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Finland has planted 150 million trees per year for decades. For a small nation of 5½ million people, that means 27 trees per person. If the entire European Union were to do the same, there would be nearly 14 billion trees planted every year in the EU.

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January 23 , 2020 . Offline kirjoitus .

Sää on ollut taas tänään ikävystyttävän pilvinen , täällä meillä Etelä-Suomessa , joten asiassa ei ole mitään uutta . 😕 . Murrr . 😕 .

Lämpötila nousi tänään aikaisen aamun noin miinus 4 Celsius asteesta , iltapäivän noin plus 1 Celsius asteeseen , meidän lämpömittarilla mitattuna . 😕 . No jaa . 😕 .

Minä en lähtenyt tänään polkupyöräilemään maantielle jäisten teiden takia . 😕 . Murrr . 😕 .

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Watching a Finnish guy review a band on YT: “*serious voice* Well check them out, you won’t be disappointed… at least not always. So I recommend them.”

That totally dry, deadpan Finnish humor, it‘s just the funniest thing ever.

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Finally we have the sofas! Also the bed came in the same shipment (you can see one piece of it packed in the living room) but we are going to build it up during the weekend: it takes time and strength and now it’s so late.

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Wife wants to take me to see the summer solstice in Lapland, but I’m just not ready to see the sun move like that. My forebrain completely understands that at that latitude, the sun doesn’t really set. The backbrain though? It sees videos of the sun just kinda moving laterally across the horizon in timelapse videos and can’t accept it. It’s unnatural. It’s weird. Something primal screams denial from back there at videos; I do not want to suffer actual SAN damage in real life by seeing it in person.

I’d sooner fellate Hastur than watch the sun do that.

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