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i used to be an insomniac, g.g.

At sixteen,
you thought you knew
what love was.
Love would stay up with you
when the moon
wouldn’t help you fall asleep.
Love would devote
all his nights to you,
all his minutes
all his hours
all for you.
Love would wake up
when you asked him to,
would lull you to sleep,
his tubeless whispers
carrying you off to sleep.
Love would be there
for all your sleepless night,
all your waking days.
And love,
love would be right there,
fighting off the demons
hiding all your dreams.

Two years later,
you didn’t need love
to help you fall asleep,
but love was still there –
All of love’s hours and minutes,
heavy on your chest,
Love gave you more,
even if you didn’t ask,
even if you didn’t want any.
Love woke you up
when all you wanted to do
was bury your body
in the softness of pillows,
your blanket heavy
with the warmth
love’s lullaby used to have.
And love,
love stole your dreams,
so all your nights
were his.

At twenty-five,
sleep came easier,
forced upon you
by the exhaustion
of the day.
No need for lullabies.
No need for love.
Only sleep,

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You're only getting a fuck ton of hate from her because she's getting a lot and thinks it's from you

Really 😂😂😂😂😂😂 no fucking shit

Ironically, after she posts I get spammed

Yolo bro, she hates cuz she’s jealous ya know 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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You wasn’t suppose to go at the gym? Cuz you just look fat and more fat...

Weren’t you supposed to go to the gym* who the fuck even knows what the second part means,

But again, looks like you’re keeping close track of my life, a little scary honestly, katrine.

Get help?

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I wrote this after breaking up with my boyfriend:

I’m forcing myself to fall out of love with you and I’m finding it difficult to let you go. Hearing your laugh, makes me fall for you all over again. Hearing your voice makes me attracted to you just like before. The way your body looks in that shirt makes me want to take it off you like we used to. However, it is getting easier by day to get over you. The lack of communication we had is helping me fall out of love. The awkwardness because we had nothing to talk about makes my attraction dim down. The way you ignore me reminds me of when we were strangers, like it used to be.

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