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They already associated the numbers with their names. BECAUSE THAT’S HOW THEY WERE NAMED!

Did Pogo go: “Today we’re going to learn about the number one…”
And baby Luther all confused: “Me?” 

Did baby Diego say: “Hm, so when I take me of you number six I get you number four!”
baby Klaus: :D 
baby Ben in tears: “But I don’t want you to go away from me, two…” 

“Number three why did you change all the instructions on the worksheet I gave out?” 
Baby Allison grumpily: “Didn’t get me when I solved them so…” 

Baby Five (who was the first to learn how to count) keeps insisting they should be ten children because that would just make more sense. What kind of sense do seven kids make, huh? 

Baby Vanya: “Look. When I take two threes I get one six and when I take two fours I get eight. But we don’t have an eight. So I think we should change that so two fours are one me. I think that’s fair.” 
Pogo: “You can’t just change these things!” 

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“I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” You hugged Allison a little tighter and a little longer than you would have normally. You pulled away with a smile, trying not let the tears well up in your eyes. You would tell her after. After the funeral, after things have hopefully calmed down. You would tell all of them. They had to know. You followed your sister up through house to your childhood bedrooms. She went right to her room, but you went for a tour instead.

Looking into your siblings rooms made it hard to think about what was to come next. Klaus’ writing on the walls and Luther’s airplane’s, it brought back a lot of memories, good and bad. You wanted to go back, to tear them better when you fought, to tell them you loved them more. You never realized how much you wanted to change until there was a clock ticking over your head.

“Y/n!” Klaus raised his arms, another hug, another smile. You hoped he would gave gotten sober by now, but that wasn’t your life. This was. It was your diagnosis, your hospital visits, your tests and scans. You couldn’t disappear on them, not like you were going to. You wanted your family to be there with you, to know what was going on. Despite the distance, you weren’t sure you wanted that, not while you were so sick. Even if they weren’t going to be by your side, at least they would know.

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Five: you know Klaus, when I was your age-

Klaus: you know Five, when I was your height…

Five: why do you always have to attack my height? What did my height ever do to you?

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  • In this school kids get sorted into villain class and hero class based on a test they take when they join a school. For the system to work there has to be two sides, of course. How else will they sell merch? But obviously every kid wants to be a hero, and there’s a huge prejudice against villains.

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