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Today’s mood:

drinking black coffee, painting flowers with acrylic paint and listening to calm classical music, reading Wuthering Heights from Emily Bronte

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Last days of Summer.

#summer #lastdaysofsummer #fall #autumn #nature #landscape #videooftheday #switzerland #basel #green #vegan #beautiful #instagood #reinach #water #fontain #love #woods #trees #path #walk (at Reinach, Basel-Landschaft)

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Throwback to the time when a smoke machine in my school set off the fire alarm on Halloween, and we all had to stand outside the school for half an hour, dressed in our Halloween costumes, while our vice principal (dressed like superman, with fake muscles and everything) had to tell the firemen that there wasn’t any fire, just a few dumbass student council kids

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Aro Asks #8

What’s your favourite season?

Fall and Spring (: the most rain, also i lov flowers. theres these ornamental cherry and plum trees all over my area that bloom pink in spring and i. just. mm

also rain is wonderful. we had rain last week (area is a desert so rainy seasons are short) and ahh so good

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