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Workout today-

Legs and butt 🏋️‍♀️

30 minutes- stair master

30 minutes- incline walk treadmill

I’ve been doing 120lb leg presses pretty easily. Crazy from where I once started.

Already reached my step goal for today.


Scrambled eggs, spinach, cheese- 308 calories

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Calories eaten: 1454

Calories burned: 501

“Netto”: 953

So that’s fine I think 🙌🏼 I always try to not eat all of my “extra burned” calories

I went running today and it was great!!

When I started running again in January I started with 3km which is not much and I always almost died..

Now I am at 4-5km.. today I ran 5km and I know that that’s not a lot for most people but for me it really is an achievement especially because today I could really feel the progress. For the first time it felt a lot easier to run 5km not as if I was about to die :D so I’m pretty happy about today and even more motivated 🤗

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What are some of your favourite easy weeknight dinners? 🤔 I’m all out of ideas and can’t have the same stir fries this week. Preferably also something that has cheap ingredients

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Today’s gym stats and selfies for you.

It took everything in me to even get out of bed this morning. I was tired, my legs were aching, and I felt a little queasy. I got to the weight lifting part of my gym day, and all of the energy left me. I started feeling dizzy and sick, so I decided to call it a day.

Any other time, I would consider this a bad day. Right now, I’m focusing on the fact that I was so close to not doing anything at all. I pushed myself, and I got sh*t done ✅

Never give up on your dreams!

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Today has been a good day so far. I’ve had quite a few of those the past three weeks or so. I have struggled for so long getting into a regular exercise routine, and it really bothered me. Several years ago I ran a marathon, and was fit, and it felt great. But after that I ran into one health problem after another and I was never able to maintain a regular exercise schedule. For the past couple years one of my biggest obstacles was always feeling tired. I kept thinking “If I can just eat healthy, get regular sleep, and exercise, I will feel better. I just have to power through and the good feelings will come.” But they never did, and I was honestly disappointed in myself. I did it once, why couldn’t I do it again?

Well, a few weeks ago I had an annual physical with my doctor, everything was good, and they took some blood and ran some more extensive tests than they usually do. (One thing worth noting, I am so used to feeling tired that I didn’t even think to mention it to him, it’s just been my normal.) But when I got the test results, one thing stood out, my hemoglobin and blood platelets were just below the normal range. When you look this up site’s say things like “No action necessary unless the patient is feeling negative effects.” But to me, this was an eye opener! I have never been told that I have low blood iron! I started taking an iron supplement, and a couple other things my doctor advised, and after about a week it was a night and day difference!

Before, I could sleep 9, 10, even 12 hours, and when I got up I felt pretty good, but after a couple hours I lost that feeling and was fatigued again. Now I may have a short night’s sleep, as little as 5 hours, and I feel better all day long than I did on my best day before starting the iron supplement. I still try for 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, but it’s so good to feel good even on those days I don’t quite make it.

Now I’m running regularly and enjoying it like i used to. It’s slow building my fitness back, but today I even went for a 3 mile 7am run before work and ran almost the entire distance. It won’t be long until I’m running all 3 miles, and then working up to my base 6 mile distance that I enjoy so much.

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Oooh girl this workout was a bitch tonight. I would say today was an arm day in the sense I did a lot more arm work than usual but considering the number of squats and leg lifts I did today imma call it a total body shred today.

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