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Don’t be so easygoing

Innocence always gonna hurt you.

Nothing is wrong to see light In anyone.

Just be ready for darkness walks along with it

Kill your innocent before It burns your soul.

For once in your life dare to walk on fire,

And believe storm you carry inside

Cry out ,be loud,be fucking Everything thing you want

Sometime it’s worth to fight with your shadow

Don’t fall every thing, world is not as beautiful

As your eyes are.

You want to believe in Pure heart,

But God is nothing without devil existence.

So turn your every mercy Into ashes for those who Don’t deserve.

I know you have still hope to place for your Innocence, But inside everyone demon lives.

You gotta fight someday when yours comes out,

Turn it off before it controls you.

………Krishna Patel

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I use to love Blockbuster. I remember going to Blockbuster with my dad every Friday to pick up the family movie for the weekend. I use to wander the aisles looking at all the new releases and digging through the discount vhs bin. I found many an old anime tape in there!

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