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#finished pieces

More Bluebell nonsense (but it’s actually just their hand)Here’s Mia who’s also @beastlyart ’s being sassy to them.

Mia has no canon design except for like “short, olive skin, long curly hair and sharp features” so I did my best.

I used no less than 10 reference pictures for this thing and I have no regrets, don’t be afraid to use reference, children.

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Don’t be fooled I’m not usually this productive I just have like a hundred WIPs going on atm.

More Bluebell (ofc) feat. Micuta, who is a very good chimken. This time with bonus “their glamour is failing for no discernible reason” gif because it’s halloween month and I wanted some spoopy.

These two babies are @beastlyart ‘s who’s given me permission to just…drool over her character. Thank you m8 you’re the MVP.

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