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Midnight Dance

Practice-study for my MA

Started this around Halloween I think, finished it last month.
I was struggling quite a bit with it, gave up about 3 times in the process.
In the end, everything sat in its place, and I really like the end result.
Glad I didn’t give up!

Comparing this one with some stuff I recently posted…this is so much better. Perhaps I need to give myself more time with each piece, not just rush to have it done. 

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Ball of Hands - Slapsgiving

1st level - Wizard, Druid, Cleric

When cast causes a ball of interdimensional hands to form that flash outward at a target. Will float around the target slapping them until duration expires.

Component is a fingernail for each hand. More fingernails, more hands. Duration is rounds equal to the number of hands. 

Slaps cause 1-3 hp of damage per strike. Hits as if it were the caster’s own hand. Beyond 1st level spell can be leveled up by using Sorceror’s points/Mana/whatever you use in your game to double damage for each point used. 

Alternatively, if cast by a Necromancer, hands would all be zombie hands. 

Alternatively, could build a table that allows each of the hands to belong to different species and monsters.

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So I started one of the premium modules of NWN (Kingmaker), since I didn’t play all of them yet. (Just Pirates of the Sword Coast) and I’m pleasantly surprised by it! Well, except for some flaws. But more to that later (maybe).
The game starts with your main character (in my case a redhead half-elven guy. And a bard. Neutral Good. Yadda yadda yadda) and his party of friends.
A nymph druid, covered in scars.
A Rakshasha, she’s a wizard.
Trip the wererat rogue.
And an azer warrior.

Yes, that is quite the exotic party composition. I think in these smaller premium modules, the dev tried out more “risky” ideas which wouldn’t have made their way in a bigger title.
As a half-elf I’m quite mundane.
We’re about to help a besieged castle and fought our way through a typical army of Orks and Goblins, to confront the evil mage, “the masked man” (I have to think about Spellforce a bit…) with his Drow bodyguards.
Typical evil talk and all, until on the castle walls a mage appeared. She casted down a mighty spell.
And everyone, including me and my party died.
Ok, interesting start I have to say.
And some bodyless voice is talking to me and explaining my situation. It will resurrect me, turn into a sentien magical melee weapon of my choice and help me become the lord of that castle?!?
I can also only resurrect two of my former companions….
Ok, that is not just an interesting, but also a fast start.
Anyway, I chose a spear and fought of some rats. Glorious future ruler that I am.
I chose Trip and the Nymph. The azer wasn’t that likeable to me, even if him being a warrior would have been very useful, the Rakshasha was cool, but I didn’t need a wizard. Trip is funny and I definitely can use a rogue and the nymphs abilities overlap partially with mine, but she was in deep mourn, wanted to die actually, which attracted an evil spirit who would torment her in the afterlife. I couldn’t let that happen obviously.

And oh gosh, what a desaster party I have. Trip hears voices and isn’t completely in the best state of mind, and the nymph is totally ashamed of the scars on her body and has self-image issues, and is apparently REALLY bad with people, from what she told me. She wanted to talk to a druid, but he was totally afraid of her and didn’t want to talk. So she turned into a fucking chicken to get into his camp. She didn’t reveal her identity though because she was so afraid he would run away.


What was already interesting: Trip, as a wererat, asked the nymph, who is a druid, about nature. Or the be specifically: diseases and if he, Trip, is an unnatural freak like people say and asked on her opinion, since it’s her expertise.
And she was philosophing a bit about that she sees diseases as a perversion of nature, but also that they can bring forth new, stronger life! And that she clearly sees that Trip is happy in his new form, and that he uses his abilities in a way that makes him happy, so she wouldn’t say it’s something bad in his case.

In general, there is quite a lot of banter from the companions!

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