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#everything is going to be ok

You want me to be a knight? I don’t have time to be a knight! For Wu’s sake, I’m a healer! One minute I’m rescuing cats and fixing teapots, the next I’m slaying dragons and ogres! This is ridiculous! Do I look like the kind of wizard who has time to be a knight? I have classes at 6, I can’t be Portal hopping to and from school 24/7!

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4 real everytime I return to the house my mom lives (n I grew up) I destabilise myself without fail every time fall back into binge-restrict cycles and compulsive overexercising….. everytime… can’t wait to be outtahere forever finally by the end of the month…. 1 september im thru to find my center again.. I know how to be stable anywhere else just not here for some reason

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“Whose blood is that?” (Simba)

Injuries RP Meme  ||  Accepting


“Blood?  Don’t be silly Uncle Scar.”  The young lion laughed, attempting to avoid getting in trouble.  “It’s just some Plum juice.”  It was red and liquid-looking, surely the older lion would believe that, wouldn’t he?


However, the young lion couldn’t keep his lying up for long.  That infamous glare of his uncle’s was able to get the truth out of Simba very quickly.  Maybe he wouldn’t tell his father, at least?  “No.. it’s mine” Simba mumbled in defeat, head low as he was cleaning up the blood from his right paw with his tongue.


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