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Drawing League of Legends characters based on memory

I was bored so I decided to draw (probably all) League chars while not looking at their pictures. Result: I had fun scribbled these and you can play a fun game of guessing who is who

Some characters I can draw them more details is because I draw them frequently (Varus & Lulu <3), others are quite popular characters so I see them a lot in fanart, videos,…

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Ahri: I don’t know how this team stays together being so unstable and crazy.

Syndra: Well, you are the depressed mom, Sarah and I are the crazy aunts, Soraka and Janna are the big sisters and the other girls your children.

Soraka: How about Xayah and Rakan?

MF: They are the rebel children that we not talk about in this house.

Ahri: Agreed

Syndra: Agreed

Soraka: Zoe?

Ahri: She is the cousin that makes my life a hell.

MF: True.

Ezreal: Hey and how about me?!

Syndra: oh i forgot that you exist, you are the family pet.

Ezreal: I’m not a dog.

Syndra: of course not, you are a hamster.

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Lulu: look a shooting star everyone make a wish, me first, me first, Candy Rain all the week.

Janna: Lots of money.

Soraka: World Peace.

Syndra: Ezreal dead body.

Jinx: More guns.

Ezreal: Marry Lux.

Lux: That’s not gonna happen. I wish my friends happiness.

Ahri: I wish to die peacefully right now.

MF: I wish Ahri immortality.

Ahri: I hate you Sarah…

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Commission done by @mpengu - I’m amazed how fast they got this done. And how they agreed to turn this stupid meme into an actual comic.

Poor Soraka, it’s all a bit too much for her. But what are you going to do about all your coworkers being on an “out-of-this-world” level of prettyness?

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Lulu: Mom, Syndra and Poppy are playing ping-pong with Ezreal.

Ahri: he will be fine, at least they not break…

* sounds of a wall breaking *


Poppy, out of the house: Sorry mom.

Lulu: Should we call Soraka?

Syndra, at Poppy side, poking Ezreal’s body: No! she is at work right now and he is fine, still breathing.

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Ezreal: ok guys, who of you had spread the rumor that i’m gay? I’m not angry, i just want to know why.

Ahri: *Stares Syndra*

MF: *Laugh and point Syndra*

Lux: *Facepalm and look at Syndra*

Syndra: What? I didn’t… *look at everyone’s faces* …ok i did it, but is true.

Ezreal: I’M NOT GAY!!!

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Our League of Legends EU Championship Finals Cosplay Music Video is live!✧
Watch it here:

86thfloor were invited by RIOT Games to attend their European Championship Finals in Athens last weekend as their official cosplay videographers!

I had the change to be part of the Offcial Riot Cosplay team as Neeko and KDA Akali! It was an amazing experience! Enjoy!


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     “You’re a bit lanky, kid. You should work out if you want a chance with the ladies- I should know, they always flock to me since I’ so dashingly handsome and shredded.” He paused. “I mean, they used to until I got a girlfriend.”

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