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Tonight’s The Night! (part 11) TheDirt! TommyXReader

Summary: You have been on tour for almost a year, event after event, mile after mile. Your uncle was Doc the manager of Mötley Crüe, one of your favorite bands. He pulled a few strings and got you on this tour for a late birthday present and for making up the lost time from when you didn’t see him much as a child. As he was one of the only ‘father’ figures you had. Recently found yourself thinking more and more of Tommy. Could you possibly be falling in love with the hopeless romantic? If you were could he possibly feel the same?

Taglist: @bandzrus @lauravic @abbysdogcollar

A/N: We skipped a few months and the pov is back on you. Enjoy! And my birthday was a few days ago! thought I should tell yall.


“Y/N, were you jealous? is that why you started fucking Nikki.” Tommy stood before you, his lanky arms folded in front of him, both of you were outside and it was pouring. Cliche I know right.

“What? No. If you’re happy with Heather then I’m happy for you Tommy.” You were completely soaked at this point, you couldn’t look at Tommy, you could lie your ass off to the cops but when it came to this crue you couldn’t lie to any of them.

“Y/N look at me and say it,” Tommy took a hold of your shoulders, gently. “Tell me That I need to get married to Heather. Please. Goddamnit Y/N you drive me crazy. I haven’t gotten you off my mind. Say that you feel nothing for me.”

“I can’t.” You looked up at the sky even though it was raining, you were holding back tears.

“Then tell me you love me.”

You woke up from the little nap that you took. Today was the day of Tommy’s and Heather’s wedding, you were less than happy about it. you slowly got up and went to the bathroom to take something for the headache you’ve had for the day hearing a knock on the door you walked to it. Opening you saw no other than Tommy fucking Lee right in front of you. 

“Tommy?” You stepped out of your house, the sky was dark and you could smell that rain was coming. “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be getting married soon.” You crossed your arms over your chest. 

“Am I doing this right?” Tommy’s question was deep.

“Doing what right, getting married? Tommy if you’re happy with Heather then go be with her, I don’t know what you’re doing here.” 

“I don’t think I’m in love with Heather.”

“I, I don’t understand.” You looked at Tommy confused.

“Y/N, were you jealous? is that why you started fucking Nikki.” Tommy stood before you, his lanky arms folded in front of him, both of you were outside and it was pouring. Cliche I know right.

“What? No. If you’re happy with Heather then I’m happy for you Tommy.” You were completely soaked at this point, you couldn’t look at Tommy, you could lie your ass off to the cops but when it came to this crue you couldn’t lie to any of them.

“Y/N look at me and say it,” Tommy took a hold of your shoulders, gently. “Tell me That I need to get married to Heather. Please. Goddamnit Y/N you drive me crazy. I haven’t gotten you off my mind. Say that you feel nothing for me.”

“I can’t.” You looked up at the sky even though it was raining, you were holding back tears.

“Then tell me you love me.”

“Tommy. Tommy fucking Lee,” You took a step towards him. “I have loved you longer then you could ever know. Long before you even knew me. I will love you longer than anyone or anything, well besides your parents.” You looked at Tommy’s beautiful eyes, searching for something.

Tommys lips landed in a smile, his eyes darted to your mouth then back up to your eyes.

“What are you waiting for drummer?” Next thing you knew his mouth was on yours finally. It felt like literal fireworks. Pulling away you looked at him, searching for something like he felt something on his side too.

“Wow.” He grinned, leaning his head on yours.

“Wow.” You giggled, and he could’ve sworn he heard a angel.

You looked at him confused “Does she know your not getting married to her?”

“Well not totally…”

“Go tell her then come back to me cowboy.” Your voice stern yet still angelic. And with that he was gone again.

A few hours had gone by and you were getting nervous that after all he got married. Leaving you alone with just some scotch and a piano. You started playing the beginning and ending notes of later song known as Home Sweet Home, tuning the notes when it didn’t sound right. But you didn’t know was that Tommy was listening as he entered your sparcly decorated house. You stopped playing for a second and took a sip from your glass, finally hearing a clap.

“That sounds nice but for the last two notes it should sound like this.” Tommy fingers caressed the keys and carefully played the instrument. A soft smile rose to your face as you knew he was the one.

“What are you staring at?” He laughed his usual Tommy laugh.


Next thing you knew was his lips on yours once again.

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Omg! Guys, I finished writing all of my requests. Though they have yet to be posted since I only post one a day. But they are done, and just waiting to be posted in the order that I had received them. I’m honestly proud of myself. Though it feels a little weird to not have a prompt to write.

But I am currently working on chapter eleven of Torn In Two. I have some ideas that I am playing with. But I would like to know if there is anything you want to see in the coming chapters.

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Like a lot of people, I write my stories as I go. So I don’t have everything planned out. Originally, I was planning on having no romance because I’ve never written romance before and would probably suck at it. But seeing as the story is progressing, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to include a romance subplot. My story, however, is listed as Gen so I’m not sure if I should go through with it and change the tag or just stick to my guns. Are any of you in a similar situation? What’s your opinion on changing tags midway through a story like that? Do you do it or do you stick to your original tags?

submitted by /u/RandomHermit113
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Summary: Cinderella called they want their Aquanet back!

Requested: yes by anon.

Originally posted by mizworldofrandom

  • Let’s just say watching the boys get ready was a sight to see.
  • The amount of hairspray that they were using was a little much.
  • You could almost see the fumes. It was that bad.
  • And the smell was the absolute worst!
  • And each of them had their own can.
  • “No one light a match!”
  • You were getting to see your boyfriend Tommy before he went on stage to perform. He was getting ready in the greenroom.
  • “Hey, babe! What do you think of my hair?”
  • “I think I just got a call from Cinderella wanting their Aquanet back!”
  • The collective ‘ooh, burns!” from the rest of the boys.
  • Tommy just glared at her before laughing.
  • Along with the rest of them.
  • “I’ll get you for that!”
  • “Uh huh, sure!”
  • Let’s just say that Tommy did in fact tease the next time he got a chance, but you weren’t complaining in any way.
  • But you still teased him when he used just a little too much hairspray.
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OC~ Idris Baratheon | Game of Thrones

Eldest son of Robert of house Baratheon, Idris grew up knowing he will be King. Idris never got along with his so called “mother” Cersei, because he knew the truth. He was the only child of Robert and Cersei. Born to rule, he found the heart of Amelia Oscuro, soon to be Queen of the seven kingdoms. But when Robert dies and Cersei takes Ned Stark hostage, Idris’ soon to be wife finds herself siding with the Starks, making the war of five kings take its toll on him personally.

“As King of the Seven Kingdoms, I sentence you, Cersei Lannister, to death for treason against the Queen Amelia.”

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WARNING: Smut, spanking, MC sassing Victor

Also posted on AO3: Here

Blurb:  I made a doodle of Victor bowing and apologizing to me and it is now circulating in the LFG company emails. He was beyond upset. I tried to get myself out of trouble by acting cute, but Victor was determined to punish me for it.

Victor’s version and part 2 of 4 of a planned punishment themed story.

Words: 3,930

“The revenue increase forecasted for the next quarter is 5%, compared to Q3 last year. This is largely due to the increase of show production contracts and the renewal of another season of Dine Together with Loveland TV.” I sat across Victor’s desk as I went over the company forecast and budget report.

He had his elbow on his desk, cheek resting on his knuckles as he flipped through my reports, filled with graphs and numbers.

“The show had a very high rating last season, so we are expecting to get on a more popular time slot and have a much larger budget.” I went on as I elaborated on the budget projections and expected return on investments.

I looked towards Victor to see his reaction when I finally finished my presentation a good fifteen minutes later, but he remained silent.

Keep reading

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Thank you to @mordinette for the tag! My creative muse is a nameless spirit, but I’ll answer these six questions as if one of my characters is a muse. Let’s go with Jane Shepard, since I’m working on chapter 19 of her romance with James Vega, Soldier’s Heart:

Your muse’s name: Commander Jane Shepard.

One favorite picture / faceclaim of your muse - Eyes are green in story, brown in screenshot from Mass Effect 3:

Two headcanons you have for your muse:

(1) When it comes to food, she loves strawberry flavored beverages and desserts, craves cheesey things when she needs comfort, and can’t handle anything that’s spicy (whereas James loves jalapenos).

(2) She has lots of friends and enjoys physical signs of affection, including cuddling with one or more of them when they hang out. Six months in solitary was horrible: Her secret chat link with EDI kept her from going crazy, and she enjoyed her talks with James, but he was her guard and there was very little socializing and zero cuddling while Jane was in lock up in Vancouver.

Three things that your muse likes doing in their free time:

  1. Sex
  2. Hang out
  3. Cuddle

Seven people your muse loves/likes:

  1. Jeff “Joker” Moreau, her best friend and pilot
  2. EDI, friend and confidant, the SSV Normandy’s artificial intelligence
  3. Garrus Vakarian, friend and battle buddy
  4. Tali’Zorah, friend and friendly ex-girlfriend
  5. Kyle, friend, hairdresser, and Nancy’s husband
  6. Nancy, friend, adult toy shop owner, and Kyle’s wife
  7. James Vega, Alliance Navy colleague, friend, and new boyfriend

A phobia your muse has: Jane doesn’t have any phobias, but she is worried about telling James that she’s bisexual. This is the first time in her life when she’ll really care what someone thinks about her when she comes out to them.

I’ll tag @cheercaptainofyourheart @snugglebonnet @rederiswrites @schattengerissen @inquisition-dragonborn @barbex and anyone who wants to share.

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So three amazing things happened yesterday….

1) Another new chapter from Adversity is a Gift is on Wattpad and AO3, enjoy my lovelies!

2) I have 500 subscribers now 😮😮😮

3) I entered Adversity is a Gift into the Wattys2019 fan fiction competition. Go read it, tell your friends to read. Probably don’t stand a chance, but gotta try.

Thank you to all my readers and subscribers, you rock xxx

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Tilly chapter 4 WILL be up by tomorrow night but I’m just telling you all that I’m going to write a Billy fic too!!! i finished season 3 couple of days ago and ive been reading some billy fics to help my poor old broken heart and to get an idea of what i want to write. It’s song inspired (Unchianed Melody by Norah Jones) and I’m so excited to start writing!!! the minute billy appeared my heart went *boom* and I couldn’t wait to write something for him.

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Hey you, 

have you read the book “Hungry for You” by Michelle Kay?


have you the book “Those words I dread” by Tessa Barnett?

Have you been DYING to meet other fans who have also read the books, who make fanart or fan fiction and want to squeal over the books content

Well have I got knew for you

There is Now a His Princely Delicates fan discord which you can find access to at thats a forever link so go check it out.

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Ocean Blue Eyes Colson Baker X Tianna Pt 2/2

Word Count: 1,661

Warning: Smut need I say more

A/N: sorry took so long here is part 2 a section of the poem written by @girlwiththe-brokensmil3 is included you’ll have to excuse me I may or may not have gone waaayyy to far lol 😜😂

“Is this really happening?” Tianna thought to herself, here she was sitting on the tour bus with none other than Colson Baker himself. She thought about pinching herself but hell if it was a dream I’ll be damned she did not want to wake up!

Colson, Tianna, Rook, Slim, Baze & Dub were hanging out in the main area of the bus smoking and chilling. Every few seconds Colson couldn’t help himself but to be catching an occasional glance at her God she was beautiful. “I think we should escape to the back, have more of a chance to be alone that way.” He whispered to her after a moment. Colson grabbed her hand leading her to the back, “we will see you guys later.” He spoke up. “Uh huh we all know you want to tap that.” Rook called out jokingly, Colson shot him a look saying with that “shut the fuck up” type glance.

The instant movement was at an almost matrix like speed it’s like if you blinked you would miss it. Colson was now standing so close there was only mere inches between them. Tianna felt like her heart would nearly beat out of her chest, “I know I’m just another wide eyed fan to you, but to me your everything and more. I will always remember the night an ocean blue eyed rapper looked into my eyes and spoke the truth.”

Colson was drawn to her voice, the words their meaning and their feeling. “Fuck that’s deep baby girl.” Tianna blushed “I wrote it myself.” Colson closed the space between them his lips touching hers. The kiss was sweet yet deep and it made her breathless and dizzy. Pulling away for a moment he looked at her, “I don’t know if I will be able to control myself.” He managed to speak out. “I don’t think I want you to do so.” Tianna stated with lustful look. Colson lost all resolve right then at that moment those words was all it took.

Then there was sex. My, god, the sex. Every position, every angle, every woman… he wasn’t picky. He loved women with or without curves, with or without sexual knowledge, give him pussy and breasts, and he was a happy, happy man.

But nothing, no one got his motor running like Tianna. He wanted to do things with her, to her that he knew no one else would enjoy as much as he did, as much as she did or what would soon come to knowledge of what she would like. And tonight was going to be no exception.

She was spread out on the bed, arms above her head, wrists secured to the headboard by soft leather cuffs. Her gloriously long legs were spread, ankles secured like her wrists.  She writhed on the bed, her bod aching for his touch, for any kind of friction. A moan of desperation fell from her full lips, raspy from having just screamed his name like it was a mantra.

She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth, biting it roughly. Her eyes, pupils lust blown, went wide, and she balled her hands into fists, tugging on her restraints. They followed him as he strutted alongside the bed, unashamed of his nakedness. If she tilted her head just so, she could see the wide head of his cock swinging with each step.

At the end of the bed, Colson took himself in his hand and very slowly, very deliberately, began to pump himself. He was still damp from her slick, just starting to grow tacky. His calloused hands worked expertly at his length, sweeping his thumb over his tip. “You like to watch, don’t you, Tianna?”

She pushed her head into the mattress as her back arched off the bed. He smiled in approval when the grunt of his name caught in her throat. With her legs spread as they were, she couldn’t rub her thighs together, but that didn’t stop her from trying. She craved friction anyway she could get it.

He bit his bottom lip as he pumped a little faster, the one long vein that ran along the underside of his cock became more prominent. He knew how much she wanted to run her tongue along that vein, even nip at it or scrape a fingernail over it. His lids drooped as he reached down and grabbed his balls, giving them a firm squeeze.

She tugged on all her restraints and opened her mouth to beg him to get over here and fuck her in whatever hole he wanted, but all that came out was a breathy cry.

Colson’s half-closed eyes were settled on her sex. She was dripping wet and he could almost see the rush of blood under her skin with every race of her heart.

Just when he thought he might have gone too far, that he might come all over himself, he stopped, and pinched the tip in order to put his orgasm on hold. His lungs ached from breathing heavy and he knew just by looking at her, just by smelling the sex in the air, that she was more than ready.

He knelt at the end of the bed and hunched over, fists on either side of her hips. He dipped his head, brushed his nose against her hip bone, and breathed her in. “Fuck, Tianna, you smell incredible.”

She rolled her hips, pushing his face closer to the part of her that literally ached for him. He glowered at her before digging his fingers into her hips, pushing them down into the mattress. “Hold. Still.”

He didn’t give her time to respond. One second he was giving a command and the next, he had two digits thrust into her pussy. It took everything she had left, which wasn’t much, not to move or cry out as his fingers assaulted her. She was doing really well, too, until he flicked his tongue over her already over-stimulated clit.

She split her lip from biting it too hard and let loose a scream that was sure to wake the neighborhood.

Hand still on her, he kissed her savagely, drawing more blood from the cut her teeth had made. His fingers were gone from her heat so that she could participate more in the kiss. Giving her tongue one last suck, he slapped each breast twice before biting his way back between her legs. Her breasts and stomach bore various shades of red and purple from his teeth and fingers, but not one of them hurt more than she could handle.

He looked up at her and smirked as he thrust his fingers between her folds, groaning as she latched onto him. Her whole body shook, but she forced herself not to grind against him, to force his mouth on her next. With a throaty chuckle, he blew on her as his fingers pumped, crooking them against the one spot that would send her into oblivion.

Her whole body flushed as she came on Colson’s hand, but he wasn’t done with this orgasm. He flicked his tongue over her clit, circling it with the tip before wrapping his sinfully full lips around it. He gave one hard suck, nipping at it with his teeth and it was as if someone threw a flash grenade in her mind. A piercing static burst in her ears and her vision went white. Her hips came off the bed as she screamed ColsonColsonColson. He grabbed her ass and buried his face further, forcing her through the painful orgasm.

“Tell me what you want, Tianna.” She sucked in a breath through her teeth. “I want you to fuck me.”

Everything after that was almost a blur. He drove himself into her hard enough that her head smacked into the headboard. Again and again, with a wet smack of skin sent through the room every time their hips met. Their grunts and moans echoed the sounds their bodies made.

She began to quake beneath him, around him, and he knew that cutting off her oxygen supply would get them both off that much faster. With a snarl, his hand flexed, pinching off the top of her wind pipe. Her eyes went wide and her orgasm was almost immediate. She grunted and gurgled as she came hard and almost violently. Her face began to turn a lovely shade of crimson.

He pistoned his hips harder, using his grip on her throat for leverage, slamming against her until his balls squeezed, and he came. The black of his pupils exploded as he spilled into her. Their darkness consumed the intense baby blues.

Her knuckles tapped the headboard, the signal that she’s reached her hard limit. His hand loosened, but his hips didn’t stop their assault. Even though they had both come, their bodies craved the friction. His balls smacked against her ass with a slick slap and his mouth was on her neck where his hand had just been. He bit, licked, and sucked until she came again. No words, no sound this time, just a high arch of her back and her mouth thrown open. He rode her until neither one of them could move, until they had reached the limit of their own bodies.

When Tianna could move again she got up from the bed to head towards the adjoining bathroom. Colson stared at her from the bed, both of them naked, the room reeking of sex and leather and candle wax and various lotions. The way her ass bounced when she shifted on her feet in front of the mirror sent blood rushing down to his groin. He crooked a finger, beckoning her to him. “Get over here.” Tianna made quick strides to him, “I don’t want to let you go baby girl, will you marry me?” Throwing both of her arms around him she was quick to answer. “There is nothing I would want more Colson Baker.”

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