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Your hair is the color of sunrise
by ladyzeia

Men might be nice to look at, but Lady Isuzu—eldest daughter of Clan Mikoshiba (and archer, sword maiden, swimmer, etc.)—doesn’t care to marry one. Still, she has no problem with her brother’s pursuit of matrimonial bliss, especially when it’s announced that Crown Princess Gou seeks a husband. Lord Seijuurou has a plan and, being the good sister that she is, Isuzu agrees to help.

Alternately: “Sorry, Brother, I wasn’t trying to fall for your crush while spying on her” A Gou x Isuzu love story

Words: 2963, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: angst, fluff, death, drama, comforting, sad reader, slow burn.

Summary: Steve had his daily run every morning. While running through the streets he noticeds a house with it’s lights on. A woman is dancing to the music, while making breakfast. Two childeren join her and they start eating. Steve is fasinated with the life of this little family and even stops to withniss this suburbane life every morning during his run. Feeling the need to settle down and the one question remaining Where is the man beloning tot this family?

A/N: Thanks for all the likes, it makes me happy. Sounds crazy, I know, but It’s good to know that my writing is appriciated. So, here’s chapter 3, enjoy and let me know if you want tob e tagged.


Chapter 03: I need you now

Steve enters the compound, hopefully no ones awake. His hopes fades as soon as he smells the coffee. Someone’s awake, if he’s lucky it’s Clint, worst case it’s Bucky. Steve triest to make as little noise as possible. A few more steps and then he is at the elevator.

“Hey punk" Bucky yelled from the kitchen. Steve sighs he was caught. Why did it have to be Bucky. He’ll never hear the end of it.  " You’re late..did something happen on your way back?” Bucky asked coming out of the kitchen. Looking at Steve, Bucky tried to stifle a laugh. But failed miserably and began laughing full force. His laugh rumbling in his chest and shoulders heavy shaking.

Steve stoot there, little Twigs and leafs in his hair, his face dirty, ripped sweatpants and blushing cheeks.“ Oké, that enough” Steve said, and you call yourself my best friends. “Stop laughing Buck. It’s not funny” Steve pouthed. “Have you’ve seen yourself.” Bucky said looking Steve over, starting to laugh again.

“I’m going to take a shower” Steve muttered and walked away. “Better look in the mirror, there’s a little Groot starting to grow in your hair.” Bucky said mockingly. Steve shook his head, “You’re an ass, you know that.”

Walking into the bathroom, Steve looked at himself in the mirror. His chest rumbled as he started laughing at the way he looked. Bucky was right, he looked ridiculous. Thinking about the little boy, looking directly at him. The way he blinked his eyes and kept looking from him to his mom. It was sweet, how the boy though, his own mind was playing games with him. Once he decided to open his mouth, Steve knew he had to hide.

Steve started to pluck the twigs from his hair and turned the shower on. His thoughts shift towards you. The way you behaved infront of your kids, a happy, caring and patient woman. You you prevented yourself from showing any sorrow in the presence of your children.  Giving them space to explorer, speak their mind and let them be themself. But when you were alone you looked vulnerabil and your eyes weer sad. In all those times he watched your morningroutine, he never once saw your husband, nor heard your kids talk about him. What had happened?

You lay in your bed and look at the ceiling. Today was the day and it was not a good day. Thankfully you had the day off and so had your kids. You felt like crap, tired and on the verge of crying. How would you get throught today? You got up and turned on the shower, careful not to wake your kids. Heading downstairs, you looked into the room of Isobel, she was turning in her sleep, it wouldn’t take long before she would wake up. Alex was still peacefull assleep, he was little when it happened. He didn’t remember all of it, luckely.

In the kitchen you switch on the coffeemachine and take a second before deciding to turn on the radio. Hearing ‘Shake it off’ playing, you sigh, thankfull an upbeat song. Deciding on baked rolls, you turn on the oven to heat up and pour yourself a cup of coffee. Today was the day, it had been 3 years, 3 years of being mom and dad at the same time. 3 years of doing everything alone, 3 years of missing him, your other half, the father to your children. You start blinking away your tears, you had to be strong, especially today. You remember the day so well, as if it happened yesterday. You had little time to mourn, much had to be arranged, your children needed their mother and money had to be made. So mourning was set aside on a to-do-list that only became longer with the day. Snapping out of your thought, the radio plays another song, ‘Broken String’ (James Morrison /Nelly Furtado) it breaks your composure and you let your tears run freely. You stood there, grabbing the counter as a lifeline. Never once registering once that someone was watching.

Steve watched as you stood there, tears streaming down your face, sobbing tearfully. You’re knuckles were white from the force with which you held onto the counter. In all those days he watched your little family, he never saw you this way. What made you so sad, made you cry so heartbroken. Why was there no one to comfort you. Where was that damn husband of your, the one that should hold you when you’d cry. The one whispering comforting words, caressing you until you would calmdown, make you feel save. Steve couldn’t stand it anymore. He didn’t care that it was that early in the morning. He gathered all his courage and knocked at the door, he could explain later.

A knock interrupted your little breakdown. Wiping away the tears on your face, you walk to the door. Looking at your appearance in the mirror, seeying how bloodshot your eyes were, you fix your hair and open the door. You freeze at the sight before you, a blushing Steve Rogers stood at your door. It felt like time stood still for a second, you look into each others eyes, he looks straight through you. It seems that he doesn’t see the mask you wear, but only sees you. You smile a crooked smile, try to adjust the way you stand, try to look less broken. “oh, sweetheart, don’t do that.” Steve says looking at you. You blink a few times, trying to banish the tears, but fail misery. Without any words Steve closes the gap that is between you and embraces you in a heartwarming hug.    

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Comfort - A Yungblud Drabble


He walked backstage and saw you with your head in your shirt. Dread didn’t hit him at first. He walked up and tapped you on the shoulder.

“Yo darling. That was sick!” You couldn’t bear to look up. Tears were free-falling down your face and you were close to hyperventilating. Dom’s energy was just so high and all you wanted to do was be happy and lively for him but panic and anxieties prevented you from doing so. He took note of your fast breaths.

“You alright. Babe.” His voice got more concerned and slightly louder as he recognized the signs. He moved his hand to gently pull your face up.

“Darling.” He wrapped you in his arms and ran his hands along your scalp and back.

“Shhh. baby. You’re alright. You’re safe. I’m here” You gripped onto his shirt tightly, clinging to his comforting warmth as you thought of everything under the sun to calm yourself.

“Shhh, baby.”

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@xfilesfanficexchange @mulder-even-if @today-in-fic

I got the awesome Christina who wanted a Season One fic with Howling as the key word, she left it up in the air for some fluff, smut, goodness and I sure hope I delivered that. Sorry for the delay. It’s 11:12 pst so sort of made it? 


Fictober day whatever… lol

She feels the crunch of the leaves beneath her boots as she runs through the dark forest. The night noise resonating in her ears with the burning of her lungs. She can barely make out Mulders long frame in the distance he stops suddenly and that’s when she hears it, howling into the night. Her eyes go wide as she searches for the animal that made it. Trees and dense forest along with the dark shadows cause her to pull her hands up with her gun, shining it into the moonlight. She sees Mulder his hands outstretched like hers, gun at the ready as a large animal leaps towards him. She screams and fires hoping like hell she doesn’t hit her partner. 

There is so much blood, she can’t tell if it’s the large dog she hit or Mulders, he isn’t responding to her screaming his name. Tears sting her eyes as she tries to push the 100 pound canine off of him. 

“Mulder… Mulder” she mutters into the full moon as blood seeps into her clothes. 

“Scully” he stuppers and she gasps in relief. 

“You ok Scully?” she pushes hard at the back of the dog, trying to free her partner. 

“Yea, you?” 

The dog whimpers. Mulders voices laced with fear 

“he… he bit me,” in that moment she sees for the first time, his panic face. 

2 hours later

She’s sitting on his motel bed, freshly showered and dressed in some loose fitting fbi sweats and shirt. She waits as she hears the shower finally shut off. She swallows hard, worries about the animal being infected with Rabies. Worries that her partner a man whom has changed her whole life in just the last year will fall victim to horrible infection and never solve his sister’s disappearance. Her anxiety is rising while she goes through his medical records. He’s not the best at willingly going to the doctor. Their frequent hospital trips make it hard to shift through if he ever had any vaccinations for the virus. She pinches the bridge of her nose sliding her glasses off and swipes at her face. She thinks about Bear in Alaska, how those tiny worms brought down a 180 pound man in mere hours. Her lips quiver and she bites it to try and stop herself from crying. He opens the door, a white hotel towel wrapped loosely around his hips. His brown locks sticking up in all directions. His muscular chest gleams in the harsh fluorescent lights scratches down the front red and angry cause her to gasp. He starts to remove the blood soaked bandage from his arm, so she can redressed it for him. The ticking of the clock cuts through the silence like a knife. 

“I can’t seem to find out if you had a recent rabies shot.. I thought maybe after the Arctic incident we both..” but her voice fades off as he shakes his head.

 “I don’t think I did, I wanted to get back up there so badly that I uh.. Just told them I would do it later.” 

Her eyes capture his. 

“They are still waiting on the blood tests from the dog.” 

“You mean werewolf” 

“That animal was not a werewolf Mulder,” she scoffs. 

He could be dying from a preventable disease and he wants to argue with her about werewolves. 

“Scully I saw it change it was a man running towards me and then it …shifted.. And that’s when it howled and attacked me, I’m infected. You have to lock me up so I don’t attack you when I change.” 

She stands up in pure anger, files fall to the ground and the fact that she isn’t wearing any shoes makes him chuckle at her small frame. 

“You aren’t going to change into anything!! You are going to get headaches, muscles spasms, hallucinations and then you are going to DIE!” 

“There is another full moon tonight Scully, we have to figure out a way to keep you safe when I shift.”

She grabs her medical bag and pulls him back into the bathroom. She hops up on the sink, pulling him between her legs so she can clean his wounds on his back. She tries to work efficiently cleaning each area firstly, ripping open packaging with her teeth. He says nothing, save for a small gasp when the coldness of her fingers brush against his back. She tries to keep her composure as she finishes his back wrapping it in bandages. She touches his shoulder gently to turn around, her eyes face his broad chest and the deep red marks across his stomach. She applies liberal amounts of the ointment hoping that if he doesn’t die from Rabies at least he won’t die from some other infection. 

“These look really bad Mulder,” she mutters. 

She wants to cry with how much he frustrates her, he is more concerned about shifting into a mythical creature than the fact that only 10% of people survive once infected. She hasn’t known him long, but recent events have made her question her feelings about him. He is stubborn, and so very smart. He is caring and kind, compassionate and fierce, all the things she has always admired in men. He isn’t like her other lovers he questions her, challenges her in ways that make her mind race in excitement. Now though now all that can be torn away. She might never get to know if they could have been more. He sees it then, her anger, her fear. He reaches down, to this incredible woman, who makes him work for everything. He wraps his arms around her as she shuffles a sob into his chest. He strokes her back to comfort her, even though he is getting as much comfort from this as she is. He kisses her hair lets her hands roam across his back as the large scratches sting a little. She pulls back looks up at him a sad smile on his lips and he can’t help himself. He leans down and kisses her, she tastes wonderful. Her lips are like mini pillows full and soft his tongue searches for hers. His fingers dance through her hair as his lips linger on hers. She sighs when he pulls back as her leans down to rest his forehead against hers. 

“You won’t let me die Scully.” he strokes her cheek with thumb as she lets out a deep sob. 

The phone rings his hand trails down her arm as she hops off the counter to answer it. The light of the morning dawn seeps through the blinds and the countdown til dusk begins. 

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Excuse me but Deceit would be a total gentleman to his S/O. He’d let them link their arm in his when they walk at night if they’re scared of the dark. If they’re touch-aversed, he’d find countless other ways to show affection. Getting their favorite snacks on the way home, writing poetry to lift them up when their down, renting movies, etc. Greeting or saying goodbye? A light kiss on the hand every time. They’re having trouble with their hair? Sit. He’s got his brush and dryer ready for them. Muscles hurt? Ha! Not on his watch. Deceit literally has six arms. They’re going to get the best massage ever.

It’d take a lot for Deceit to trust an outsider (or anyone) with his vulnerabilities. Anyone who thinks he’d treat them any less than a bouquet of flowers that need constant nurturing can bite me.

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Aziraphale’s wings are notoriously a mess, and I couldn’t get the visual out of my head that Crowley would “help” with the grooming by chewing on the feathers like an actual bird. xD

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Something short and sweet, I like Jon with glasses tbh, he’s about as blind as a bat so Sock always looked for where he kept his glasses before they went to bed so he could easily get them for Jon whenever he was havin a lil trouble. What can he say? Its dark and hes tired okay

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While jeongyeon is working pregnant mina and pregnant nayeon go on a date on the cafe mina owns

“I love the weird looks we’re getting” Nayeon giggled and dipped her head to give Mina a kiss. They went in and ordered coffee like normal and sat down.

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat in the back? Only my workers would see us then we could kiss all we want” Mina said, taking a sip of her water. “I like this, it makes me feel like a normal person. Don’t get me wrong I love my job but I like to be myself instead of this fake business person so if you don’t mind I’d rather stay here” Mina happily obliged and held her hand.

“Anyway I could kiss you here” Nayeon leaned over the table and met Mina’s lips in a soft kiss. “I wish we stayed at home so I could kiss you all over” she breathed against Mina’s lips, Mina only cupped her cheeks to pull her into another kiss.

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Pairing: jimin x reader

Rating: explicit   

Word Count: 3036

Warnings: explicit language, mention of infidelity, lovers quarrel, smut, fingering, penetrative sex, consensual sex, dirty talk, rough sex, creampie, teasing 

Synopsis: Who knew a pair of red lacy panties could cause so much trouble? Definitely not Jimin. After returning from a long day at the studio, an outburst from you is definitely the last thing he expected. Words get thrown around and things begin to get heated between the two of you.  


You let out a loud groan as empty Jimin’s suitcase which he hadn’t finished unpacking. You knew he was at the studio with the boys, but it has been almost a week since they returned from tour, and his bags were still in the same spot. Sitting on the floor, you zip open his first bag, dragging it across the hall and into the laundry room.

 At times you wished Jimin took some tips from Jungkook, washing his clothes before he returned home from the tour so that everything would be fresh. But, instead of the clean member, you fell in love with the dirty one, the boys always teasing you about it from time to time. It was a joke, but you could tell it would get under Jimin’s skin at times.  

Starting the first load, you head back toward the bedroom to bring in the second bag. Sifting through the bag, you place all of his toiletries in the bathroom where they belong and carefully set his jewelry on the dresser. As your fingers reach into his bag again, your brows furrowed in confusion as you feel a thin fabric, the material itchy. As you pull it out, your eyes widen as you see the flimsy red lace panties, your throat tightening as the meaning behind it sets in. 

He cheated. 

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by TheMiraclesInWords

Izuku lives in a world where everyone is always wanting. Wanting to be the Top Trainer. Wanting to be famous on television and online. Wanting to be invincible. Wanting to be a hero.

He gave up on all of that years ago. He knows better now. Between escaping his past and trying to sustain the present, he doesn’t have time for wishing on stars or daydreaming fantasies too good to be true. Doing that cost him everything, and he isn’t making the same mistake again. He keeps his plans for the futures realistic, doing things he knows he can do and avoiding everything he can’t.

But life is not something you can predict, no matter how hard you try.

Words: 4554, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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Originally posted by yixingsosweet

“Oh my,” you chuckled as soon as you stepped into your quarters. Your sheets had been changed, the pillows plumper and the sheets softer with heavier blankets to keep you warm. The fireplace crackled as your eyes roamed towards the food placed on one of the tables. It was filled with fruits, vegetables along with clean drinking water and even tea if you had wanted it. You chuckled when you saw a new, purple velvet robe on your bed, complete with a small note. 

I love you. 

- Y 

You were smiling as you read the note when you heard your door open and close. “You really didn’t have to…” you started but Yixing was already running towards you, his arms open to embrace you before finally hugging you close. One arm circled your waist while the other gently stroked your head as you smiled, taking the time to hug him in return. 

“Of course I did,” he muttered, pulling back to place a gentle kiss on your forehead. He’d been wanting nothing but to hold you all day but it wasn’t proper in front of the court. Hand holding was just enough but now that you were in his arms, he’d wondered how he lasted all day without embracing you like this. 

“I’m just pregnant,” you chuckled, “You don’t have to treat me like glass.” 

He chuckled in return, his thumb now stroking your chin as he tried his best to be gentle with you. His eyes moved towards your stomach. It was still flat, no sign of a growing baby just yet for the public to know, but the fact that his child was there brought him joy, whether or not he was the King of the kingdom. 

“My wife and my child,” he said in pride, his hand going over your stomach as he kissed your cheek once more, “You are both the most important things in my life.” 

“Are we really?” you smirked teasingly at him. It was your job, after all, to produce an heir. 

“Really,” he chuckled, catching your smirk. “It is because of you that I smile and now I have more than one reason to.” 

Your cheeks blushed as your arms hugged him even tighter, capturing his warmth. “Could you stay with me tonight?” You could never understand having separate quarters but it didn’t stop you from asking. 

He grinned, finally kissing your lips. “Of course, my love.” 

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This is the sequel to After All This Time! 

Summary of AATT: Virgil ran from his family at the age of 16. Now he is a semi-functioning adult trying to teach his brothers (Patton and Roman) about his new life in England with his Husband Logan. Roman and Patton may not know much about the LGBTQI+ community but they will!

This Summary: The group is now back at Logan and Virgil’s and are going to be introduced to the world outside of their crappy family! Also Happy SS Birthday!

AO3 link

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Mina and Jeongyeon finally coming out and telling everyone minas pregnant

“Are you ready to go?” Mina nodded and linked her arm with Jeongyeon’s as they walked out of the house. Jeongyeon drove them down to the restaurant where both their parents and Sana and Tzuyu awaited their arrival. They hadn’t even told each other that they were going so when Sana ended up meeting her parents and Tzuyu’s Jeongyeon’s they were oddly surprised seems neither Jeongyeon nor Mina mentioned it.

When they arrived at the restaurant they sat down like nothing had happened. “I’m sorry why are we all here like this?” Jeongyeon’s mother piped up. “I just wanted to do something nice for the important people in our lives” her and Mina smiled softly at them all.

They made small talk for most of the dinner until Mina started to get whiny and leaned into Jeongyeon’s side as her complained about feeling nauseous. “Do you want to tell them?” Mina nodded her head and weakly sat up, Jeongyeon’s hand resting on her back Incase she ended up tilting off the chair.

“I have something to say” the attention instantly went to her and she held Jeongyeon’s had tightly. “I’m pregnant” their eyes and jaws widened. “Are you serious?” Sana nearly jumped across the table to hug her. “I’m four months this morning” she pulled the dress at the back to make it tighter in the front to show her little bump.

“I can’t believe we’re going to be grandparents, Sana will you ever hurry on” their dad joked. Their parents pulled them both into hugs and when they sat down they felt like they were floating on air. “Come here” Jeongyeon pulled Mina on to her lap and into a deep kiss, ignoring the fact that they were in a public setting and their parents were present because they love each other and they didn’t care.

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hi :) how do you feel about 85? :)

85. “Take my jacket. It’s cold outside”


Q was fuming.

Even if it hadn’t been obvious - which it was, what with the way Q’s cheeks immediately turned red and his eyebrows seemed to get stuck in a hard frown - James would have immediately known it.

He discarded his glass as inconspicuously as possible, so that he could reach the younger man on the other side of the room without people actually realizing which was his purpose; it was a familiar game: James had almost invisibly crossed more ballrooms than he could remember - not that he had ever kept count, really.

He sidestepped a cluster of members of MI5 upper echelon - he wasn’t in a mood for schmoozing up to them, no matter that it was exactly what M had dragged him there for - and made sure to keep his position always at Moneypenny’s back: if there was someone who would manage to force him into socializing with a gaggle of politicians and high functionaries, it was her.

Nobody ever took Moneypenny’s threats lightly.


Least of all James Bond, especially not when she had the power of shackling him to a desk - he didn’t have one of his own, none of the Double-Ohs did: it would only have been a waste - with weeks’ worth of paperwork. Just the thought was enough to make James’ shudder with disgust as he perused once again the room, ensuring that Q was still locked in whatever unpleasant conversation he has stumbled upon - or actually pursued; James wouldn’t have been surprised to discover that the Quartermaster had purposefully sought out some powerful bastard out there to try and discuss Q-Branch finances.

As his mind lazily thought up an excuse to drag Q away, James picked up an hors d'oeuvre - he didn’t like it: who the hell put cheddar cheese sauce and smoked tuna together? - and made sure anybody who looked at him knew that he was just circling the room, no purpose at all behind his casual stroll throughout the crowd.

The trick was not to sneak around.

The trick was to seem aimless to the point that everybody’s gaze would just slide off of you like droplets of rain on an umbrella.

It was the first lesson that green agents learnt when they were finally put in the field and realised that in the world of espionage, being sneaky meant painting a nice, glowing target on their backs.

Sneakiness was suspicious.

Sneakiness could kill.

When Q abruptly put an early end to the conversation to probably avoid telling someone important to fuck off, James neatly adjusted his course and slid out into the hall “Take my jacket” he said in lieu of a greeting as he discarded what was left of the horrid hors d'oeuvre, grinning a little when Q’s shoulders tensed with surprise “It’s cold outside”

“How do you know I don’t have one?”

James handed Q the little slip of paper, his hovering at his back more than enough to steer him towards the cloakroom “I saw you arrive”

Q sighed, smiling politely at the attendant “I didn’t know you were back”

“M got a hold of me before I could get out of work” James’ words were imbued with annoyance “My bag is still in the car” he didn’t want to think about how badly his suits were creasing so, he took the coat before Q could reach over and helped the other man into it, adjusting the oversized garment as best as he could on Q’s leaner frame.

“I’ll help you unpack it when we get home” Q reassured, fingers brushing against the back of James’ hand while the other man did up the buttons “Did you park nearby?”

So, they weren’t stepping out just for a smoke - good: James had been done with the party before it had even started “Reasonably so. I can go and get the car if you’re not in the mood to walk”

“No” he shook his head and reached down to entwine his fingers with James’ and tugging lightly on his hand, a frisson of satisfaction lightining up at the back of his mind when the agent followed the silent request without a fuss.

“How are you?”

“I have missed you”

“That’s a given”

Q rolled his eyes even as he sidled closer to the other man, wondering about how it was possible that James felt so warm even when he was considerably underdressed for the weather “I’m fine. You?”

“I’m better now”

“Did something happen when I handed you over to R?” Up until Q had been forced to a meeting, the mission had been going quite well - a knot of worry immediately formed in his stomach and his fingers curled tighter around the other’s.

“No, I had just started contemplating whether to kill everyone in the room to escape the boredom”


“Q” he answered with a grin to the other’s chiding tone.

“Just take me home”

“Yes sir”

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Midnight Temptation
by HobisPrincess

Marinette and Adrien had finally put an end to their superhero career to start a family. Though conflict and obstacles arrive soon after, once their baby arrived.

A man with a plan of revenge and hungry of power watches behind, lurks in the background waiting for the perfect moment to strike and steal the guardians miraculous box.

This story follows Emma, Marinette and Adrien’s daughter discovering the truth of her parents pasts and learning all the potential dangers she’s been put in since the moment she was born.

Words: 3771, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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ao3 link

It wasn’t the first night or even the third night Alec had spent beside Magnus but it was enough.  He knew now that he slept better by him, felt safer and rested deeper with his boyfriend and that when he did rise in the middle of the night, he was quicker to settle knowing that Magnus was near.  

He couldn’t explain at first what he was feeling, it was so very different from what he’d once thought romantic affections were that it confused him, somehow what he felt for Magnus was both less tangible and more real.  

He didn’t have emotions persistently warring inside his chest at the thought of Magnus, instead there was a constant flutter of joy at being near him and the tranquil yearning of missing him whenever they were parted.  Everything felt softer and yet more intense and as much as he wanted to kiss Magnus thoroughly, he also wanted to just lie next to him and drift.  

Lately, after sleeping and showering at Magnus’ -when the scent of sandalwood lingered on him - he found himself inhaling deeply and smiling to himself, mind whisked away by memories of Magnus and his touch and the bleary gaze of his eyes in the cool dawn when they awoke.  It was the delight of pressing against Magnus for a quick nap, when they were both stressed and busy and too tired to do anything but hug and murmur incoherently until they fell asleep.  It was how Magnus made him feel stronger than he’d ever felt but also how he knew he could let himself be more vulnerable around Magnus than he’d ever dared to be with anyone else. Magnus felt like trust and soft dreams you didn’t want to wake from and hiding from the cold surf of the beach by digging your toes into hot sand.

Magnus felt like every good thing Alec has ever experienced and every future memory he’s ever wanted to build.

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Master Taglist

I have a taglist for One Shot, but I want to branch out and write for more characters, but I wanna make sure I’m not tagging anyone in stuff they don’t want to be tagged in. So I ask that you comment and let me know if you want to be on the Master Taglist (gets tagged in every fanfic).

I’m tagging everyone I’ve already been tagging in my fanfictions so you can let me know. ♥️

@incorrectmarvelcast @spidey-lokis @stardust-revengers @harrys-kiwi @gemgemswift @stupendousshepherdloverpony @sebssssthighssss @jhangelface0523

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