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  • Breakfast: was great , really yummy with high protein that kept me feeling full from 10am to 3pm
  • Lunch: was… not so great, cake was involved - it was nice but unplanned so put me over by more than I wanted
  • Dinner: was delicious! Pasta with onion, mushrooms and pesto! Easy and low calorie for such a big bowl of food 😊
  • Snacks: was okay… I had a packet of wotsists when I got home from work, which is low calories but high crap, then I cooked dinner, watched an episode of the Disappearance of Maddy McCann and then had 400g of strawberries and a banana with 10 pieces of melted chocolate 😋😋😋
  • Overall: pretty happy with most of this, I’m happy with how much fruit and veg I’ve eaten today and would love to up that even more ✔ I got my 10k steps in ✔ and I drank 1.5L of water ✔ maybe next time… less cake 🙊💖
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Not to disk cars but

Spicy is NOT a flavor, and yes this IS a call out to all hot sauce supremacists

Putting hot sauce on everything is not flavoring it, it’s self destruction

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aaaaa I really want some Mac n cheese but there’s no one here to make it for meeeeee

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Soooo A few days ago was my friend’s birthday and me and a friend decided to do a big surprise! So first of all I drew this picture for her of us. We always love to do girls nights   Videogames, potato chips, chocolate, boys, peach juice… just like little girls xD We have so fun-


Thank you so much! Hope you like it!  

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