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Total steps: 0
Floors climbed: 0
Calories burned: 1389
Elevation gained: 0 meters
Traveled: 0 kilometers
Sedentary minutes: 1440
Lightly active minutes: 0
Fairly active minutes: 0
Very active minutes: 0

January 25, 2020
via Fitbit

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Are you a yes, or no sayer? Do you function best when saying yes or no to yourself?

For me, I’m a yes sayer. I need to phrase things, habits, commitments, I make to myself in a “yes” way.

I am more receptive to thinking, “Yes I do want to exercise and feel my body with good food.”

I don’t work well with a restrictive thought like, “I can’t skip the gym or eat foods I like.”

What are you? What narrative do you need to use with yourself?
#mentalhealth #health #recovery #eatingdisorder #edrecovery #bodypositive #selflove #selfcare #love #inspiration #lifestyle #positivity #goodvibes #motivation #healthy #fitness #plantbased #indie #hippie #life #plantpower #yoga #aesthetic (at Storrs, Connecticut)

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In powerlifting, you video yourself from every angle. It can be daunting - to say the least - seeing yourself, ahem, in all your glory. Especially around body parts that you have always thought were less than perfect. For me, no question that is thighs and butt. Once I got past seeing myself from this angle, I learned that one of the weaknesses of my deadlift lockout, aside from my caving upper body, is that I’m not using my glutes to their fullest potential. And so, we go back to the drawing board, coach and I, and figure out cues to get things working right.

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