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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Did you ever have tests in history at Wittenberg? Because I have a history exam today and I am p a n i c k i n g

Every day I am alive is a test for me, but soft, listen- what is an exam in the grand scheme of existence? Merely a number on a parchment that may or may not determine a minor future outcome. When all is said and done in this vasty journey we call life, ‘tis but a fickle thing. This test is but another raindrop upon thy head that will quickly pass as soon as it came.

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Day 19-23/100

Very exhausting week. I practiced for and had my mock exams in English and math. I am very glad those long days of studying are over (for now). Mind you, I still need to do a lot for school as teachers do not believe in leisure time, but I plan on actually having a life this weekend (and cook a bit for my family to make up for my grumpy mood and general uselessness during exam time).

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the mark scheme is very exact! if the answer asks for a noun, eg “quelle émotion ressent-il?”, the answer must be a noun! eg “la bonheur / la malaise / la douleur…”

the best way to do this is to write in full sentences, using the terms of the question, eg:

“quelle émotion ressent-il”

l’émotion qu’il ressent est la tristesse (or you can do this mentally and then just put the answer)

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皆さん、誰かが貴方が出来ないって言っていても、それとも自分が出来ないって言っていても、出来ますよ! 一切も、貴方の目的と希望を忘れないでください。悲しいのに、悲しみのせいでほとんど何もできないと感じても、本当は出来ますよ! 今じゃなかったら、後できっと出来ます!


Even if someone says that you can’t do it, even if you’re the one saying it, you can do it! Don’t ever forget your hopes and goals. Although you’re sad, and because of this sadness you feel like you can’t do anything, you really can do it! If it’s not for now, success is going to come your way later, for sure.

Good luck, everyone!

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22.01.2020 // exams, plants and studying

After my economics exam that went quite well I went to the botanical gardens near the campus. I’m really in love, all those small paths and trees and flowers! I’m really sad there won’t be a any more time to go there before I’m leaving, but happy I finally made it to this place! Back home it’s time to summarize the last chapter for my last exam on Monday, before packing my suitcase for a 3-days-trip with some friends ☺️

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