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02.25.2020 tuesday

hi friends! i’m happy to say that i’ve been very productive yesterday, Alhamdulillah. i worked on my phil. of med ethics readings, HuG quiz, & got ahead for this week’s arabic homework! i got one more med ethics reading to do & then i gotta do some short responses w that as well.

as for today, i have a women in Qur'an lecture & an arabic class & then i gotta sprint to work. : )

also! for all the Army’s! what do y'all think of MOTS:7 album & their mv?????

🎧: my time - bts 💓
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Bengali version of the comic panel from my main blog @normalweirdoboy

I couldn’t translate it exactly because some English slangs don’t have Bengali equivalents and vice versa, but I’m quite satisfied with this.

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Im omw home right now. I got done with my physics practical and AAAAAA IT ACTUALLY WENT WELL.

I got two practicals to perform, one of them was regarding using a sonometer and the other was of using a spherometer. I did kinda get stuck a couple of times while writing the theory part but ☆improvisation☆.

The viva part of the thing went really well too! I actually had studied the chapter a couple weeks ago so i knew what the things were im so happy rn!

Im gonna go home and get some sleep till 6 pm because ya girl needs to make up for the lost sleep. The last two days have been very very unhealthy regarding my sleep schedule and i need to fix it ASAP (which wont happen completely coz ahaha exams).

Anyways, bye for now! I’ll update later about what I’m gonna plan out to do today (the rest of whatever today is left, at least)

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Confession: I only passed my bio exam because of the biology scene from twilight. Prophase, metaphase and the like, cemented in there. Stuck in my brain I tell you.

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Update. I got one of of the six assessed English essays I did (all on the same day in less than six hours might I add). I got 14/21 which is not good but that was the hardest type of essay for me so I wasn’t expecting an amazing mark. At least now I know I can right that sort of essay well when I have more than 45 minutes to do it in.

The French essay I received back today, one out of the four in the essay exam, was a B so 29/40 which I think is my best yet so I was pleased to see improvement especially under exam conditions.

I’m not feeling so good about English but I’m holding out hope; not to jinx it but perhaps things will level out over the six essays and I will come out with a decent over all score. I managed to get a B last time with fuck all clue what I was doing so in theory I should have improved a bit.

So, next steps to improvement. I’ve nicked my French friend’s essay (with permission of course) who naturally did very well. I’m taking note of the good vocab and phrases. Gotta get that subjunctive. Turns out my gender agreements go to shit under pressure to. That can be easily fixed so I’m not freaking out.

For English lit all I can do is wait and see what I get and in the meantime stuff my head full of quotes, dates and historical facts about what seems like a million different people and time periods.

No news of German yet.

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24th feb | 1/100 days of productivity

yes we are doing 100 days of productivity again - but this time, with a twist!! i have exactly 100 days till my first proper A level exam (chemistry paper 1, if anyone cares). I say *proper* because I have 3 further maths papers before then but I’m not counting those as my further maths grade is irrelevant!!

anyway, therefore, when I finish this challenge, my exams will begin… what good bloody motivation to do some work, ey! here’s some bio notes that I can’t remember if i’ve photographed before :)

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02.18.20 // the week of midterms

I have all 3 of my midterms this week on Tues, Wed and Thurs 💀 I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I know the amount of relief I’ll get on Thursday will be astronomical. This Friday is going to be dedicated to getting ahead 💫 (also I had this delicious mix of Thai tea and cold brew!)

Good luck to everyone going through midterm season!

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I need some help

Does anyone know any good tips on how to deal with bad mental health during exams? I don’t often get very stressed but my mental health has deteriorated at an alarming rate since last Thursday and I don’t know what to do. I am extremely stressed and have had multiple meltdowns in front of my friends, my family and my teachers and they all just keep saying not to worry because I always pass but that doesn’t that I’m going to pass now. I just need advice on how to relax and not worry to the point where I’m crying multiple times a day.

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I’ve been feeling really crappy lately so I started today with a doctor’s appointment only to find out that my eardrum is at high risk of rupturing which is…. fun. It’s affecting my hearing, but I already have hearing loss in that ear so I really haven’t been bothered by that as much. 

I plan to start my math course later this week. I’m giving myself a much deserved break after stressing out over my last exam so much. Will my mentor be happy about that? No, not really, but I know it’s what I need so….

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Many intelligent people are lost because schools choose to define intelligence through exams, feeling confident they are filtering out the most able for higher education and all the opportunities that follow. Students are duped into believing their innate abilities and potential are being tested whilst they are largely being tested on memorization. This an inauthentic and unrealistic method of learning, because we all know this information leaves us the day after taking the exam.

To read more head to my blog


Originally posted by tatianakawkaw

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So i just came back home after being done with my chemisrty practical. Honestly i fricked it up real bad. I messed up a PRACTICAL ffs. How much more hopeless can i get lmao.

Anyways, wallowing about that isnt gonna hep now, i should’ve utilised my time properly.

Ill be taking a nap till 4 to replenish on the lost sleep. And rhen ill be getting back to studyin gin full force. This time for sure.

Physics is supposed to be tougher than chemistry so im worried and i really would love to rather study but in all honestly i know i will pass out of a bad headache and the passing out will waste unexpected amoints of time and i cant have that considering ive got a lot to learn and memorise for physics.

So yea. I’ll be off to nap now.

OH and!!!!! What do yall do to pick yourself up from a downfall in a short amout of time? Or even long term, honestly anything would help

Also what memorizing techniques do you use??

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