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Things I Will NOT Write For When It Comes To Smut:

Okay, so I do write smut. Am I good at writing it? I don’t know, honestly. I have one smut in the making. If any of you guys request me to write a smut, here’s a list of things that I will absolutely not write in a smut:

  • Watersports
  • Scat
  • Vomit
  • Rape
  • Pedophealia/having one character underaged and the other above 18
  • Any kinks that involve calling one person degrading names, such as ‘worthless,’ ‘pig,’ etc.
  • Anything super violent, such as someone being punched (unless it’s like a fight scene - like a character is kidnapped and another character comes to the rescue. Idk how to word it) or kicked.
  • Abuse

In the end, if you’re going to ask me to write a smut and something you would like to be written isn’t on the list, message me and make sure if what you want written is okay. Overall, I’m a pretty open-minded person when it comes to kinks. Have a godo day⭐️

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Somethings New

Genre:  General Fic, Newt Scamander- Centric, G/K Rating

Summery: When unable to return to Hogwarts after his explosion, Newt is offered a place at Casteloobruxo. The South American Wizarding School that specializes in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. What he learns there though is far more than he expects 

A/N: So, this is a fic I have been planning for a few weeks and for me, it is pretty long! It isn’t 100% finished yet but is looking to be around 1800-1900 hundred words when all is said and done. I loved the idea of Newt going to Castleobruxo to study more about creatures, so this head canon/theory spurred me on to write this fic! There are 4 more chapters on the way, so I hope you enjoy :)!

Newt wobbles when they finally come out of the last apparition. His stomach slightly nauseous and head both dizzy and lightly pounding. After a portkey and several sets of apparitions to get deeper into the jungle, the world continued to spin for a moment.

When the ground is steady beneath him again though, the rain forest surrounding him truly comes into focus. The sixteen year olds eyes open wide in awe and pure wonder as he looks around diligently. Taking in all the green and browns in the massive and numerous trees, the bright, vivid colors in the flowers that dotted the wall of earthy tones. Newt ears soon tune into the sounds, as well. Cawing and rustling of creatures sure to be among the swath of green encompassing them.

“I thought you might like the scenery here,” Dumbledore says behind him, breaking the stupor. “This Newt is why Castelobruxo specializes in Care of Magical Creature.”

The young wizard had been very skeptical when offered a place in the South American Wizarding school when his professor was unable to get his enrollment at Hogwarts back. Thinking it couldn’t possibly be like Hogwarts. But looking at this place now, Newt was extremely glad his parents had convinced him to take the opportunity. Before he can finish looking at his fill of the Amazon surrounding him, they are greeted by a tall, willowy woman from behind. Causing them to look behind them to a path that leads out of view.

Dressed in a colorful dress of gold, yellow, red, and purple. With beads adorning a headpiece in the regal-looking hair. Behind her stood a man who seemed quiet but observant of them. Slightly greying on the edges of his hair, with a small beard.

“Professor Dumbledore, wonderful to greet you.” She says warmly. “And this would be the young Mister Scamander, yes?” Newt’s shyness gets to him, and all he can do is  nod in response. “Albus has told us you have an interest in magical creatures?”

“Yes.” Newt finally finds the words to say. Confident in this answer. The exuberant woman smiles, and Newt feels somewhat eased.

“Then you have come to the perfect place, young wizard. I am the headmaster here. This is our Care of Magical creature teacher, Professor Vera. He would be happy to show you to your room?”

Newt follows him, and they go down the path the Head Mistress came from. And any nerves he had were once again taken away when the castle came into view before them. Almost shining gold against the green canopy around it, reminding him vividly of seeing Hogwarts for the first time. And for a second, his head runs wild about exploring this new place and all the things he hopes to see while here.

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To all the fics out there that have managed to make me cry: God damn well played

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I was at a party with my friends and somenthing straight out of fanfic happened with me.

We’re drinking, dancing and having the time of our lives. Then I see someone coming my way, running. Wow, it was the girl I like (and that maybe I’m in love with?), she hugs me and says “wow I’ve missed you”. And so her girlfriend catch up to us, I step back from the hug and talk with her too. We keep talking and drinking for a long time and her girlfriend says “we should kiss”. In which I say a big “what?”, she repeats herself and then I understand she means us three as in the girl I like, me and her, the girlfriend.

The girl I like looks intrigued and hopeful, maybe a little surprised too.

And let me tell you, what should a person in this situation do? That’s right, say no! And what did I do? Yeah, agreed and kissed.

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I wanna write a BNHA Katsuki x Reader where the reader went to UA Hero Course but after graduating she went to College and is a kind of anti-hero like Deadpool and she gets a lot of hate bc of hwr challenging the Superpower laws and shit andidkitwouldseemlikefununtiliactuallywriteit

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Part 11!! Thank you all for reading and special thanks to the readers who came chat with me for a bit. Hope you enjoy this one!


On Tour (part 11)

Niall was banging on Lewis’ door. Lewis opened it, looking sleepy and scared at the same time.

-What the hell?

-Exactly. You tell me what the hell you think you’re doing. -Niall forced Lewis to let him in.

-I’m done with this. With us making countless mistakes. It’s been a week since I last talked to you. I am extremely sorry. Now please tell me how to fix it. Or just tell me how you’re feeling. Just talk to me!-He sat on the bed.

Lewis was standing.

-Fine. I needed time for myself to recover from the fight, that’s all.

-So can we start talking to each other again?

-It really fucking broke me. The things you said.

-If I could take them back I would.

-Fine. Turns out I agree with them. And I was extremely embarrassed and ashamed of myself so there is that.

-You shouldn’t. Lewis please. I was angry. You are one of the best musicians I know. I admire you a lot. You truly are incredible and yes you don’t always know when to stop joking around but I like that too. And I wasn’t being fair. You fucked up once. Everyone makes mistakes. I know this for sure now. So stop beating yourself up, please.

-I’ll try.

-Can I hug you? I swear I won’t get between you and Y/N ever again.

-Yes you can hug me.

Lewis didn’t hug back at first. But gave in eventually.

-Why won’t you talk to her?

-Can’t face her


-Too ashamed of myself. She deserves better, you know it, and now she knows it too.

-She loves you, Lewis.

-She’s sorry for me

-She has always loved you. She’s worried sick

-She doesn’t trust me

-About that… she, hm. We saw the blond girl walking out of your room.


-Talk to Y/N. Or you’ll lose her forever.

-I think I already did. Don’t want to put her through more pain

-Why do you never fight for what you want?

-Because if we start something and she leaves or if anything goes even worse I won’t be able to take it. If I get used to waking up next to her, kissing her, and then it stops… the times we did it, afterwards, my body hurt from how much I missed it. How much I wanted her again.

-Don’t you trust her?

-I don’t trust myself. I fuck everything up. You said so yourself.

-Forget the crap that I said. If you both love each other, you’ll make it work. Now please talk to her. She’s completely broken

-That blonde, it truly meant nothing. I wanted to feel less lonely, a distraction that’s all. This week was tough. I thought Y/N was disgusted. Thought she would never come close to me ever again.

-She tried to talk to you multiple times. She kept coming here but you wouldn’t see her.

-I thought she was mad.

-She was. But she wanted to make things right again.

-I can’t do this, Niall. Not now that she saw the girl

-You’re being a coward

-I can’t.

-Alright. You’ll regret it though

-Don’t tell her we had this conversation

-I won’t. Thank you for talking to me. I hope our friendship can go back to normal eventually


-Goodnight, Lewis.


Waking up was painful. Every sensation from the night before coming back. She felt humiliated. She had to get up and turn things around. She was done waiting for him. Y/N took a shower, put one of her favorite summer dresses on and did her makeup while listening to Lizzo. From now on she was going to live her moment and have fun.

At lunch, she called Angie:

-Let’s party tonight!

-Party? You? Partying?

-Yes. We have two nights off and I want to drink and have fun so yes we are partying.

-I’m not saying no

Y/N invited Angie, Leny and Chris. They went to a rooftop bar and before midnight were already completely drunk. Y/N kissed two random guys, danced until her feet hurt and went back to the hotel laughing nonstop with Chris and Leny trying to carry her, them being just as drunk. They all went to Angie’s room and collapsed on the same bed.

Angie was the first to wake up and run to the bathroom, vomiting all the colorful drinks she had had. The boys started to get up as well. Y/N wanted to sleep forever.

-Hey, Y/N, we are going to get something to eat. Do you want anything? We’ll come back to check on you. -Leny said

-Uh, yeah, uh, maybe an apple? I don’t know, just anything really. A sandwich.

-An apple and a sandwich. Got it. Call us if you feel sick.

As soon as they left she felt it coming. It was her time to face the toilet.

Leny came back, held her hair while she let it all out, and sat next to her on the floor.

-Quite a night, huh?

-That’s why I don’t drink much. Always regret it.

-Eat something, rest, and you’ll be good as new.

-It was very fun, wasn’t it?

-We should do it more often. Maybe with less alcohol though.

-We should.

After a shower, Y/N decided to go for a walk. She was feeling better and in need of fresh air. She saw Lewis at the lounge but kept walking.

Seeing him made her want to go to a bar again. She called the boys. Both of them had plans for the night. Angie said yes. But she wanted to invite more people, so she called Niall.

He met her and Angie at the bar they find out about online. Y/N was already drinking. She hugged him when he appeared, cheering happily. The three of them decided to do shots.

-Are you girls ready?

-Yall know I can drink more than the two of you combined! -Screamed Angie

-I don’t doubt it! - Niall laughed

First shots came in.




-YEAHHHHH-Niall put his arms up, cheering.

-FUCK- Y/N screamed

-MORE-Said Angie




More laughs. Hugs. An explosion.





Y/N almost struggling to keep her balance. Then celebrating, dancing around her friends.

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If you can can you please right a story about how Levi is home from the hospital after what happened with the thunder spear and he is still healing and his kid(s) didnt really listen their mom or by accident hurt him thank you

Y/N hadn’t really been sure that she wanted to take the kids to see their father just yet, she hadn’t been sure how they would react to seeing him scarred, battered and stitched. But Levi had missed his little ones just as badly as they had missed him, so they didn’t really care. They just wanted their Dad. In fact, the only mention of it was their little girl asking about his fingers.

“Be careful.” Y/N had warned them, “Your Dad is still hurting, so don’t climb all over him, be gentle.” That obviously left their minds the moment they saw the man. They raced over to his bedside, immediately jumping onto the bed with him. Levi winced in pain, his children recoiling immediately, glancing over at their mother. Levi gave a weary, wonky smile. “I’ve missed you guys.”

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by SilentGhostWriter2017

In which crack, memes, chaos and overall shenanigans descend upon the world of heroes, villains and an unsuspecting Yuuei Academy, courtesy of one Dark Bunny and Dark Dragon, otherwise known as Midoriya Izuku and Hisashi respectively.

Basically, Izuku and Hisashi are the personifications of chaos, Nezu is sadistic, Yuuei is wild, Bakugou gets bashed like nobody’s business, time gets shifted, and general fuckery ensues.

Words: 2154, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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So last night my brain decided to gift me with *yet another* Miraculous AU idea. Insistently. As in, “I don’t care that you have this fic to finish, you have to write this right now!”

So I spent a mostly sleepless night dozing and plotting, because I am a (somewhat) Responsible Adult and I knew that dozing with the lights off would be better in the long run than staying up to write.

But you know what I’m going to do now? I’m going to write the first chapter of this new fic. Because I won’t be able to concentrate on Danse Inversee until I do.

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Ship: NarKik

Themes: Spirtualism

Story Type: One Shot

Musings: Inspired by Hap and The OA’s inability to escape each other through dimension traveling i was interested in exploring how the red thread of fate may have woven Naraku into Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kikyo’s thread forever. Perhaps in death we are redeemed.

“ And what can life be worth if the first rehearsal for life is life itself”

-Milan Kundera

He had spent his entire life without ever becoming acquainted with peace.

In the moment she wished away jewel, he knew. How ironic, the woman who shared a soul with one who he killed many years ago had salvaged him.

Is this what is was? Such a fleeting moment. He had never noticed the beauty of warmth, even in his mortal form he had always been plagued by desire. In this moment he wanted nothing at all.

What simplicity there was in it all, in his destiny. Yet—he had answered the call of the demons inside of the jewel. The ones who promised him this feeling, fooled him into thinking it could be achieved with revenge.

Peace was an underwhelming emotion, and yet, it possessed his body as he vanished from the world of the living.

I understand.


Death was a void of nothingness that ached on and on. He had committed enough crimes for a thousand lifetimes and so he would. It was in his acceptance he found comfort.

At first, he wanted a second chance. Not as a redemption arc, but undo the chaos he had invented. Perhaps, on his fateful and last day as Onigumo, he would be kind to the woman he loved by letting her go. And so would disappear his webs of deceit.

He knew it couldn’t be. The webs he had woven became tangled with the threads of fate. For if it were not him, another would sit here in this purgatory. There story was simple enough for fate to keep repeating until the end of time, until this exact outcome was achieved.

His love reborn had freed him from the grips of destiny. Here, in this void, he no longer hungered for her.


Her name still felt like poison on her lips. He wished to not disturb her eternal rest so he rationed out his apologies to her. Every few centuries he would say her name like incantation, hoping that in her death, she too understood peace.


He deserved to burn for eternity. But energy is neither created or destroyed. It is simply repurposed and set on a new path again.

It is was happened to Kikyo in what felt like eons ago. It happened to mortals and demons alike. To virtuous people and those cloaked in sin. The order of the world took precedent.

Without explanation his nothingness had ceased to exist.

For nine months he pushed inside of a womb. Heard the voice of his father humming a familiar song. He anticipated with thoughts of his past life. Apprehension claimed his thoughts.

Will destiny claim me or will this life be my own?

His rebirth was as peaceful as his death. He could feel all from his past life leaving him rapidly as his lungs filled with air. His eyes opened, the last connection he had a part of him that would soon cease to exist. In his orbs reflected the image of his mother. Her face sweet, ivory, forgiving——familiar.

His new body persisted for dominance. It would cease all thoughts of Naraku and his existence would be wiped from this world all together. He lingered onto her reflection once more.

I’ve found you.

He hoped this destiny would be kinder than the last they shared.


The infant yelled into the new world after minutes of silence. She wailed with the might of a woman who had lived a thousand lifetimes.

Her mother cradled and protected her. Her father kneeled by their bedside, in awe.

On a level that only the dead and those above death could hear, their souls spoke out to each other.

Have we met before?

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Ok, so right now I’m writing my first fanfic and WHEW I’ve never felt more alive doing something. I had a 2 hour nonstop writing session (probably unhealthy) and managed to get down 1000 words. Right now I’m taking a break to rest my mind and fingers. Also, thanks for everyone who gave me tips on my last post, it helped SO MUCH

submitted by /u/Cherrribelle
[link] [comments]

from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Fic asks: 25, 27, 37!

Thank you so much for the ask!! These are so fun to do 😊

25. Of all the fics you’ve written, which one is your favorite?

Probably my Kallura Secret Santa fic (for @blkjessrabbit), titled Stockings. It was just so much fun to write and I loved going through the years with Keith and Allura. I’m excited to re-upload that one (and of course all my 8 other fics) to ao3, starting next month.

27. What’s your most popular fic? Do you think the popularity is warranted or is there another fic deserving of that popularity?

My Greatest Love (I’m going to rename it) is a Kacxa fic about the two of them welcoming their daughter into the world. Personally, yeah, I think domestic fluff and family-orientated fics deserve a lot of love!! Besides, there’s only a small amount of Kacxa fics, and an even tinier percentage of Kacxa domestic fluff fics, so it was cool to see that pairing get some recognition.

37. Which character is your favorite to write for?

Lotor! I have written very little for him but he is just very eloquent and posh, which I adore writing.

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Originally posted by voxambrosia

I’ve been stuck at home in my recent mini-crisis, which gave me a lot of time to think and work out ideas I had stored in the back of my mind. This idea involves fanfiction, but none of mine.

As most of you know, I’m a writer. But I’m also a reader, who has the privilege of access to thousands of stories. A lot of them better than published work, their creators often more talented than some of the most successful novelists.

For a while I’ve been planning to show my appreciation to fanfiction and the authors, and it’s finally taking shape. From now on I will make a post every two months or so, which will feature stories from other writers that I have enjoyed, made an impact on me, got a laugh or had me in tears. I hope through this ‘tip of the hat’ writers will get more exposure and that their stories will move others as well. Spread the love, share the joy. Inspire.

These recommendation posts will regard stories based on the TV series Supernatural and since I tend to read a lot of Dean fanfiction, it’s most likely to contain more stories involving my favorite green eyed hunter. When fiction about other characters and ships or RPF captures my attention, however, it will be granted a spot on the list as well. If you have suggestions or want to point me into a certain direction, please feel free to do so by sending me a message or tagging me in the story. 

There will also be a separate taglist for ‘Kate Huntington’s author & fanfiction recommendations’. Even if you’re on my follow forever taglist, you will have to sign up for this tag separately, since this list links to work that isn’t mine. Obviously, I by no means take credit for the amazing stories on the recommendation list. I’m simply trying to create a bigger audience, a platform for the creators.

Let me know what you think, send me a tag request and stay tuned for the first post!

Love, Kate

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Just a Date
by MukashiMukashi

Kenma and Kuroo give Hinata and Kageyama a little push in the right direction to finally getting together officially. Even if Hinata was now on the other side of the world.

Contains Manga Spoilers to Chapter 372 (mildly canon divergent after that)

Words: 6098, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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Powerpuff Girl Z: Izuku
by SonnieCelanna

After defeating HIM and giving up their white Z-rays, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup had been under the impression that the rays would be forever lost to the void of space, containing their adversary.

Unbeknownst to any of them, the villain had tried one last desperate trick to escape his fate and though it failed, it sent three specific Z-rays hurtling towards a new host.

That hosts name? Izuku Midoriya.

He’s more than happy with the powers, but WHY DID HE HAVE TO WEAR A SKIRT TO USE THEM?!

Words: 3057, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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Chapter 4!


“Don’t worry. It’s just the detox house, okay? The main house is so pretty, Pete, you’re going to love it. This won’t take long.”

“What, what was the process Andy was talking about?” Pete stammered nervously.

“Oh, just the detox! Don’t worry, it’s nothing scary. It’s just taking some time to just detox and get rid of anything we might have picked up while we were away. Y’know, just a place to hang out before we go back inside. It’s 24 hours for me and everyone else, but it’ll be 72 for you because you’re new and that means that you won’t have the immunity that the rest of us do. But that’s okay! Pretty much everyone inside has done the 72 hours before, and it’s really not that hard. There’s plenty to do here, and it’ll be good!”

Read it!

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“i never want anything. anyone. now i want you. ” With Cryptage, please?

Hi swiftyangx12 ✨

First of all, thank you for your request and your follow 💕 I hope you like what I wrote for you! And now enjoy Crypto being mean and Mirage being…well Mirage ☺️

If you have a request for an Apex Legends Drabble, my Inbox is still open and the Prompts have been reblogged!


Originally posted by ladyennefers

As their lips parted Mirage starred at the hacker infront of him.

In his mind’s eye, Mirage rewinded the whole situation again and again but it just didn’t make any sense to him. Most of the time, Crypto seemed rejecting and cold and sometimes he was just straight up mean.

For example: Yesterday, when Mirage had Pork Chops for dinner (Love Pork Chops), and Crypto claimed he could not even be in one room with him because of all the annoying odors he allegedly spread.

And now he blocked his way and kissed him straight to the mouth from out of nowhere. Mirage was not exactly aversed but the whole situation was too much for him to process right now.

The trickster cleared his throat and tried to speak up, but everything he brought up was senseless stuttering. The more often Mirage had to restart his sentence the more Crypto seemed to be annoyed.

„Okay listen up Witt, this is how we handle things from now on. You will keep your mouth shut about this. If you tell anyone - I will know. Do you understand?“

Mirage tried not to stare and to be honest -for the first time in forever- he was just speechless, so he just gave it a nodd.

„Great! I love it that you keep your mouth shut for once. This whole situation never happend, so you can stop torturing your poor little brain about that,too.“

„Well…I- I am just confused also a little honored maybe?…you know I thought you would hate me and stuff. Turns out I am not that bad, huh?“.

Mirage gave Crypto a charming smile and a little laugh that turned the Asian furious.

„Don’t be more of a fool than you already are, Witt.“

With these words Crypto left as fast as possible, pushing Mirage out of his way. Mirage looked after him, still trying to process what just had happened.

„What the hell is wrong with that kid?“, he asked himself puzzled.

Entering his room Crypto shut the door immediately and closed his eyes.

„아, 씨발…“, he cursed angry at himself.

A whirring sound filled the room when his drone flew up to him.

„Don’t look at me like that…I know it was thoughtless to act like that.“ Crypto sighed.

He needed a moment to collect himself before he went over to his desk and started up his computer.

The hacker leaned back in his chair and stared at the screen. Somehow he needed to get his mind of the situation, but he felt like he was too stirred up for some hacking.

A few minutes later he decided to watch the replay of the last game, his drone had recorded. Everything went well, he even could spot a few mistakes he had made with his positioning, until he stopped the recording.

It was Mirage, on another squad, waving at his drone like an idiot. Of course Crypto had EMP‘d his ass for that. The hacker looked at the Mirage‘s seemingly happy and careless face.

He sighed, burried his face in his hands and wished that he just could erase everything he felt for him. The drone looked down on Crypto and softly pushed against him with it‘s wing.

„I know….I know it’s stupid. What am I supposed to do? I never wanted anything. Anyone. But now I want him…

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