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hi! hope you're well x i'm wondering you'd ever finish/do part 3 of that brilliant hogwarts au you started years ago? i'm the person who requested it! and somehow i found you again online recently and then somehow realised you were the person who answered that prompt! if not dw, nice to see you again.

hello!! sob im sorry i dont remember this one 8( do you recall which fandom it was for? 

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Hey folks, sorry for being away. Lots of life stuff going on. I’m coming out to my family this weekend and I’m scared to death.

I’m hoping once the dust settles on that that I can go back to being more active on this blog again (and finishing up Waltz of the Bartender, and posting my unpublished WIPs :D)

Thanks for being patient!

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“Replaced.” Chapter Nine

*If you want to be tagged let me know! I’m open to any constructive criticism!*

(Warnings: Angst, void, anxiety attack mention)

Logan was so close to finding out where Virgil was. He knew he had to hurry up though, Thomas was not doing so good. Logan figured Virgil wouldn’t do this himself, seeing as how he has warmed up to them.

He wondered if it could be possible…Yes! Why didn’t he think of it before? Logan knew where Virgil was. The only problem was how did he get to him?


Virgil was curled up in a ball, rocking himself back and forth. He was trying hard not to freak himself out too much and have an attack. After all, he didn’t have his pills and couldn’t summon anything here. He couldn’t even keep track of the time, so he didn’t know how long he’s been here.

Virgil kept thinking of all the time he had spent with his friends. Even recently, never mind the fact they hadn’t spent as much time together as often as they used to. He kept trying to think positively but his mind kept going back to Roman’s voice on the phone and Thomas in the void.

What had he done to deserve this? Did he do something to hurt them? Whatever it was, Virgil had plenty of time to figure it out. He was stuck here for a while until someone finds him. If someone finds him. Is anyone even looking for him?

No, no, no. Don’t think like that, it’ll cause an attack. I need to stay calm and wait for someone to come get me. I don’t want to be a mess when they find me. Virgil uncurled himself and stood up. He figured it wouldn’t hurt to walk around a little bit and stretch his legs. Maybe he’ll find something or even a way out.

@charandrite @lolanomsgranola @comicsimpson @angstbaby @kai-the-person

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Arc 4

Part 1

By now, probably weeks had passed in the human realm; her education was progressing well, and she started to make noticeable progress. Not only did her magic bloom, their relationship developed as well. Tiny steps, but they all added up.

Just another typical day for them—round about an afternoon, an earth dweller would say. She took a break from her studies, and he being a workaholic even did research during his leisure time. However, there was one problem.

Time had passed, at least for humans, but for her, she felt like she was floating in a dimension where time was an illusion and did not exist despite it clearly passing somehow. She had brought up her concerns often, especially recently.

Keep reading

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Stick The Landing

Platonic Moxiety, High School AU

Words- 201

Read on A03

Virgil was lost. Of course he was, his first day of school in a new high school he’d never been to, why wouldn’t he be lost.

As Virgil ran down the stairs he didn’t notice another other student coming up in the opposite direction.


Suddenly Virgil was falling, and he hit the ground hard.

“Oof! Wow kiddo that was impressive!”

Virgil looked over to see a cheerful looking student, who was getting to his feet.

“I’m so sorry!” Virgil blurted out.

The other boy laughed, extending a hand to help Virgil up. “Don’t worry about it kiddo! I’m a cheerleader, I know how to fall! But what was with the rush?”

Virgil bit his lip, “I… uh I’m kinda lost?”

Patton’s eyes lit up, “Ooo! Where are you trying to get to kiddo? I’m Patton by the way!”

Virgil nodded, handing him his schedule, “Virgil.”

Patton looked over Virgil’s schedule before giggling, “Well Virgil, kiddo, it looks like you needed to be upstairs!”

Virgil groaned, “Are you serious?”

Patton laughed, “Yep! Come on, if we step to it, we can get there in no time!”

Virgil smirked, “Was that a pun?”

“Did I stick the landing?”

Virgil snickered, “Yeah sure.”

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Fallen Angel

Aziraphale stares up at the unfamiliar man in front of him. Through blurry vision all he could really make out was yellow, red and black smudges in a vaguely human shape. He was trying to speak to him but he couldn’t hear what he was saying through the ringing in his ears. He was a demon you could smell that. That should’ve been reason enough to be scared. At the moment however all he could feel is pain.

He had fallen. This demon was obviously there to take him to hell, but he couldn’t move even if he wanted to. His whole body was in pain, like every inch of him was burning. He coughs and he feels something fall from his lips and sees splotches of red on the ground in front of him. The human shapes blurs seemed to be speech seemed to pick up then. Aziraphale still couldn’t hear it but stares blankly in that direction. He coughs again, and then he’s pulled against the splotches.

Now all he can see is black head pulled into his shoulders. He was going to struggle and get away, but then the scent hit his nose. It was comforting and warm. He didn’t know why this man was familiar to him but at the moment the sense of security he was feeling lulled him into actual darkness.

Crowley’s view:

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“ Archive of Our Own is a platform for fanfiction, yes, but it is also an intricate system of archiving and hosting said fanfiction, as well as a space built up by fandom members for their very own. No “one part” of AO3 qualifies the site for the prize. The entirety — past, present, and promise to the future — makes it uniquely primed for the honor.

“So if the question is, which of that work is the nomination recognizing?” penned Naomi Novik on her Tumblr. “It’s recognizing all of it. You can’t separate one part of it from the other. The garden wouldn’t exist without all of it. And I am grateful for it all.” ”

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read it on the AO3 at

by Anonymous

Where Charles Xavier is a genetics professor, Erik Lehnsherr the Anthropology professor everyone suspects is hiding a dead body or ten in his boot (never mind the fact that he doesn’t even have a car), and the kids are absolutely obsessed with How To Get Away With Murder.

Words: 7348, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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When they sat in the car on the way to the office Peter let out what he probably kept himself from saying in the boutique.

“Are you pissed at me for working Saturday? Because if you are, just say so.”

“Am I allowed to say no?” Neal asked. “I thought you owned me.”

“I own your time. And no, you’re not allowed to say no, but I don’t have to demand you to work.”

“So if I’m pissed off for working on a Saturday, you’ll let me off the hook?”

“Are you pissed off?”

“Will you let me off the hook?” Neal returned.

Peter gave him a glare but gave in.

“No, not this time. Are you pissed off?”

“No, Peter. I enjoy working for you, and the FBI. You know that. Why did you think I was upset?”

“Because you did your best to drive me insane.”

“More than usual?”


Neal leaned back in his seat, relaxing.

“I think it’s you who is upset to get to work on a Saturday, Peter. And usually, we don’t have that many beautiful women around us while we work.”

There was a sound from Peter that could have been a laugh. Perhaps Neal had been spot on.

They drove in silence for a while.

“I don’t get it,” Peter said, with another tone than before. “You go on about Kate, and yet you flirt.”

Neal looked at his handler. It seemed to be a serious question. Peter did not understand and wanted to.

“Flirting is just a flirt. It doesn’t have to be more than that. It’s just something fun to do. She liked it too. She didn’t think I was going to invite her to dinner, sleep with her, and get married just because I flirted with her.”

Peter just shook his head, amazed.

“I can’t see it that way.”

“Then how do you see it?”

“When a woman flirts with me, all I can think of is where it will end up if it continues. And… I’ve got El.”

“It’s not like punching an irreversible I-must-sleep-with-her-ticket when you flirt, you know. Both are adults and can pull out at any time.”

“I know. It’s just… I don’t want to wake false hopes.”

Neal grinned.

“Flirting is just something you do for fun, Peter. There are no strings attached. She knows it too. It’s just a way to show appreciation, to acknowledge her. Even if you leave a minute later, she still feels happy because she is seen.”

“Did that model made you feel seen?”


Like it? Read more at:

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The Dream Of Dreaming - Chapter Two

Ships: Prinxiety, Receit (at least for now)

Warnings: Swearing, blood, references to past abuse & selfharm

Chapter Two: The Darkness Of The Forest.


Virgil quietly collected the few things he found important to bring with him & then he quietly made his way out from the apartment. He locked the door behind him & put the keys in the mailbox so they fell into the apartment again. Now he was locked out. He was free. He ran down the stairs & out on the street, looking around him. He lived in between a big city & a forest. The city was hard to get to & he felt like it was somehow impossible to hide there despite all the people so he ran into the forest.

A while later he was so deep into the dark forest he felt safe enough to stop. Obviously there lived dangerous animals in the forest but he didn’t care. If he died out there he would’ve at least tried. He had a sleeping bag that he got from a friend who he sleeped over at when things got too much & finally it had actually came to use. He rolled out the sleeping bag onto the ground & got down in it. This wasn’t too bad.


Logan came into Roman’s office & looked at Remus who sat in the couch. Roman stood up before starting to talk.

“Ah! Logan! This is my brother, Remus. Remus, this is Logan, your babysitter” Remus looked at Logan who stood in military position & looked at Roman.

“Sir, with all due respect. Why would he need a babysitter?”

“Because he’s unpredictable. You’re perfect for the job. I don’t think anyone else could handle his..” Roman made a pause & looked over at his unusually quiet brother & then back at Logan “..little performances”

“I see, sir”

“You will follow him every night. During sleep hours I’ll have a guard guard his room. You’re also going to have two 1 hour breaks every day & during them Dee is gonna take over. Any questions?”

“No, sir”

“Good. Remus!” Remus stood up & took a fem sreps forwards & looked at his brother “Behave!”

“Gee! I know I’m not a completely different person but I’ve actually changed!”

“Still don’t trust you” Roman said & turned towards Logan “he’ll be staying in the guest room furthest down in the east wing, it used to be his room & it also happens to be very far away from my room. Dismissed!” Roman said & sat down as Logan & his brother left. He kept on writing but only minutes later someone came bursting in again.

“WHAT NOW?!” His voice turned demonic and he stood up only to, a second later take a step back & burying his face in his hand when he saw the terror in the servant’s face “I’m so sorry!” He took a deep breath & kept on talking “What’s happening?” the servant was still frozen in place but visibility shook himself & answered Roman’s question.

“There’s a mortal in our part of the forest” said the servant & Roman’s eyes widened.


“Tell me again, Emile, what exactly is happening?” Roman & Emile walked quickly down the castle corridors in the direction of the main entrance.

“Some guards found him in the forest. He seems to be sleeping a few kilometres past the border” Emile struggled to keep up with Roman who was walking very quickly. Why did so much have to happen tonight?! He had things to do.

“I see” Roman said distantly. He was caught in his thoughts. This hadn’t happened since he was a kid, long before he took over the kingdom & he had no idea how to deal with it. “They didn’t wake him I hope?”

“No, sir. They’re however staying near to keep an eye on him”

“Okay, thanks for your service, Emile, you can go back to your normal chores” Emile bowed & left & Roman made a deep sigh & opened the front door. His long, dark red cloak flowed in the wind as he made his way across the garden in the direction of the gates. Soon before getting to the gates he transformed into a bat & flew into the forest.


“Your majesty” Roman had just landed next to the guards in the forest & they bowed deeply.

“Were is he?” Roman was stressed but he tried hard not to let it show.

“About a 100 meters, that direction” one of the guards said, gesturing down a small path & Roman nodded slightly.

“Thank you” he said & went down the path. What exactly made this so dangerous? It was kilometres to the closest village & he highly doubted that this guy was gonna go deeper into the dark forest. As he came closer he decided that he should probably wake him & talk to him.

“Hey” Roman said & gently shooked him. Virgil woke up & shivered.

“Gee! Who are you?!” Roman reattached out his hand to help Virgil up.

“My name’s Roman, & you?” Virgil unzipped his sleeping bag & unsurely grabbed Roman’s hand.

“Virgil.. & what exactly are you doing in the forest looking all fancy?” There was something past Virgils rude tone. Almost teasing?

“Well.. I live nearby. What are you doing in the forest? Nearest city is miles away”

“I need a break from my mom..” Virgil mumbled almost too quiet to hear.

“Oh..” Roman made a pause & took a quick look over Virgil & saw a few bruises on his face “I see. How old are you, kid?”

“Kid? You look to be about my age”

“Maybe if you translate vampire age to human age” he mumbled just so quiet so Virgil couldn’t hear.

“I’m 24, you?” Roman took a short second to think exactly how old he would be in human age before answering.

“26” Roman said shortly before realising why he was there. “Oh, right. You’re not really allowed to be here, this part if the forest is privately owned”

“Oh! I see.. do you own it? You said that you lived nearby”

“Uhm, yeah. I own the majority of the forest”

“That have to be expensive”

“It i-“ he smelled carefully in the air “we gotta get out of here”

“Yeah, yeah! I got it, I’ll leav-“ he turned towards his sleeping bag to pack it up & leave but Roman stopped him.

“Get your stuff quickly & follow me” Roman looked stressfully around them & Virgil at once felt anxious.

“Uhm.. wh- what is happening?”

“No time to explain just do as I say & I’ll explain later, come on” Roman took Virgil’s sleeping bag & Virgil got his backpack & ran after the stressed prince who was walking quickly in the direction of the guards.

“Uhm.. sir, you’re taking the mortal with y-“

“He’s not mortal. At least not completely, he doesn’t smell human & he clearly didn’t feel the atmosphere of unease that’s made to keep humans away. We need to get him out of the forest though, there’s a werewolf nearby” Virgil looked confused & slowly backed away.

“Uhm.. WHAT?!” He talked way too loud.

“SHH! Just follow us, I promise it’s safe” Roman started & turned towards one of the guards “Did you take a horse or do we have to run all the way back to the castle?”

“No horse, your majesty” the guard said.

“Well then, take the kid’s sleeping bag” he said & handed it over before grabbing Virgil’s hand & runned off. Somehow Virgil actually choose to trust the stranger & ran with him through the forest. About 30 minutes later they arrived at the castle. Virgil looked at it with big eyes. It was at least twice the size of the biggest building in the city & it was a lot to take in.

“The easiest way to get over the gates is to fly but I’m guessing you’re not very good at that?” Roman said teasingly as they, now relatively slowly, walked up to the gates, Virgil only looked around him, trying to take it all in.

“Your majesty” said the guard watching tha gates.

“Paul, this is Virgil. He can’t fly” Roman said & nodded thankfully at him as ge opened the gates.

The two quietly made their way through the garden until Virgil broke the silence.

“Where exactly am I? Who exactly are you? What exactly are you?” Virgil still walked through, unsure if it was even possible to escape.

“This is the castle, I’m the prince & I’m a vampire. Any more questions?” Roman looked straight forward as he talked & kept on walking even after Virgil stopped for a second before catching up again.

“Uhmmm.. v-vampire?” Virgil’s voice was shaking & he was clearly scared.

“Yeah, no worries tho, I make the rules. I’m technically king but I prefer the term ‘prince’” Roman was now talking in a slightly teasing tone & looked at Virgil as he did which clearly made him relax slightly.

“& you said I ‘didn’t smell human’? What exactly is that supposed to mean?”

“That you’re not human, not entirely at least” Roman said as he opened the big door leading into the castle. Virgil’s mouth dropped open as they entered. The outside had been dark & very cliche but the inside, oh the inside was beautiful, colourful & quite modern.

“Not human?” Virgil said, still looking around him & Roman chuckled slightly.

“Nope! I however can’t pinpoint your smell..” Virgil froze a second which Roman saw & chuckled again before quickly saying “It’s not as creepy as it sounds! We vampires just have very sensitive noses”

“Oh.. okay” Virgil wanted to ask if he could go home but before he said anything he realised that he had runned away “so that’s how you could tell there was a werewolf nearby back there”

“Yeah. Want a tour or do you wanna go to sleep?” Roman’s voice was charming & Virgil was way to worked up to go back to sleep so he gladly took the tour offer.


A/N: Vampires aren’t scared of werewolves normally but with something keeping them grounded it could be dangerous - if they’re unlucky. Also, the guards flyed back to the castle (yes, with the sleeping bag, they’re pretty strong in their bat form)

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Chapter 4: Heroic

When he hit the ground he felt exhausted. So exhausted that if his bones could sleep they would. He was glad now that he could finally rest. Escaping Helgen and fighting the dragon had been such hard work. Hiccup felt like he more than deserved a nap in the grass outside the western watchtower.

Except it wasn’t that easy unfortunately.

The sky turned dark and twisted into an ugly gray and red color with swirling storm clouds, starting right over him and stretching out over Tamriel and then beyond. Dragons roared in the distance and close to him. Fire fell from the sky and it was all his fault. No matter how hard he tried to move he couldn’t. He couldn’t stop this, couldn’t fix the mess he had made.

Voices he recognized but couldn’t put a face to called him from all directions. One sounded desperate, one sounded scared, one sounded angry, one sounded resentful, a few sounded pleading, and through all of them there was one that rung out the loudest to him.

Her voice called his name.

She begged him to get up, that if he couldn’t do it for skyrim to do it for her, for his family.

continue reading on ao3

TAGS-  @alwaysahiccupandastrid , @kabiryuu , @fairyselfships

as always- let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list

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