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did you know that the largest recorded jellyfish was longer than a blue whale? like it was over 36 meters long. (blue whales are about 35m) it's called the lion's many jellyfish. that's my favorite animal fact, nobody ever wants to hear my random facts but i tought that as an intp you might appreciate it

Well now I know!!!

That’s a lot of meters wow

Did you know that shrimps have 12-16 colour cones?

(I spent 10 mins looking for this one word and I couldn’t find it so my fact may not be true because I didn’t use the right word and the world is dead to me now.)

Thanks for sharing :D

I’ll go jump off a cliff now

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One day, everything is going as normal, and without warning or reason, it can all suddenly be gone in the blink of an eye. The loss of Kobe, his daughter, and the other passengers on that helicopter serves as a testament to how our fleeting existence is literally just ‘a vapor’. I grew to appreciate and respect Kobe, especially post-retirement. His journey represents a great chunk of my life, seeing this guy emerge out of H.S, while also still in H.S, Kobe only being 3 years older. I feel like I ‘grew up’ with this dude, and saw him literally become an icon, father, teacher, and mentor to the world at large (not just basketball). This is the message I needed, and I hope it reaches the minds and hearts of those who need this as well. Blessings to the family, and I pray that all affected will find peace through this difficult time. #ripmamba #ripkobe #ripkobebryant #facts #tedtalk #blackmamba #kobe #truth #dreams #wkmemeland #yep #motivation #legacy #legend #wklegacy #mambamentality #prayers #rip #january

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Valencia, ook wel de sinaasappelstad genoemd, gelegen aan de Costa del Azahar bij de Middellandse Zee.
Met méér dan 790 duizend inwoners is het de derde economische motor van Spanje.
Vooral bekend van de Paella, maar nog een streekproduct is de Horchata. Horchata is een melkachtige substantie gemaakt van aardamandelen, suiker en water. Het wordt geserveerd met een soort langwerpige koek.


Er zijn tal van bezienswaardigheden te vinden zoals: de Mercat Central, de grootste indoor markt van Europa met méér dan 1 000 kraampjes. 


Maar ook de Jardín del Turia is een supermooie plek om eens door te wandelen of fietsen. De Jardín del Turia was een rivier die door Valencia stroomde, maar na een zware overstroming drooggelegd werd. Nu is het een supergroot en mooi park. 


Tot slot nog
L’oceanógrafic, het grootste te bezichtigen aquarium van Europa. Er zwemmen zo’n 40 000 dieren van wel 500 verschillende soorten rond. 


Ik kijk er alvast naar uit!
Ben je ook benieuwd naar mijn avontuur? Meer posts in februari!

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In Morocco in 1955, a pregnant woman was scheduled for a c-section but fled the hospital after watching another woman die during the procedure. She was in pain for a few days after, but then the pain suddenly disappeared, so she went on with her life. Forty-six years later, she was diagnosed with a tumor. It turned out to be the calcified baby still inside her.

Photo : National Museum of Health and Medicine

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The same man has appeared in the background of 3 Bond Films; The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), Moonraker (1979), For Your Eyes Only (1981). He witnesses Bond doing something heroic and then stares at his drink in disbelief.

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