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#fan fiction

I get it, not every fic is going to have a strong plot but I just stumbled on a fic that seemed up my alley. It had my favorite ship, all the tags suited my tastes, it had a good word count…I read all 70 chapters and NOTHING happened.

I feel betrayed because the tags were misleading. I’m not sure why I continued to read (probably the writing was stellar itself) but this is one of the first times I’ve been disappointed by a fic.

Dont tag it if it doesn’t happen in your story!

Sorry for the typos, I’m on my phone in the tub…

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Who was rightfully upset that Xavier died and became a ghost this episode?


Who is also going to write a fix it fic where Xavier survives but is still burnt all to hell and the oc/Reader is going to help him with his PTSD and learn to love his scars?

Also me.

Who is a huge slut for angst and is going to have tons of self loathing Xavier in this upcoming fic along with the oc/Reader giving him unconditional love and affection because that precious baby boy deserves it?

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Castlevania: Aria of Malice


Dracula’s Guest

The thunder rumbled outside, and a flash of lightning illuminated the halls. Erin Belmont moved slowly. His boots echoed loudly in the empty halls. When he’d arrived, just after dusk, his closest friends Victoria Talbot and William Renfield had been by his side. Now he was alone, both in his grief, and his purpose. The thunder rumbled. Lighting flashed, and for a moment was reflected in the eyes of the hell-beast. Before it could lunge, Erin struck.

He’d been training for this battle his entire life, from the moment he could stand. The Vampire Killer split the face of the thing in a singe stroke, and was coiled on his hip by the time the beast realized it was dead and erupted into flames. Part of him wished Adrian were with him. They had been groomed for this task together, until the time came for one of them to inherit the whip, and the family legacy. Erin had severed that bond, had been left no choice but to do so. Adrian had been distant since then. Erin could not blame him. The scar his brother bore was all the reminder either of them needed. Erin pressed on.

It had been a night of blood and death, from the moment the castle rose, blocking the dying rays of the setting sun. The creatures of the night had flooded the streets of the city. Adrian had offered him a cold smile as he took up his training whip, promising that he would see to the beasts in Castlevania city.

“This is all I’m good for. Go Erin, fulfill your destiny and be done with it.”

Cold words, and perhaps the last he would hear from his brother. But Erin had a job to do, and the Vampire Killer was eager to taste the blood of its ancient enemy. Erin could feel it. So they parted ways, perhaps for the last time.

William wouldn’t hear any protests against his company, had there been time for them. He’d been as a brother to Erin since the death of he and Adrian’s parents, nearly five years gone. Perhaps more so than Adrian. And the Renfeild Family had fought alongside the Belmont’s for centuries. Indeed he made expert use of his twin daggers, woven deftly between spells Erin could never hope to master. Victoria they had encountered along the way, carving her way through demons with her spear like a goddess of the hunt. Erin had thought for some time that he might love her. At that moment he was sure of it.

Together, the trio had fought their way to the castle. Chivalrous William foolhardily attempted to convince Victoria to stay behind the whole way. But Victoria craved battle. It took them next to no time to clear the first two floors, but a fork in their path saw them split. Erin felt the pull of the whip at his side, and knew he was on the right path. He hoped against hope that his friends still lived. Gods, let them be alive.

The thunder rumbled, and Erin put all other thoughts out of his mind. Before him was the door to Dracula’s throne room, and his destiny. He hesitated, a few paces beyond stood a young man in a fine black cloak. He stood motionless, eyes locked on a portrait Erin could not quite make out.

“You must be the Belmont of this era. It took you long enough to get here.” The man turned to face him. Eyes like gold, matching the flowing locks which fell about his shoulders, sized Erin up, appraising him with cold indifference.

Erin did not shrink under that gaze, placing his hand defiantly on the Vampire Killer’s handle.

“I am Erin Simon Belmont, son of Gabriel and Charlotte Belmont, heir to the Vampire Killer, and I’ve come to kill the master of this castle.”

“Well, you certainly have the arrogance of your ancestors. I am called Alucard. Let’s be done with it then. I will watch your back.”

Erin cocked an eyebrow.

“You mean to say you’re here for the same reason I am?”

“Yes, yes. Kill Dracula, save mankind, watch the castle crumble, then in a decade or so do it all again. Can we just get it over with?”

Erin eyed the man called Alucard curiously. There was an eerie resignation to his voice, and his given name struck some chord in his memory, but he could not bring to mind what.

“As you say, Alucard. Let’s be done with it.

He pushed the door open. The chamber beyond was dark, lit by flickering torches and the occasional flash of lightning. From the door and into the distant shadows ran a tattered red carpet, lined on either side by massive pullers rising beyond sight into the darkness above. Erin couldn’t even guess at the scale of the chamber. Without thinking about it, his hand came to rest on the handle of his whip. He was close. Alucard followed only a few paces behind.

“So, you’ve come at last.” Came a voice from the darkness. It echoed through the chamber, seemingly coming from everywhere at once. “I suppose it’s a bit late for me to welcome you to my home. And you brought the welp with you. Good. You’ll need him.”

Erin and Alucard exchanged a glance and pressed on.

The chamber filled with light as the torches blazed to life, and Erin got his first look at his family’s ancestral adversary. Dracula sat upon a throne of dark metal, watching with tired, loathing eyes as his challengers approached. The whip seemed to buzz at Erin’s hip, reacting to the aura of pure malice radiating from the lord of darkness. The vampire stood, tossing the goblet in his hand which spilled the crimson lifeblood of his last meal.

“Party’s over, demon. I’m sending you back to hell.” Erin snapped as he freed the whip from his side. The Vampire laughed, whipping his cloak from his shoulders with a flourish.

“Perhaps, Belmont.”

Thunder rumbled. Lightning flashed. The storm raged on, assaulting Castlvania city with pelting rain, as if it intended to scour the city away, and wind that whipped, and howled like a beaten dog. But before long, the storm grew too weak to maintain its fury, and the clouds began to break, even before Dracula’s castle began to collapse in the final hours before dawn. It had been a night of blood, some the blood of innocents, paying the price for a long forgotten transgression. More had been the blood of beasts, summoned from the depths of hell by dark rituals, vile necromancy, or some accursed alchemy to serve as instruments of Dracula’s vengeance. Some belonged to Dracula himself, taken at great cost in a battle more furious than the storm at its worst. And the rest belonged to a young man who payed the ultimate price to fulfill his destiny and safeguard mankind, spilt as the result of an unforeseen betrayal.

The sun rise seemed to last forever to those who watched its coming. It’s straining rays brought with them the promise of hard won peace.

But it would not last.

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Chapter 50

Special thanks to @norbertsmom for betaing and to all of you for following and giving me the encouragement to carry on…

Moving day is here and they are moving from Seam to town…will Corky and Buttercup get along. 


Moving day finally arrived in the Seam. Katniss slept unaware that her sister and mother were awake and preparing for the move. She was normally the first person awake. Today, however, when she shuffled into the kitchen, she was shocked.

“You’re up?”

“Yes,” Prim smiled brilliantly.

Katniss hadn’t seen her sister’s beam of happiness in a long time.

“Have some tea Katniss. Your sister and I were making sure we have everything we need for the move. I want to make sure we have enough provisions for the duration of our stay.” Lavender put a cup of tea before Katniss.

Katniss sat, warming her hands on the cup. The kitchen was cold despite the burning coal in the potbelly stove.

“Excited?” Lavender asked.


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Recently I’ve let a few of my friends read one of my WIPs and they’ve given really positive feedback, but it’s made me feel weird. I appreciate the hell out of their compliments but now I feel like if I make a mistake I’m gonna let them down. Also it’s almost like their feedback doesn’t feel real even though I know it is (that probably doesn’t make sense).

Does anyone else get like this when people they know read their fics?

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Charlie had been begging for weeks, literally weeks, to go to the aquarium. The closest one was in London which would be nearly a 3-hour train ride but Charlie didn’t care. The boy had come home one day with a collage he had made that had fish as the theme. They were learning about sea life in class, Charlie had said and he had fallen in love with the ocean. 

When they went to the library, Charlie chose books about the ocean and its creatures. When it came to family movie night, Charlie requested Finding Nemo and then Planet Earth. What 7-year-old boy wanted to watch documentaries? None was the answer.

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Anon:  can i request an imagine based off the idea of the song bad for you by nicki minaj !!! ur amazing btw wowwww ❤️❤️ thanku

Anon: imagine on richard based off the song bad for you by nicki minaj ❤️❤️


Originally posted by forcnco

Masterlist    Requests Close Nov 10

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Hello everyone!

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get this next chapter out guys! Thank you all so much though for all of your patience and words of encouragement as I continue to work on it. Thank you!!

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you guys a bit of a sneak peek for the next chapter. Hope you all enjoy it!

(As always, this is subject to change for the final draft.)

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Warning- Killy stabby, yandere goodness!



“Thank you Y/N!” the street vendor took the bundle of bright yellow flowers wrapped in newspaper from you. “How did you find these!”

“I’ll never tell.” You winked. “You know that I never reveal my secret spots.”

“Oh I know.” She waved you off. “May I just say you seem so much more different than when I last saw you. What’s your secret?”

You couldn’t really say, especially since you weren’t so sure yourself. You had realized you had been in a much different mood over the course of the last several days. “I’ll let you know.” you chuckled to yourself. “Well, I’ll see you later!”

“Of course! Thank you for the flowers!” she called as you skipped off. With one last wave you had turned around the corner. You only had one stop left! You clutched onto your flower basket, walking down the steps to get into the other parts of town.

“Gladio come on! We already have enough cup noodles!” you overheard.

“5 IS NOT ENOUGH, NOCTIS.” you heard again. You turned your head to find Prompto, sitting on the hood of a car, and Noctis trying to drag Gladio by the collar. You tried to find the fourth and final member of the team but he was nowhere to be found. You were kind of hoping you would see him.

“Looking for me?”

You whipped around and found Ignis standing there, arms crossed.

“Oh! Um-…H-hi.” You tried to act nonchalant. “I was just-..I mean…yeah, I was looking for you.”

“Hm, well in all fairness, I was looking for you too, Y/N.” Ignis said. That statement alone almost made your heart flutter. “I am met by an amazing sight indeed.” he chuckled.

“Thanks, Ignis.” you stared down at your shoes for a second. Just as you looked up, you noticed how close Ignis was to you.

“Still thinking about that night, are you?” He smirked. He raised his hand up to graze your cheek, trail his fingers down your neck. “ I can’t get the image out of my head. Of you, aching and trembling under my body-”

“ignis.” you whisper yelled. “What if someone heard that.”

“I wouldn’t care. That didn’t stop many from hearing our activities before.” he chuckled. “ I fear my comrades were made very aware of the noise we were making.” he wiggled his eyebrows.

“Oh…” you shook in your shoes as Ignis moved his hand to tuck some hair behind your ears.

“Hm…If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were ready for me again.” he chuckled. “Hm, maybe we’ll have the chance to play together a little later.”

“Ignis!” you flicked his shoulder. “You shouldn’t say this things out loud.” you groaned. “Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes,” he replied. “ Important matters. Why? would you find yourself missing me?” he asked. “I’ll return soon, I just have some matters taken care of.”

“Like what?”

Ignis had to think of a lie. What could he have possibly said to make you believe him? If he had told you his true intentions, you’d for sure be scared or try to stop him.

“A hunt.” he found himself saying. “We’re on our way to complete a hunt for some gil.”

“Oh. Be careful okay?” you looked up. “I heard those hunts can get pretty intense.”

“You have my word. There’s no better man for this job.” he assured. “Until we meet again, My sweet Y/N.”

“A-alright.” you nodded. “Before you go-” you cut yourself off. Did you really want to do that? How would he react?

You stepped forward and quickly pecked his lips. Not even two seconds. Before you could pull away, Ignis held onto your cheek, returning your affections. You stepped back, inhaling sharply.

“…I’ll see you later, Iggy.” you stammered.

You skipped off, hoping no one could see the embarrassment on your face. Ignis smirked in your direction, which was soon followed by a determined scowl. He dug in his pocket and pulled out a slip of paper, reading over it.

“Now…where are you?” he scowled.

You were in the hotel lobby,flipping through a book. You were sure you were going to spend the night here again, mostly because your family wasn’t back home and you didn’t feel like being alone.

You couldn’t help but hear whispers from behind you, You turned around to see two older women, pointing at you and whispering, “I think that’s her.”

“Damn, she doesn’t look like she makes much noise.”

“I’ll have what she’s having to be honest, they woke me up with how much banging there was”

“And that’s my cue to leave!” you mumbled to yourself. Before you could get up though, you noticed Gladio bursting through the doors, looking like he’s seen a ghost.

“Has he gone crazy!?” he mumbled to himself, walking right past you.

“Hi Glad-…io?” you raised an eyebrow. Prompto was next in pursuit, mumbling something about how “someone wasn’t gonna like this.”

“All for a bracelet, are you kidding me?” you heard Noctis next. That could only mean.

You turned your head to the door and saw Ignis charge in, throwing whatever amount of Gil was in his hand at the man behind the desk. He was hunched over so you couldn’t really see him, but you recognized his hair anywhere.

It was like he was completely oblivious of you standing there, worry strewn across your face.


“Y/N! Excuse me a minute, I must clean up. I look a mess.” he said quickly before practically running off before you could say anything else.

Wha-Okay, now you had to go after him.

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[From the earlier-mentioned childhood/origin story, which still, for whatever reason, is slowgoing.]

“Do you believe me, Mama?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“Even about all the… weird stuff I saw?”

“Even that,” Yokheva chuckled slightly.

“Do you know… what happened? What it’s all about?”

“Well… I have a guess. Could you give me just a moment?”


“I’ll be right back.” 

Yokheva kissed her daughter’s brow ridge, then got up and left the room. She returned several moments later with a small, worn, leather-bound book in her hands, through which she paged intently as she seated herself once again on the bed. Shulma craned her head to notice the title: Guide to Health and Well-Being for Shamans of Lasan.

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[Red Carpet Diaries Masterlist]  ||  [Hollywood U Masterlist]

– – –

Characters: Alex, Thomas Hunt

Rating: PG

Notes: Day 16- Tattoo –  @playchoicesficidea​​ 
*I had not planned on writing for today, but then I did. But I also forgot about the comedy part… sorry!
– – –

“What are you doing?” Thomas questioned.

Alex continued drawing on her wrist for a few more seconds before looking up. “Do-it-yourself tattoo.”

“Let me rephrase my question,” Thomas responded. “Why are you doing that?”

Alex shrugged. “I was bored and feeling nostalgic. You’ve been to Iowa, this is one of the ways we entertained ourselves.”

Thomas reached out and caressed her forearm examining her artwork. “It’s beautiful; you’re very talented. However, you know drawing on your skin can be dangerous?”

“They’re non-toxic!” Alex held up the markers.

“And still not meant for skin,” Thomas insisted. 

“Ooo” Alex expressed. “Let me do you!”

“No!”  Thomas refused, removing his hand from her arm.

“Please. It’ll be small. We can put it somewhere no one will see. It washes off in a few days!” Alex pleaded, placing her hand over his heart.

“You aren’t going to let this go… are you?” Thomas sighed heavily.

“You know me so well!” Alex unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it to the side. She massaged his chest for a moment before opening her marker and beginning to draw. After about a minute, Alex pulled away. “Done.”

“Already?” Thomas questioned.

“I told you it’d be small,” Alex prided herself on her accomplishment.

Thomas looked down at the small black figure over his heart. “A star?”

“The North Star,” Alex ran her fingers over his new tattoo. “You’re my North Star! I will always find my way back to you.”

Thomas pulled her in. “You are so cliche. But, you’re mine.” He brought his lips to hers and kissed her gently.

Thomas Tags:   @alleksa16@hopelessromantic1352  ;  @the-soot-sprite  ;  @flyawayboo  ; @lilyofchoices   ;  @twin-skltns  ;   @mfackenthal  ;  @riseandshinelittleblossom  ;  @thearianam  ;  @alj4890;   @cliffs-stallion; @playchoicesficidea  

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