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Request: Since you said you don’t do Byleth as the reader insert could you do some fluffy romantic f!Byleth x Reader headcanons?



› Your first meeting was…interesting to say the least. People usually meet by accident or casually get into a conversation.

› well, you two met at the battlefield how romantic. You two were each other’s enemy, you fighting alongside “those who slither in the dark” and Byleth for the church.

› there is something about her that changed your mind. You couldn’t put your finger on it, perhaps because she spared you and saw the good in you? You didn’t know.

› but thinking about it know, you don’t regret it and you never will.

› Byleth is quite stoic on the outside but she’s a very caring and wise person! She helped you become a professor at the Officers Academy and the students love you!

› it definitely took you awhile to get close to Blyleth, considering how closed off she could be at times.

› but once you two got together? It was pure bliss. Byleth is the most protective girl you could ask for.

› Manuela gives you the big eyes? catch Byleth starting a fight with her, stealing Manuela’s entire lipstick collection just to piss the former singer off. You two are on the battlefield? She will be the one protecting you!

› Byleth can get jealous at times, but she doesn’t really do anything. She’s just very insecure and when she sees someone hanging out with you, she just feels…not worth it. But you’re there to cheer her up!! Just tell her that you love her inside and out and buy her some dark chocolate. That one is her favorite.

› Byleth always makes sure to buy you a lot of gifts! She’s not a fan of showing affection, so she likes using objects as her way of showing how much she loves you! She likes buying you jewelry, your favorite food etc.

› many strolls around the forest near the Monastery! You two enjoy nature, you usually take strolls around the evening, when the sun slowly goes down, creating an even more romantic feeling.

› after your teaching is over you two would move to a small village to live a quiet but peaceful life.

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Three Houses DLC

As you may know, today, someone posted on Reddit the possible names of the Three Houses DLC content:

As you can see, the last DLC comes out on 2020, and it’s the Side Story that was already confirmed when the DLC was announced. Now, the possible title for this light be what it says in the picture: “Mirage Genealogy”

It instantly made me think about FE4 Genealogy of the Holy War, a game which developers said helped build the academy setting for Three Houses. Could it be that the DLC is tied to that game?

FE4 is probably the Next FE Game that will have a remake (or at least, I hope so), so it would be nice to have some kind of prequel to it.

Last but not least, what makes me think that this theory might be real are the voice actors for Three Houses.

Yesterday, some voice actors revealed who they would be playing in Three Houses, and believe it or not, all or at least most of them voice Genealogy characters in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Could this be the sign of a remake? What does this mean, IntSys? I demand answers.

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Plegian King!Henry AU

So yeah this came to me in a sudden thought the other day. Bear with me.

So. I’m a multishipper, but I usually do Chrobin because I’m that person tm. For this AU to work, it has to be Chrobin. Anyway, Robin abdicates the Plegian throne for many reasons. She is married to Chrom and is loyal to Ylisse, her lack of memories removed any deep connection she has to the people and culture of Plegia, and I highly doubt she ever wants a throne that her trash ass father sat on. Robin feels that she is not the leader that Plegia needs.

So. She abdicates the throne. Future Lucina and Morgan are long gone on their own new adventures, so they’re not taking any throne either. Robin desires the Plegians to for once have the freedom to choose who continues to lead them, and to choose who will keep them in peace and strong. Robin and Chrom leave Plegia to decide on who will take the throne, a vote of sorts.

Now, Robin and Chrom recieve some news a few weeks later. They assume the Plegians will choose their most level-headed and skilled warrior or noble or sheild-maiden. But, there in boldass writing, they see that the Plegians decided on none other than Henry.

Another week later and Robin and Chrom are still slack jawed as the Shephards go to Henry’s coronation, which, as you’d expect, is off the rails and crazy as hell, but somehow the Plegians are having one hell of a good time.

Look. Henry is a chaotic, blood-lusting and hyena-cackling dude. But lowkey, he makes one hell of a unique and good King for Plegia, who’s so used to fighting and hating Ylisse. Now the two kingdoms are more rivals than enemies, and somehow I know for a fact that Henry’s planning a prank war rather than a real war between the two kingdoms and just yeah.

So in short, Henry becomes the new king of Plegia, and shit gets w i l d.

in a good way. kind of. yeah.

I’m gonna write more about this XD

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I’m debating not resetting deaths if my Divine Pulse runs out.

  1. I’ll be more motivated to play at my best if I actually have to be careful
  2. It could really be emotional.
  3. Seeing how premature character deaths are handled would show another aspect of this game’s writing
  4. If I fuck up so much even the divine power to rewind time can’t save my units, I deserve whatever is coming to me. Obviously I’ve either been a terrible teacher or a careless tactician.
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Watch the queen conquer

Older art from an AU I made a while back where Corrin develops that FE dragon madness at the start of Revelations route and claims herself queen of Valla then declares war on the other kingdoms.

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