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So this took so much longer than I’d intended but it’s PERFECT so I hope you enjoy it. Tagging everyone who liked the original prompt: @skeletons-and-flowers, @badwolf084, @athletic-book-nerd, @nalgenewhore, @mis-lil-red, @lazyperfectionistteen


  • Elide laid on her stomach, sprawled on her bed with her ankles crossed in the air. It was a regular Friday night, music blaring from the small speaker on her desk. She was scrolling through Instagram as per usual when she had nothing better to do. It was the week before finals so any party going on was subdued. That’s what she should have been doing tonight- studying. Her books and notebook for Organic Chemistry were open before her, but she couldn’t concentrate.
  • Elide scrolled past a picture of her ex and scowled. How could she have forgotten to unfollow that scumbag? But she frowned when taking a closer look. She had unfollowed him, but who would be posting a picture of him? She clicked on the tag name, following so many people and unable to immediately recognize it.
  • The page opened to a friend of a friend’s page- Lysandra. One of her sorority sister’s best friends. Elide blinked in surprise. Clicking again on the picture of Aedion, with his long blond hair flowing over his shoulders while he grinned at the camera. It was a grin he’d often given her over the two years they were together.

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The real reason Thor and Jane broke up…


I can hardly believe it’s been five years. I’m apparently still legally 32, which is so incredibly interesting how that is still scientifically possible. The soul stone was a blur. I thought about things, very deeply, but, it felt like a long fever dream the whole time. I killed someone.

And no, this is not about Noel. I know how I said it felt like I killed someone, but I don’t regret aborting them. Her. Maybe it was a him, I don’t know. I was caught up in the peak of my work, you in the peak of yours. Nothing was steady back in 2014. So when Noel came, all I wanted, all I felt, was how if I wasn’t close to this baby, how could I be close to you? I was on my way to winning that Nobel Prize, which I did. I was already on top. Then I met Chance.

It was ironic, his name, “Chance”. Like a second chance. But you were my first chance, and I let you down. I know you didn’t entirely understand the concept of the abortion, but you listened to me, and you came to understand. Saying goodbye then, was like saying goodbye to Noel any chance I get. Chance was from London, born and raised. He never supported me on my choices like you did. I was so desperate. My feelings for him, weren’t love, they were desperation.

When I’d work, you understood the convergence more than I did at times. Not exactly the science, but over a thousand years learning the logistics and the background of it, was pretty helpful. In fact, before I left, I almost solved the issue with the rebuilding. I even contacted Dr. Stephen Strange about it. He was happy to oblige with aid, but then, you know.

I was in the car with Chance. It was funny, because as things got more serious with him, I felt closer to something missing, something I thought was Noel, but I now understand was you. I shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel. We were just going to get lunch. He made a joke about, some sort of car behind us, and it got all faded. Because the next thing I knew I was gone. Disintegrated.

I remember watching my body tence up. Everything was recoiling, retracting. My spirit, was real. And it was leaving. That’s when I had that five year long dream. And woke up.

I looked for Chance everywhere. I called some of his friends, no answer. But I got a call back from one. He sounded, I mean everyone that day, sounded werid. We were all angry about something the Snap had done, but all euphoric that it had saved us. Someone had saved us.

Chance’s friend told me he died that day. With no driver, our car slammed into the one ahead, and the passenger…Chance…died. Oddly enough, I’ve grieved more about grieving, than I have about him. I’m just so mad at all the things I’ve missed.

Then I found out about Bruce. And what he did for the universe. And then Tony, for what he did for our world. And what you did, for everyone. I am so sorry about Tony. He was never a close friend, but he was always a warm colleague, and practically a second family to you. And to everyone I think.

I’m sitting here, at our spot downtown, just thinking. My work is my life. And I reached it’s peak. I lost touch with Darcy, even before the Snap. We’re meeting tomorrow. I cried this morning video chatting with her. I cried a lot. She’s in New York apparently. It’s crazy that she’s grown five years and I haven’t.

After so, so much thinking, I came to realize: not only do I need you for my work on the convergence, but also for just…a friend. Someone to lean on right now. Why can I seem to say I balance it all, and then contradict myself and not make time for the people I love care about?

I also heard about New Asgard. Congratulations, really. I can’t wait to visit. I heard you’re working with a space team right now. You may not receive this for a couple of weeks. I’m still in London, same address.

I don’t know what I want. But I wanna know what you want. And I’m willing, to talk. About everything.

I still care about you.


Find out what happens next in “Vengers”.

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Just a little thing I wrote, not sure where it fits… so here it is, a drabble:


“Pep, how do you feel about living on a farm?”

“It’s fine,” she answers. Deep into a review of the quarterly shareholder’s report, before it’s released in two day’s time, she barely registers what Tony has just asked. “Wait… what?”  

“Can you see yourself living on a farm, Green Acres style — but with fewer zany mishaps and eccentric neighbors?”

She is thoroughly befuddled by the question and sets the report down to give him her full attention. “What on earth are you talking about?”

Tony throws up a projection from his StarkPad; a real estate listing for acreage on Cayuga Lake. “I’ve been thinking we should buy some land. Maybe something we can farm, or not, doesn’t really matter. Just a quiet place, away from all…this.” He waves his hands toward the city skyline outside their penthouse windows.

It briefly occurs to her that he may have lost his mind, but he looks so sincere, Pepper knows he’s serious. “What brought this on? You’ve never shown much interest in the country life before.”

“I told you about Barton’s place, and his whole, ‘secret’ family. The farm was nice, a good place to relax. I think it could be good for us, and hopefully, less likely to get blown up.” 

“Okay. Well, I am not opposed to something up north… Could be nice on weekends.”

That seems to satisfy him.  He beams, “I am so going to buy you a farm, Potts. You can have chickens, alpacas, and organic tomatoes.”

She laughs, “How did you know I’ve always wanted alpacas?”

“Who doesn’t?” Tony smiles smugly, “I’ve already got some names picked out.” He leans forward to kiss her and wags his eyebrows, “You are going to look so hot in overalls.”

Pepper rolls her eyes and playfully pushes him away. “Not in a million years. Let me finish this,” she says, pointing to he report in her lap, “And then we can discuss your newfound interest in agriculture.”

Tony nods and dismisses the projection, “Okay. Just so you know, I’ve already sent an offer. You are going to love this property. Also,” he leans in close and runs a strand of hair through his fingers, “I have some real interesting ideas about ploughing I’d like to share with you…”

Pepper rolls her eyes and pushes him away, “Oh my God, is that seriously the best pun you can think of? I thought you were a genius?” She points to the other side of the their overlarge sofa, “Sit over there and let me finish this!”

“Fine.” He huffs. “You are such a workaholic, Potts.” 

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The main room was made out of a glossy sandstone.

“It’s very pretty.” Mirmulnir says, smiling. Selene looked at Mirmulnir, nodded, and then flew up onto a ledge. Theseus looks at the others and Mirmulnir flies after Selene.

The heavily armored figure from earlier, which Quinn had now guessed was a guard, lead the others into a larger room, made of a sandstone, that still glimmered, but it was polished instead of glossy.

“Beds are this way.” the guard said, pointing towards a multitude of beds.

“Starr!” Vornin says, flying down from a perch. Starr crosses her arms and looks up at Vornin.


“Will you please show them the available beds?” Starr looks at the others, and her face softens. She readjusts her dark green helmet and signals Quinn and her group forward.


Quinn rests her head on the bed and stares at the ceiling. Starr murmurs something outside and Quinn tries to bury her face into her pillow.

How were Starr’s eyes purple? Quinn wondered. She brushes her hair back and lays back, trying to relax.

Vornin pokes his scaly red head in.

“Hello!” he greets, poking Quinn with one of his claws. Quinn sighs.


“I just wanted to see you again.” Vornin says, backing up, then he falls. Vornin stands back up, huffs, and then exits.

Quinn relaxes again, and falls asleep.

She’s back in the dark again.

Io snarls at her like a cornered animal and runs forward.

She grabs his wrists and Io’s eyes go wide, and lose their white glow. Quinn feels a smile grow  across her face and Io screams.

He falls back and she pins him down with her foot. Io looks upward at her and begs for mercy.

She slams her foot into his chest.

A quick snap rips through the air, and Io goes limp.

Quinn turns around, and she stares back at herself.

Two glowing eyes meet her blue eyes. A ghoulish grin crawls across the other version of her’s face.

She jolts upwards and heaves out loudly, before she slumps forward in shock.

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Inbox open :)

Hey y'all! Sorry can’t help it, I’m from the south.

Just wanted to let y'all know that my inbox is completely open to any requests, questions, or comments y'all might have. Sometimes I get pretty busy with things, since I’m still a student.

I still try to write as often as I can when I get inspiration. If you would like to see what my style of writing is before making a request, feel free to glance at my more popular works. I tend to write Levi in a more soft manner, while still keeping his well known stoic character. It seems to work for the fluffy and angsty black hole I have been sucked into.

I really appreciate the support. :)

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Oooh!! Wolfstar on an airplane. 💜

(for context, I added undercover mission & fake dating to the mix. hope you don’t mind!)

“Is this seat taken?” Sirius asks loudly, leaning obscenely over the empty seat and into Remus’ space by the window; Remus stares intently at the book he has open and Sirius sits when it’s clear he’s not going to respond.

“My love,” Remus says through gritted teeth moments later, “plane seats are assigned.”

[send me a pairing & AU setting and I’ll write a three sentence fic]

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an attempt for a continuation of My First First Love series by Netflix.

After their spontaneous getaway a few years ago for one of Songyi’s course requirement, there is no doubt that her relationship with Do Hyeon continued a path of nothing but positive outcome. Revealing each other’s distress has led them to better understanding each other and refusing to let any miscommunication get into the way of building a stronger relationship. Of course there had been a few arguments and misunderstandings but they always make sure to talk it all out after a short while.

Tae Oh, on the other hand, had started to act differently since then. Always impatient with Songyi until the day she confessed of her relationship with Do Hyeon. He had a blank face which he very much struggled to maintain even from the start of her confession. He had known of their relationship ever since he walked in on them kissing by the pool of the villa he rented so this was no surprise to him at all. Though, it still hurts to have his best friend hide this important thing from him. Not being able to resist each other, they made up right away.

Using the money she earned from tutoring Tae Oh’s brother, her internship, and a few part-time jobs, Songyi managed to step out of Tae Oh’s household a year later. This was of course, fully favored by Do Hyeon even offering financial support to her just to not blow up the whole plan of her finally moving out. Finding a small apartment just enough for herself and her few things, she moved out of Tae Oh’s but stayed close to his neighborhood and to university she’s still attending at that time.

“When are you planning to get your things from Tae Oh’s?” Do Hyeon asked for the third time since they met up in the library for work in the morning. He’s holding a few books and scanning the barcodes before returning to its proper shelves.

Songyi looked at her boyfriend incredulously. “It’s like the third time you asked me that same question today. Do you even listen to what I say?”

“I was hoping to get a different answer each time. With dates nearing, at that.” he smiled teasingly over her. “You know I’ve been wanting you to move out for like forever.”

She snickered. “As if you want me to live on the streets of this neighborhood. Or spend nights here in library like how you caught me the first time.” Songyi pushed the cart containing books while talking, aware that she won’t be able to stop herself from turning crimson but not letting him notice. Even after more than a year of dating, he still manages to make her butterflies in stomach go wild with a simple smile and an honest sentence.

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Summary: In the events following Asgard’s destruction, Loki finds himself on Earth seeking refuge to await the inevitable. Much to his surprise, it comes from a source he would never have expected.

Warnings: none

Word count: 3.5k

A/N: God let’s hope this shows up in the tags and stays there. The AO3 and Spotify playlist are linked in the Masterlist. I haven't stopped or deleted anything. I also posted this on Wattpad so check me out on there if you like!


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