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9k, I'm gonna ask for another Cait one, cuz that last one was GOLDEN!! Number 4, please!

Ahh this kind of writing isn’t my strongsuit, but alas, this was the result! The song was Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. Please enjoy!😊

Heart Attack

Puttin’ my defences up, ‘cause I don’t wanna fall in love. If I ever did that, I think I’d have a heart attack.

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You’re Going Down - Sick Puppies

It’s been a long time comin’ and the table’s turned around, cause one of us is goin’, one of us is goin’ down. I’m not runnin’. It’s a little different now, cause one of us is goin’, one of us is goin’ down

Whether from the force of the attack or how hard he had landed on the ground, he was only unconscious for a fraction of a moment. But it was enough to knock the wind out of him. He felt the rough sand hit his face, but except for the pain of the force he felt against his body, he felt no other pain to suggest he was even remotely injured.

As Rusl pushed his son out of the way, Revali sprang into action behind him, moving at speeds faster than he ever had before, oblivious to the Yiga soldiers that held him and his friends at knife point. In one motion, he broke free of the Yiga’s grasp and grabbed the blade, slicing it immediately across the soldier’s neck. Before the Yiga soldier even dropped to his knees, he had the others free, bringing the blade across their captives’ necks as well.

Without hesitation, he moved to Kohga, but to his surprise, Kohga was seemingly just as fast, and the moment Revali appeared behind him, the Yiga Clan leader thrust a palm out towards him, sending him sliding across the desert sands. The force of it stunned him, and the speed at which he was knocked back caused road rash on his body from the sand.

All of this happened in only a fraction of a second. As Link pushed himself onto his knees, he realized, then, that the force that had knocked him to the ground was not Kohga’s attack, but his father. He quickly searched for his father, seeing Revali first groaning on the ground, not where he had originally been. When he found his father, he had his arms crossed as Kohga hurled another explosive attack towards them. The attack exploded against Rusl’s defense instead, the force of it bringing Rusl to his knees. The shield around them dropped immediately, and Kohga took advantage, stepping forward and grabbing Rusl, pulling him up violently.

Link watched in horror as Kohga thrust his blade into his father, and Rusl promptly dropped to the ground out of Kohga’s hold. Link screamed to his father, but a crack in the air drowned out his voice as Dorian appeared before them. In just another fraction of a second, Dorian’s power burst forth, and in that same instance, Kohga and his foot soldiers disappeared into thin air, narrowly missing Dorian’s attack.

Dorian’s shoulders dropped as soon as their enemy disappeared, and he hesitated before turning around. His heart dropped at the sight of his wounded friend; he was too late.

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Number 8 for Cait's playlist?

This actually worked out perfectly: the 8th song was Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, so I just decided to make this a part a prequel to the Gage’s one night stand story (Fuckin Problem). This is Cait telling the boys about her worst one night stand. Please enjoy!😊

Bad Romance

I want yer love and I want yer revenge, you and me could write a bad romance,” Cait mused, “At least that’s what I thought when we were fuckin.”

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this was supposed to go up thursday but lol, work and life.

my bday is in a few weeks (the 30th), and because I always get a touch moody (understatement), this year I took prompts and have been working furiously on them. I’ve decided to post them ALL on the 30th itself, so, this is what to expect from my fic flooding that day:

  • continuation of my supernatural AU
  • continuation of my seahorse mpreg AU
  • noisy neighbours au
  • barista au
  • buffy the vampire slayer au
  • kylex amnesia canon fic
  • terminator au
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First thing in the morning, Crockett checks on Connor. He’s awake, with heavy bags under his eyes, and stares up at him with a full exhaustion and tear stains on his face. He must have cried through the night. But it was quiet, and didn’t matter, so Crockett just looks at him like it’ll tell him what he should do next. He has to kill him eventually. But since he’s still alive, Crockett should give him some water, right? Right. He shuts the closet door, fills a glass with water, and returns to kneel in front of him and pull him upright.

“If you scream,” he says, “you’ll regret it.”

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Fuck my validation-hungry ass updating a long multichapter is not emotionally healthy

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for @firefly124-writing

The builders are going to be the death of Castiel.

They’re all fit and attractive, often around working on the house next door, but there’s one that always catches Cas’s eye. He has green eyes and freckles and always seems like he’s showing off whenever Castiel is around.

He does him best to ignore it, but it’s… hard.

Today is hot, and half the builders are shirtless. Green-eyes is hanging out by the fence, where Castiel is tending to his vegetable patch.

“Nice aubergines,” Green-eyes calls, and Castiel feels his cheeks heat at the teasing tone.

God, he’s so fucked.

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This one was written at like 5AM during my daily gym sesh, so please bear with me 😂 the song that came up was Fuckin Problem by A$AP Rocky. The italicized bit at the beginning is the line I used from the song. This is the next part to the one night stand stories (Cait’s story is Bad Romance). Please enjoy!

Fuckin Problem

“I love bad bitches, that’s my fuckin problem,” Gage spilled, slamming his beer on the table, “An’ while this was all goin down, I was like ‘the fuck? I got a fuckin problem.’”

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Once Thomas had gotten his dinner and started eating, the rest of the party seemed to relax. They started talking amongst themselves. Thomas, who was sitting between Roddy and Rose, focused on his dinner. He was truly starving, since he’d been so anxious about this night that he hadn’t managed to get a single bite down all day. Rose had slung her arm around his shoulder, and that caught Roddy’s attention. He leaned in close to Thomas.

‘Where’s your necklace?’

‘My…? Oh, I decided not to wear it tonight.’


‘It didn’t go with the outfit?’

Roddy gave him a deadpan look. Thomas sighed.

‘It’s okay, Roderick, I promise. Look, Sikes mentioned that we were going somewhere that we could all get drinks, which I assume is some kind of vampire bar, or whatever. I figured maybe it would be rude to wear silver to such an establishment.’

‘It would, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.’

‘I don’t follow.’

‘This is a bleeder bar we’re going to. As in, humans that know about vampires and want to get bitten by them. If you go into one of these unprotected…’

‘I’m setting myself up for getting bitten,’ Thomas ended Roderick’s sentence. ‘Alright, I’ll put it on, then. It’s in my pocket, anyway.’

Roddy breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Good. Make sure you wear it.’

‘Yeah, I promise.’

Thomas continued with his food. He was a little miffed about Roderick forcing him to wear his necklace. He had been hoping for one night, just one, where he could actually touch his friends, like he was with Rose now. He cherished her arm around his shoulders in that lazy, relaxed way of hers. It made him feel like he belonged. He’d gotten the idea that maybe Rose didn’t take too easily to men, either, so he felt kind of special to have earned her friendship like this.

Once he was done with his dinner, they all walked a short distance through town and into another one of their shady alleys. What was it with vampires and shady alleys, anyway? Sikes was holding Thomas’ hand now, since Rose had left his side to go get tattoo-girl, Sarah, who had promised to join them for the remainder of the evening. She had asked Thomas for permission before inviting her, and Thomas had said that of course she could come, she was Rose’s almost girlfriend now. Besides, for the brief moment he had spent with her, he liked her, too.

Dominic was walking on his other side, but without touching him. Once they got to the bar, he walked up to the bouncer and talked with him for a little while, all while indicating their company. The guard fist-bumped him, then waved them all inside. In the last second, Rose came walking with Sarah on her arm, and they, too, were ushered inside.

‘You know the guard?’ Thomas asked Dominic as Roderick deposited their outerwear.

‘Yes. You sound surprised?’

‘I didn’t really think this would be your scene?’

Dominic looked around, as if he saw the place for the first time.

‘It… isn’t. We had business together in the mortal world, before we were both turned. I was kind of surprised when he contacted me, because he had heard from his sire that I was recently turned, too. We’ve kept in touch, that’s all there is to it.’


Dominic leaned in close to Thomas and whispered:

‘Oh, I have more layers than one, Ericksen.’

Thomas, a little frazzled by how close they were standing, blushed.

‘Uhm… I bet…’ was all he managed. At that moment Roddy came back and they headed inside.

Dominic and Sikes led Thomas between them to the bar. As Sikes ordered for them, Dominic stood with his back against the bar, scanning the room.

‘You look like you’re looking for trouble, my dear brother,’ Sikes commented breezily. Dominic turned to look at him.

‘Maybe I am.’

Sikes smiled sweetly at him.

‘Oh, come on… don’t be like that, not tonight, darling. Please. We’re out here, trying to have a good time…’

Dominic snorted and went back to gazing out over the room.

‘What’s he doing?’ Thomas asked.

‘Dominic has a habit of getting into fights when we’re out like this,’ Sikes explained.

‘Only because you’re too stupid to defend yourself,’ Dominic growled.

‘Be that as it may, I have other things to worry about than bar brawls,’ Sikes said.

‘Fucking, mostly,’ Dominic agreed. Thomas blushed crimson.

‘Aww, is the mention of sex bothering you, Tom-Pom?’ Sikes pulled Thomas close against his rock-hard chest. He wasn’t wearing any shirt under the waist length faux fur jacket. Thomas looked up at the vampire.

‘A little, yeah,’ he admitted, still blushing like crazy. He heard Dominic letting out a huff behind him, then the vampire pried Sikes’ arm loose from around Thomas’ waist at the same time as the bartender put their drinks out. Two glasses of what had to be blood, and one champagne for Thomas. Thomas supposed he was getting a little jaded (or drunk, maybe both) because he didn’t even care that they were having blood. Dominic handed Thomas his glass, and then he clinked it with his own.

‘Happy birthday,’ he said.

‘Thank you.’

‘I… I have something for you. A birthday present, if you don’t mind?’

Thomas put his glass down on the bar.

‘Not at all. Thank you.’

‘Don’t thank me yet, you haven’t seen it.’

Thomas chuckled.

‘Alright, show me, then.’

Dominic reached into the pocked of his suit jacket and produced a blue velvet box, similar to the one Thomas kept his silver crucifix in, you know, the one he still hadn’t put on. Dominic handed Thomas the box and he actually looked a little nervous about it. He wouldn’t have needed to.

‘Dom, this is beautiful. Thank you.’

‘Do you like it?’

‘Yes, I like it! can I put it on?’

‘Sikes will probably bitch about that it’s clashing horribly with his aesthetic for tonight’s outfit, but yeah, as far as I’m concerned you can put it on.’

Thomas picked up the silver tiepin shaped like a pencil and tried to put it on, but his clumsy fingers fumbled with it and he dropped it. Dominic, having great vampire reflexes, caught it in the fall. When Thomas stared horrified at him, he simply smiled.

‘It’s not silver, it’s titanium.’

‘Oh. Clever man,’ Thomas said.

‘I have my moments. Here, let me help you?’

‘Sure. I don’t know what’s wrong with my fingers, I’ve been fumbling all day.’

Dominic fastened the tiepin on Thomas’ tie and then took a half step back to admire his handiwork.

‘It looks just as good on you as I imagined.’

Thomas looked down.

‘Thank you, again.’

Dominic smiled faintly, then he held his hand out for Thomas.

‘Do you dance?’

‘I do, if you can follow. I’m not very good at that, I’m afraid.’

Dominic let out a soft chuckle.

‘Your mother sure raised you to be a cis-het, Thomas.’

‘She did.’ Thomas held his hand out and Dominic took it. He looked puzzled.

‘Where’s your necklace?’

Thomas thought about it for a moment. How much was he going to tell Dominic? He decided not to let this ruin the other man’s night, so he gave a non-committal shrug.

‘I decided it was time to stop wearing it. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.’

‘What’s wrong?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Something’s up with you, and I’m asking what it is.’

‘Nothing’s up with me. Look, Dom, I’ve been with you guys for a long time now. It’s alright. Besides, this is a bleeder bar, is it not? It would be awfully rude of me to wear silver to one, or so I imagine. Now, let’s dance. That’s what you asked me to do, right?’

Dominic narrowed his eyes at Thomas for a moment but then he let it go. He took Thomas by the hand and allowed himself to be led to the dancefloor.

Dominic grabbed Thomas’ hands as he started swaying them gently. The music shifted and Dominic made a face.

‘You don’t like the song?’ Thomas asked.

‘No, it’s fine. Let’s just continue.’

Thomas swirled Dominic, and then pulled him close so they were chest to chest just as Mariah burst out: I can’t liiiiiiiiiiiiiive…! Something in Dominic’s eyes flipped a switch inside Thomas.

‘This was yours and Anton’s song, wasn’t it?’ he whispered.

Dominic swirled him this time, and Thomas couldn’t help but think that it was to give himself a couple extra seconds to think. Dominic’s hand slid from Thomas’ waist to the small of his back so he could press Thomas a little closer, then he mumbled in his ear:

‘What if it was?’

‘We can wait for the next song,’ Thomas said as he leaned his head on Dominic’s shoulder.

Dominic led him slowly across the dancefloor now, as if he was contemplating taking Thomas up on his offer, but then he mumbled:

‘Nah. I need to get this out of my system.’

He pushed Thomas off him and swirled him again, and the writer didn’t even think about the fact that Dominic was leading now. The way he did it felt so natural. Thomas caught a glance of Sikes and Annaise over at the bar. Sikes was telling her something which made her laugh. When she noticed Thomas watching her, she caught his eye and smirked as she raised her glass of blood towards him in a toast. Dominic’s firm grip brought Thomas back chest to chest with the man.

‘Will you ever tell me about him?’ Thomas asked.

‘Not if I can help it,’ Dominic stated firmly.

‘It’s not healthy to bottle emotions up like that,’ Thomas said as he leaned his head back onto Dominic’s shoulder.

‘I’m a vampire, I don’t have a health.’

‘You have a mental health. I’m your friend, you can talk to me.’

‘Maybe. Maybe not. Are you going to ruin our perfectly good evening with Anton?’

‘Nope. I won’t mention him again. Promise.’

‘Good.’ They swayed pressed close together for a little while before Dominic whispered: ‘Thank you.’

‘For not mentioning him or giving you new memories to this song?’


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*flashbacks to that one conversation we had about these boys and...certain things that put felix in bed for a while* F-FOR THE PROMPTS...PLEASE..."MISFIT" FOR FELIX AND HUBERT...P L E A S E

HAAAAA AAA A I’M GLAD THAT CONVO HAUNTED YOU AS MUCH AS IT DID ME - I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS :‘DDD (for those who are a bit confused, this is a sort of AU of Crimson Flower Hubert/Felix, except instead of dying post-war as a wandering merc, Felix was taken by TWSITD. This is the aftermath of him being rescued, after destroying TWSITD.)


“I’m fine.”

“You really should rest more.”

“I said I’m fine. And I’ll show you.”

Hubert sighed as Felix glared up at him from where he lay in the infirmary bed before he started pushing himself up. Slowly. Hubert could tell it was painful for Felix, but right now trying to help him sit up would just make things worse. So he forced himself to stay still until Felix finally sat upright, the latter relaxing a bit when he was no longer pushing himself up.

Even if Hubert had idly stood by while Felix forced himself to sit up, despite how much longer he should’ve stayed lying down (those accursed Snakes had paid dearly for what they’d done to him, Hubert thought as he’d watched Felix as he slept, eyes following the rise and fall of his chest), he couldn’t stop himself from rushing forward to keep Felix from actually trying to get out of bed.

Felix, for his part, simply glared.

“I said I was fine.”

“You need to rest-”

“Yeah, well, I don’t want to just sit in bed and do nothing!”

Hubert had opened his mouth, to try and convince Felix that he still needed to rest, but it occurred to him. Felix probably really did hate being stuck in one spot for so long, unable to do most things on his own due to what those wretched Snakes did to him.

…it probably reminded him of being back in those dungeons, unable to do anything at all, Hubert realized with a slight pang in his heart.

Carefully, Hubert allowed Felix to push himself out of bed. Despite how shaky he was on his feet, Felix did manage to stand on his own. He looked almost relieved, staring down at the ground before looking up at Hubert with a look that said I told you so.

Then he attempted to actually take a step, and the end result was him nearly crashing to the floor had Hubert not rushed to catch him.

“Felix?” Hubert tried, seeing if Felix was conscious enough to respond.

No response. The only thing that kept Hubert from rushing out of the infirmary at that very moment was the slight rise and fall of Felix’s chest, even if his eyes were staring off into nothing with a dazed expression.

Hubert felt his face twist into a grimace, belatedly realizing how tightly he was holding Felix against him. He loosened his grip a bit, but not by much. He hated being so powerless in this situation, having to watch Felix try and power through a recovery process that would likely take him months if he was lucky and years if he wasn’t.

Hubert wished Felix never had to go through what he did, lifting Felix up carefully and placing him on the bed again and carefully pulling the covers back over him. At some point, Felix’s eyes had closed, Hubert noting this as he carefully brushed his hair away from his face.

Even if he couldn’t do much for Felix now, the least he could do was be with Felix for every step of his recovery. Tch. As if he would’ve done anything different.

(At some point, Felix woke up, though he couldn’t quite find the energy to open his eyes. He could feel a hand running through his hair, his mind taking a few moments to realize it belonged to Hubert. And though he’d never admit to this, nor acknowledge it when he properly woke up…

He couldn’t help but lean into the touch. It was comforting, enough that Felix drifted back to sleep feeling safe.)

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Summary: Mike doesn’t understand why Stan likes birds so much, so he shows him. (Part 2 for Mike, except they’re posted really close together bc it’s already past midnight so whatever. Enjoy!!)

Mike wasn’t a fan of birds.

It was one of those fears that you adopted from your parents, because of a story they told, and the fear was ingrained in you: the reader’s digest version was that some bird had attacked him as a kid, and while he couldn’t remember it, his mother certainly did, and had taught him to be afraid of something he would never have thought to fear before.

It wasn’t like he saw a pigeon on the road and had a breakdown, it was just that bigger birds flying overhead sometimes made him a little on-edge, though it was nothing that really affected his day-to-day life.

As an adult, that fear had faded almost entirely, though he still wasn’t itching to get a pet parrot any time soon.

But Stan probably would adopt ten if he could.

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*sees all the comments on fics for super popular fandoms*

Me: huh, I wonder why I don’t get that many comments

Logical!Me: maybe you should just try writing for those fandoms sometime, and naturally end up with more readers

Me: NO! I can only write for my one obscure interest!

Logical!Me: then don’t expect tons of comments

Me: *ignores self and gets back to my Enjoltaire WIP*

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Anon: Can u write something about riding Chris while he is doing an IG live? Like fans cant see you and he has to keep it quiet 😈 Love your work!! Xx

Anon: You’re writing is fucking brilliant!!! Your Chris stories especially are great :) I was hoping you could write one (about Chris obvi) and how he loves to cum inside you. But you guys are going hard and he annoyed you or pissed you off all day and to get back at him when you are on top and riding his huge Ecuadorian cock you pull off right as he’s about to cum . Making him shoot his cum all over his stomach instead of inside you. He’s not happy about it but you make it up to him by licking it up!

Anon: Ohhhh can you right some dry humping/grinding smut with Chris


Originally posted by parkercaine

A/N: As of right now there’s 70 requests left. School starts in 5 days, and that means I need to scramble my shit together. Therefore, requests, when they can, are getting a buddy and I thought mixing these together would be fun. Enjoy mijas bessos


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