained and licensed to guide you through the situation. I am not qualified to give any legal advice.
  • I am not a therapist, counselor, social worker, or nurse practitioner. I am not a mental health professional in any regard. If you are having problems with your mental health, you should seek the appropriate social or psychiatric services from a licensed provider. I am not qualified to diagnose, treat, or advise on any mental health condition or mental illness.
  • I am not qualified or licensed to provide financial advice or services.
  • I am not a licensed spiritual teacher. The information and insight I provide on this blog is purely based on my own experiences, research, and beliefs.
  • This blog is intended for an adult audience.
  • I will never knowingly and willingly provide any spiritual guidance to minors, in accordance with all rules, laws, and regulations in the United States.
  • All of the original content, including but not limited to text posts, photos, videos, quotes, and any other digital media of which I am the original creator/poster belongs solely to me. Any original content posted and created for BrandenandBeyond is not available for any commercial or personal use or distribution. To put it simply, please do not steal my content.
  • I do not make any claims about the accuracy of the guidance that I provide. I firmly believe in what I do, what I see, and what I say. There are plenty of people who have enjoyed their reading with me and have provided positive feedback. However, you need to understand that the guidance that I provide is simply meant to provide insight and advice. You do not need to take everything I say as absolute.
  • I am not responsible for what you do with the guidance I provide. You are responsible for your choices and your future.
  • I am providing a divination service. At this time, it is completely free of charge but I do reserve the right to charge in the future. I will never retroactively charge for services.
  • I will never copy, save, share, or utilize any personal information provided to me by anyone that receives a reading. I will never discuss your reading or any private conversations or any contact information with anyone other than you.
  • I do not use any cold reading techniques. I do not use any hot reading techniques. I am committed to providing you with a divination experience with integrity. I will never research a client or use psychological or communicative manipulation to enhance or alter that divination experience.
  • If you see me doing something that is insensitive, problematic, or culturally appropriative, CALL ME OUT. If you see me acting in a way that is not progressive, causes harm, or spreads misinformation about a culture, tradition, or marginalized group, CALL ME OUT.
  • If you see me following someone who is harmful to the community, hateful, or has caused you any harm in the past, I believe you. Let me know and I will unfollow them and stop sharing their content.
  • This blog is trigger warning and content warning friendly. I currently use “cw [WORD]” to tag these posts. If you want to double check that I tag what you need to filter out, shoot me a message.
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“Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes that you can do these things. Among them are a few Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or businessman from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.” – Dwight David Eisenhower

People love their money.

They love their bargains.

They’ll rush to Wal-Mart to buy a plastic bowl for $1 rather than one at a local mom & pop shop for $1.50.

Of course, very little of that $1 they spent at Wal-Mart stays in their community – a few pennies in the form of low wages, but then we have to add our tax money going for SNAP cards because Wal-Mart’s employees often don’t make enough to live on.

Not like the mom & pop shop, where the 50-cents extra they charged pretty much stayed in the community:  They paid for their house, they bought their kids clothes, put food on their table…

Mom & pop?  Working for Wal-Mart now.

Living in a cramped apartment, not that nice house they dreamed of retiring in.

The stores and businesses that depended on them spending their income in town?

Most of them have gone under, absorbed by Wal-Mart and other big box multi-national conglomerations.

As much as the moral scolds like to tell us Rome fell because they were decadent, the truth is Rome at its gladiatorial / orgy worse was Rome at the peak of its power and influence.

It fell after it split apart.

And it split apart because the Western half didn’t want to pay for the upkeep of the Eastern half, i.e., the business end of the empire.

The Eastern half needed roads and infrastructure and sound political government and armies (oh, lordie, how they needed armies) and the fat cat landed gentry in the Western – protected by thousands of miles of terrain and sea from those who would do them harm – refused to pay their fair share.

So Diocletian split the empire in twain, letting the greedy bastards to the west fend for themselves while he established a new empire that would eventually become known as Byzantium to the east.

The Western empire, what we think of when we refer to the Roman Empire, fell a little less than two centuries after that, overrun by Germanic tribes (we call them “barbarians” but the kneeslapper is they were Christians.

Byzantium stayed a going concern for about a millennia after that, but eventually it fell for the same reason:  The people taking the most out of the society refused to pay anything into it, and a younger / tougher empire (the Ottomans) came a’knockin’.

Without Pax Romana the Mediterranean world became a far more violent / perilous place.  Europe split up into a plethora of kingdoms / principalities / duchies constantly jostling with one another to take more money.

Oh, sometimes there were inventions and technological breakthroughs that added coins to the coffers, but mostly it was finding a neighbor who had something you wanted, figuring out their weakness, and taking it from them.

The Enlightenment strove for a better world, but it took money to be a philosopher in those days and since that wealth typically came from peasants / serfs / slaves doing all the grunt work while the philosophers sat around thinking noble thoughts, it didn’t take long for racism – the belief that there are different races and some are inherently superior to others (and those deemed inferior were good for nothing but common labor in order to keep the philosophers philosophizing).

Mind you, there had been prejudice and bigotry and chauvinism before, but while Hebrews and Philistines may have hated one another, they at least recognized their common humanity.

They didn’t decree the other to be doomed to perpetual servitude due to their so-called race.

The Enlightenment and Christianity did much to poison the well in Europe and later in America, but they did have some positive points.

Both, despite the cruelties their practitioners ladled out on others, held high ideals of universal rights.

Those ideals would live on, and foster generations of thinkers and ethicists and moralists to come.

But the cruel side had its fans, too.

The colonies that would eventually become the various nations of the American continents (and let’s not forget Australia and New Zealand while we’re at it) all responded with varying degrees of success to those ideals.

They also offered plenty of opportunities for those who loved wealth above all else to flourish, inevitably at the expense of huge segments of their respective populations.

As faulty and as flawed as the American Revolution was, it ended up sowing the seeds for similar movements in other countries.

In France they took root just as the clock ran out for the aristocracy.

Just as in Rome and Byzantium, the French rulers realized they were heading towards disaster.  For a century and a half before the French Revolution, the various Louis would establish a royal commission made up of the best and the brightest in the kingdom, and had them examine the problem and offer a solution.

The solution was always the same:  The ones with the wealth needed to take less and put some of what they had back.

Nobody wanted to hear that (well, nobody with money) and that’s why the guillotines were dropping day and night.

Various trade and crafts guilds had sprung up at that time; al were hammered down.

Socialist movements and parties were started; they were hammered down.

Trade unions were formed; they were hammered down.

But the thing was each movement that got hammered down created a more brilliant and far tougher phoenix to replace it.

By the late 19th / early 20th century communism looked mighty good to a lot of people.

Again, the intransigence of the greedy (call them financiers or industrialists or robber barons or whatever) pushed the world into war yet again, this time bankrupting Germany, Austria, and Hungary (as well as finishing off the Ottomans, last seen sacking Constantinople).  

Around the world people clamored for more input, more control in their daily lives.

Czarist Russia – brutal, heavy handed, autocratic czarist Russia – fell to the Bolsheviks (who proved to be no less brutal, heavy handed, and autocratic than the czars).

Germany threatened to go down the same path and the industrialists and financiers – who sure as hell weren’t missing any meals – backed a crazy little ex-corporal who promised to keep the labor unions and the socialists and the communists under control.

We know how well that worked out.

In the United States, the wealth made their money directly or indirectly off the back of slave and immigrant labor, and when much to their great dismay the legal form of slavery disappeared, they found new methods of enforcing the old ways, which we now refer to as jim crow.

Poor whites weren’t much better off than their African-American neighbors, but as Lyndon Johnson observed:  
”If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.“

The United States was not that much better than German when it came to race hatred.

Indeed, the Nazis – even while condemning US segregation for propaganda purposes – studied jim crow carefully and applied its lesson to non-Germans in their territories.

The wealthy 1% nearly destroyed the United States with the Great Depression, but the gratitude they showed to Roosevelt for saving capitalism was to undercut and fight him every step of the way.

Because, hey, if it wasn’t making money right now for them!!! then it had to be evil, right?


And just as the plantation owners in the antebellum South used propaganda to argue slavery was actually a good thing for those enslaved (because both the Bible and Darwin – at least according to their readings – said so), so did their spiritual / philosophical / and too damn often direct biological heirs with their anti-communist rants via the John Birch Society and other front groups.

Fred Koch, founder of the Koch family fortune, also founded the John Birch Society.

And let the record show that when the Koch family businesses operate within the law, they do nothing illegal.  They anticipate the ebb and flow of supply and demand and invest accordingly.  Nothing wrong with that – but there’s a lot wrong with what they use the money for.

For generations Americans have been told that socialism is bad, that Marxism is a failure.

And the truth is socialism works when it’s used wisely, to put the brakes on the worst excesses of capitalism.

And Marx gets a bad rap for what he didn’t do; i.e., the spurious claim that he created the blueprints for world domination.

Marx was a brilliant diagnostician but woefully lacking as a hands on practitioner.

The thing is…Marx knew this and recognized it.

Das Kapital analyzed the problem of capitalism in the 19th century.

Marx never intended it to be the final word on the matter.

He wanted those who came after him to be constantly examining and critiquing the way politics and finance work, so that both systems could be constantly tweaked and modified.

His posthumous work, Grundrisse (short for “Fundamentals of Political Economy Criticism”) were not intended for publication but rather Marx’ own personal resource / reference notebooks for his other work.

He was never satisfied with it and put it aside, possibly because he felt the topic was too great for just one writer to expound on.

Of course, once he was dead nobody cared, and it was promoted as literally the last word on the topic when in reality it was filled with what Marx himself would acknowledge as half-baked ideas, concepts he was spitballing in an attempt to find the real, underlying truth.

Imagine somebody finds some wistful half-completed bucket list you leave behind when you die and tries to live their lives according to that.

Gives you an idea of the problem, no?

But just as the hard line communists in Russia embraced Grundrisse for their purposes, so did Fred Koch and the John Birch Society for their own purposes.

Koch was a businessman who dealt with Russia in the days before WWII.

(Most international money people are whores and will go wherever they can find a buck.)

He didn’t like what he saw – a fair enough assessment – but what scared him was that there was something in the underlying structure of Russian society that might be appealing to non-communists.

Remember what I said about the Enlightenment and Christianity?

Add Marxism to that.

It ain’t the solution to all the world’s ills, but damn, it ain’t wrong about the causes.

Now the way the Koch clan tells it, when Fred saw Red, he realized it was a brutal, unworkable economic system and to stop it from spreading, he needed to form the John Birch Society to keep it from taking root in America.

Hold that thought.

If a system is unworkable, just let it collapse.

In fact, as a capitalist you should be interested in propping it up as long as possible both in order to rake in as much cash off them as you can in the time they have left and to make its ultimate collapse an even bigger warning to future workers.

The Koch propaganda machine has been working for literally generations to keep Americans from examining what’s wrong with our system.

They embrace racism because it enables them to keep labor costs down by pitting one group against another.

They fund the evangelical fringe, not necessarily because they believe them, but because they can deliver large swaths of the voting population.

(And of course, many white evangelicals prove themselves to be bigots, so promising to get rid of their taxes and keep “those” kids out of their schools and neighborhoods goes hand-in-hand).

They made a couple of runs at getting their agenda pushed through – notably with Goldwater (who failed) and Reagan (who didn’t) – but their desire to take more money by rendering all form of socially just government regulations impotent has produced an unintended consequence.

Donald Trump.

Just as the mad little corporal tapped in on simmer racial and religious resentment in Germany, Trump has done the same here.

A lot of white people are scared that their day is O.V.E.R.

At current demographic projections, come 2048 white people will drop to only 49% of the population.

The largest minority in a nation of minorities.

That means they’ve going to have to learn to cut deals with other groups.

And those groups, because they were marginalized for literally centuries, have learned to be much more self-reliant, much more imaginative, much more focused, much more innovative.

African-American culture is going to dominate the United States in the second half of the 21st century and well into the 22nd.

I want us to walk away from the precipice.

I want us to recognize there is literally no future in burning down the house to make sure the black folks don’t get in.

I want us to recognize reasonable precautions and controls on capitalism do not make people poor but rather prevent poverty from ruining lives.

But I fear for this country.

A few other empires, as they started splintering, recognized their peril and took steps to minimize the chaos and impact.

It took ‘em a while, but England managed to learn to let go of its vast empire in peaceful / democratic / diplomatic ways that enabled them to maintain good relations with former colonies around the globe.

The Koch mentality can’t do that, I’m afraid.

It can’t abide the thought that somebody else has a say in how they do business for the simple reason that those people’s lives are adversely affected by choices the Koch empire makes.

But we as a nation need to also recognize we slit our own throats every time we place price first and foremost in our shopping.

The Trump supporters who bemoan the demise of their single industry towns never seem to realize the decline started when they began saving a few pennies by shopping at big box stores and franchise fast food restaurants.

In their desire to save a few pennies, they threw away family fortunes.

History offers some grim warnings about empires that slide into this level of oligarchy.

Rome fell.

So did Constantinople.

The guillotine blade fell again and again and again until finally people were willing to accept Napoleon in order to regain stability.

And Napoleon started wars that led to World War One…

…and World War One allowed Hitler to rise thanks to the industrialists and the financiers.

The 1% of their generation.

We have to be more informed and more insightful in our daily choices.

What profit a person if they save a few pennies, yet lose their soul?

© Buzz Dixon

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I often make statements that in one way or another judge or condemn or deprecate people.

Even more often, I judge or condemn or deprecate actions, or norms, or cognition, in ways that do not disclaim generalizing or essentializing to the people involved.

It is very important, especially if you find yourself agreeing, to understand and remember that I make such statements from a viewpoint which is incompatible with the typical ways of judging others.

The empiric definition of logic reveals that a person’s sense of logic is only as discerning and correct as their life experience has given it opportunity to be.

Choice inevitability reveals people are always making the best - the only - choice possible given the exact inputs into their mind up to that moment.

The world looks very different in that light.

It becomes incoherent and nonsensical to judge and condemn people as bad in anything resembling the normal ways.

My judgments and condemnations mean something very different accordingly.

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12 months ago I decided to stop accepting spruiking work.

Spruiking is about creating a false sense of urgency in shoppers, talking up products, installing a temporary FOMO and encouraging people to make impulse purchases (often of stuff they have no need for).

Spruiking pays well and I’m good at it. My conscience and my heart were not good at it though.

Mindless, impulsive, over consumption is not what I’m about. It can’t be what any of us should be about.

I stopped being ok with validating people purchasing new when I know that perfectly good, cheaper, second hand alternatives are on offer at thrift stores, tip shops and garage sales everywhere.

My mic is now silent but my public voice on consumerism is now louder.

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why do people seem to think i’m a big name blogger

i only have like 1800 followers (or I guess closer to 1900 now?), that’s pocket change compared to some of the people around here

i know there’s people with less, and that doesn’t make you invalid or anything. Because it’s not about size. It’s either about quality or about enjoyment, and really, your latter should come first in fandom. If you have a hobby blog designed to spread enjoyment, then yes, quality. If you positively impact just 5 people’s lives on the regular, you’ve done a good thing.

This falls in line with my “anyone can meta” and moods about who feels comfortable metaing or having those opinions, but it’s become a general sentiment.

And most of all don’t feel like you need to lockstep with me. now, not lockstepping with me doesn’t mean "shit directly on someone’s positive content post like a whole entitled jackass”, but like. I don’t care if you were some little blog with 10 followers that I gave a boost and now you’re kinda popular. you don’t owe me shit.

Because that’s another weird thing and I think people need to practice self-care on this more. Four different people, on four different occasions, that were incensed I wouldn’t fall into borg mind or surrender my opinions, have tried to claim they “made” me. Ironically, none of them did. Like even ignoring my following point, even in the way they meant it – which is the irony.

When Kelloggs club pounced on my first ever fandom tweet years ago for the sin of having a Cas plushie icon, and I floored them with numbers they had never seen and got blocked by the whole damn hoard in my first hour in fandom like a temporary urban legend, I made me. Sure, they drew attention and made a shitshow. Sure, it led to me being drawn into group chats that expanded my networking and stuff. But I made me. When a big name fan was upset at how much traction I’d gained in a month, because this fandom is obsessed with clout for some goddamn reason, and I stood my ground? They drew attention. But the way I held my ground? I made me. 

When TAW went bananas on me for catching him hand in the cookie jar with Misha and my unwillingness to be backed off that turned heads? I made me. Everybody helped with of course blacklisttaw, but I didn’t make blacklisttaw, everyone made blacklisttaw, I just started it. And it worked. Because of everybody. He hasn’t had a non-indie job aside from things being re-re-re-re-reannounced from 2008 plans or things stuck in production purgatory since 2014 releasing late since. That ain’t all my credit. I didn’t MAKE that. I started it, maybe. But you guys made that. I just stood there with a megaphone for those who weren’t positioned to speak, and gave some cornerstones. Everybody else’s work did the rest.

(And ironically, NONE of the people that wanted me to feel like they MADE me were involved in that. I think they all actually came after all of these things.)

The people along the way help. But just because someone helps you doesn’t mean you’re indentured to them, their demands, or even their abuse for life, or touting every single thing they say as truth.

Whatever content you made that got shared? You made that. You made you. Your thoughts, opinions, contributions, choices made you. Someone giving you a digital nickel along the way, or even a digital hundred dolla bill, doesn’t obligate you to them. If they genuinely appreciated your thoughts and content instead of finding it temporarily useful or convenient… then they gained the benefit of your contribution in exchange. If someone had another intent, that’s on them.

(honestly same goes for RL on this point; sure try to repay people but repayment doesn’t mean you’re shackled to them for all eternity and if someone said they wanted to HELP you and then turned around like “ok and the interest accrued is–” or flags it around as some weight? Fuckin’ run. RUN AWAY. “Help” doesn’t come with a leash or a motive. It comes because they want to help. And anyone that spins that around on you – life lesson – holy shit. Run. You help people because you care, whether that’s about them as an individual or general human empathy – not for what you get out of it. And again seriously guys REAL LIFE PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND IF YOU TAKE NOTHING ELSE FROM ANYTHING I EVER SAID. If someone had told me this when I was younger I would have dodged YEARS of receiving violence. It’s like the shittier, less competent version of mob logic, only at least the mob is honest that they’re gonna break your kneecaps if you fuck up before you get started. Y’know what? I value honesty. If you’re gonna demand something, be honest and threaten my kneecaps up front.)

Nobody made you but you. I helped along the way, or some other people helped. But I’m never going to be like HOW DARE YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION I MADE YOU!!!!!!! because like– is anybody watching the show right now? Anybody at all? Chuck’s stomping around and throwing hissyfits because hE mAdE thEm AnD hE’Ll ShoW tHEm and like in the end, Chuck didn’t make them. Maybe he influenced things around them. But they’re making themselves.

And I feel like this fandom would do so much better if they abandoned this tribalistic herd mind nonsense for fear of obligation to *whatever* because guys, people who hold you to that? They’re abusers. Like. Literally. No lie. Shit man. Those people online can’t even “make” anyone, because they only make themselves, and then people react to what they’ve made of themselves. Everyone decides they’re too much? Too bitter? Too whatever? Everybody stops spreading their content? Guess what they’ve got. A big ball of Too Much Bitter on their dash and nothing else. But you know what? They made them. They made that. They make that big ball of whatever. 

Like congrats guys you temporarily liked my opinions when you liked them and strolled along when I was at like 700 followers already and now that you don’t you’re gonna– what? Get mad at other opinions? Come on now. People aren’t just tools to be waved around. We’re complex. You’re complex. Hopefully you all treat other people as complex. Never put yourself in a digital collar to jump through digital flaming hoops for fear of some kind of digital retaliation.

Hell, if there’s one moral from How-I-Made-Me in that list above, that’s it, really. Lmao, fuck the borg guys, come on. You do you. My path was essentially “Fuck the bronlies, fuck the extreme con crowd, fuck sexual predators, and fuck extremes of any fandom lane, even if that’s a lane within my own ship.” – your path doesn’t have to be my path. You make your path. You just share it with people on the way. If they diverge, they don’t get to throw you down whatever hill they’ve declared is the one to go down. And definitely make sure in the land of “all opinions/interpretations are equal” that is said online like a parrot stuck in a loop, you’re not letting them use that to completely ironically steamroll over your own while leaving theirs unchecked of any real compunction.

So no, don’t come shit on my posts directly, don’t come whatever. But don’t ever just lockstep with me, or anyone else, because you feel some weird form of obligation over something as irrelevant as digital clout in the world of a TV fandom that IS ENDING ANYWAY so WHAT THE FUCK. The people you have around you? The views you soak? The follows you have? Good and bad. Those are what are going to paint the rest of your experience for this show you (theoretically) love from here into eternity. 

Am I too loud? That’s fine. You do you. Is someone else too perpetually bitter? Don’t tie yourself to them. Pay close attention to what is sculpting your fandom experience in this final hour and into its life beyond. Because that’s gonna be the difference between you keeping love for this show in your heart once it’s off the air or petering off into distressed disfavor for it. 

At one point when the show was ending, I thought “I’ma follow every account like in the history of ever” and man was that a bad idea. A few sweeps later and I’ve cleared out bitter bullshit clogging my dash, random cacophony, and have nothing but good shit to reblog again and damn if that isn’t even gonna make the experience of everyone in my proximity better too. Much less my own. And yeah, that matters. It’s called fandom. It’s supposed to be fun. Not obligate chaos.

Either people take you as you are, or they don’t. Fuck the ones that just want parts of you for a time and want to discard the rest. Those people aren’t worth your time. Hell, that even wants to go for people who have dedicated bitter blogs. You wanna be bitter and nasty okay that’s fine, if somebody is just there for some other shit and then gets mad that you’re bitter after goddamn choosing to follow you knowing full god damn and well you’re bitter, they can fuck off too. Stay mad if you want. You do you. I might say it’s probably not the best for mental health and general wellness but in the end that’s still up to you. And put an asterisk that doing shit on tumblr is different than twitter where if you make a bunch of rowdy bitter people in your area and you or they start shit-tagging creatives and doing the above kinda bullshit, no, that doesn’t work the same. Or like the multishipper I saw getting attacked despite making a whole other blogspace to keep their wincest away from impacting other people’s eyes like – if they’re hunting down that side account just to cause bullshit, fuck them too. Seriously, fuck the borg.

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