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So I’ve seen a lot of pictures of modern day Mulan which is absolutely awesome. One: those pictures absolutely kick ass. They are great I love them, if she were real I’d marry her instantly. Two: Mulan is my favourite Disney princess (she does share the place with Megara dran Hercules but since Meg isn’t officially a Disney princess… I digress…). She kicks ass, has a body count and the film was made the same year I was born. Three: Because I’m FAHC trash, I can’t help but make literally everything I see FAHC. And these pictures were hella inspiring so here’s my new FAHC head cannon:

Jack‘s family got into some trouble with a gang. The gang demands money, more money than the family has. They say that her dad could go and work for them to repay the debt. Jack decides that that won’t do and disguises herself as a man to take her father’s place. The goons that are supposed to pick the dad up are kinda dumb and maybe it’s dark or something and they don’t notice the age difference or she invents a brother or something. So Jack works for the gang and slowly works her way up. The gang‘s sure she won’t betray them, after all they have her family as a bargaining chip. Somehow no one notices that she’s a girl and her living situation could be worse (even though her life and those of her family are constantly threatened). One day, the leaders of the gang have a meeting with this guy from the Roosters who intends to build something new in Los Santos and for whatever reason Jack is there and she’s always been good at judging characters and this guy seems like he knows what he’s doing and maybe he could be her ticket out of here. And during the meeting their eyes meet and Geoff just knows that this is someone he wants on this crazy project of his. And then either Geoff like negotiates with the gang leaders for Jack to join him or they devise a plan for Jack and family to escape or something along those lines. And together they build up the fakes, adding members one by one until they control the city and eventually completely destroy the gang. I also think that Geoff was also fooled by the disguise for some time and Jack at first was afraid that he wouldn’t want her there as a girl and later that she had betrayed his trust. It takes some shenanigans involving the lads and some water pistols (or whatever) to discover her secret. When it comes out Geoff acts oh so hurt that she wouldn’t trust him but it’s obvious that he’s just joking and secretly impressed at how she managed to keep it a secret for so long (there’d be a montage of all the moments where he should’ve noticed). And they live happily ever after

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How does Edgar fit into the FAHC world?

Because I refuse to believe he just isn’t part of it. Is edgar the name of a cat or dog or something? Does Ryan have a stuffed animal? Or does he just have a cow in one of his many facilities? There’s definitely enough room and unexplored hallways. I don’t think the 2x2 hole would translate well to GTA because it feels a lot more real, so is the hole a room? Is it empty or suited out with staff awaiting Edgar’s every need 24/7? There’s got to be a window in the ceiling connected to one of his personal rooms so he can watch his prized pet whenever he wants. I’d love to hear your thoughts this is such a funny thing I just thought of

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Potential for Vagabond feels: a Mono Inc. song called A Vagabond’s Life.

Ooo a very good vagabond song! Poor Ryan living on his own, doing what he has to to survive. I love it

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HC about the FAHC pls

1. Gavin is the golden boy because he can convince anyone about anything. Wherever he goes?? He owns it. Prison is his in days. He comes to Los Santos and knows immediately who he needs to find. He and Burnie have some kind of strange, dark past together but they trust each other without question and it always makes people uneasy. (”When you’ve done what we’ve done, you don’t question loyalty.”)

2. Michael Jones acts like gutter trash and he comes from old money. People seem to think he’s got some kind of trailer trash background when in fact he grew up in stiff shirts and awful bowties and he ran as soon as he could, nothing on his back but a leather jacket and a baseball bat. He found Gavin, and Gavin took him to Geoff. (”Stop bringing home strays, Free.” “Absolutely not.”)

3. Jack is genderfluid. Sometimes hes a boy. Sometimes she’s a girl. Sometimes they’re neither. The crew takes some getting used to it, but they’ve killed over people purposefully misgendering their companion before. (”But whats in your pants?” “A knife.” )

4. Geoff has tattoos for all the members, spread all over his body. Even Ray, who moved on to greener passages with Joel and Tina. Only one tattoo has ever been covered up, and he never talks about it. Jack knows, but says nothing, and the crew learns not to ask.

5. Ryan and Jeremy knew each other before they came to the Crew, even though they came at different times. The first time they meet in the crew, Jeremy calls him Ryan and everyone freaks out because he’d only gone by Vagabond up til then. (Ryan complains that Jeremy ruined all his fun )(”YOU CAN TALK?!”)

( +1 - Fiona, Lindsay and Matt can and will destroy entire rooms when they fight over things while on mission control during heists.) 

( +2 - Alfredo Diaz is destruction wrapped up in a vague bisexual human shape that carries a shotgun and if you even glance at Trevor he will put a switchblade into your stomach. )(”Thats not entirely true. Jeremy can look.” “Why Jeremy??” “He’s my favorite.”)

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fakes strike me as a group of people who complain about valentines day - saying how it's all a corporate holiday to sell cards and candy and who even wants a little note saying you like them it's so mushy and awful - but when it IS valentines day they all get each other something, not really cards or candy but just a little gift like a grenade with a heart on it or a bag of chips stolen from the store they robbed together, equally mushy but they can pretend it's about the crime

i totally forgot this ask so im real sorry i didn’t answer it sooner. But yes, the Fakes go all out on Valentines day in their own chaotic little ways haha.

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Making some custom Uno cards for RTX to give out as Rimmy. And on the back of them I’m writing little notes as if from the crew members.

I need more notes so if you have suggestions feel free to share! (Especially who says what and if they put it on someone else’s card)

Also I’ll post about this again closer to the con so you guys can keep an eye out and possibly get a card or another secret goodie!

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I saw a documentary the other day where somebody had lost their kids in an accident and when they were able to have another kid they referred to him as their golden boy so now I'm just imagining what if Jack and Geoff were a couple when they started the crew and wanted to have kids but couldn't for whatever reason so when they found Gavin and he joined they kind of ended up adopting him and that's how he got his nickname

oh absolutely! 🥺

gavin ends up being the spoiled child of the crew, but then again, gav is pretty much jack and geoff’s kid. how come gav gets to get away with pretty much any little stunt that he pulls? well with parental figures like the most powerful people in los santos…. you surely can get away with anything

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some fahc michael icons, in some sort of sunset-y colors.

feel free to use them, just like/reblog and leave some credit. you can also ask for a different colored background, i do solid and textured backgrounds (although all of these are textured lol) so specify which one you want.

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I made an FAHC Spotify playlist. I used the Songs from AH the Musical as clear dividers, they’d all come at the end of that particular Achievement Hunter’s part (excluding Jack, Team OG is at the End OC Geoff’s Section, and Trevor Also doesn’t have Hard 2 Breath, it’s at the end of Alfredo’s section.)

(Highly recommend NOT using Shuffle. Highly recommend Playing in order.)


- the Intro (Syncing song, What are we doin geoff, GTA V opening theme, and a few establishing/ world building songs)

- The Vagabond’s Section (Ryan)

- The Purple 420 Sniper’s Section (Ray)

- The Animalistic Brawler’s Section (Michael)

- The Chaotic Goddess’ Section (Lindsay)

- The Shark Mage’s Section (MYATT)

- The Lil Cowboy’s Section (Jeremy)

- The Momma Bear’s Section (Fem!Jack)

- The Kingpin’s Section (Geoff)

- The Golden One’s Section (Gavin)

- The Brain’s Section (Trevor)

- The Sauce’s Section (Alfredo)

- Fake AH Crew’s Section

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I’m basically going to say how this will work. I’ve never really done anything the way I’m doing this, so it will be a work in progress.

This is a story. Characters, arcs, backstories, and more. Traditionally, there will be chapters within it.

There will also be some backstory stuff or scenes from the antagonists point of views. I’ll probably tell you if it’s backstory, and the antagonist scenes should be kinda obvious.

You all can also ask questions. The questions will be directly transported to the characters, so if you don’t say who you are asking it too, I will just pick a character.

Also, you can ask questions to me!

I won’t post super often, and probably focus on responding to questions if I can. I’ll do my best to get the chapters out, but school needs to be my priority.

– Emmi

(P.S: I will no longer be working on sprites, it’s just taking a while and my art skill is not to great :/)

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