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Korean BBQ: Master Post

My boyfriend is taking me to Korean BBQ for our two years! And I was thinking I needed a game plan; and maybe someone else does, too! Here’s a master post on how to eat as an Ana at Korean BBQ. 💕

🍱Basic Rules:🍱

1. Stick with the sirloin, skirt, and the beef tongue. Lean meat is best.

2. Avoid all you can eat restaurants with low quality meats, they’re typically fattier and more calorie dense.

3. Enjoy the vegetables twice as much as you indulge in the meat. Fiber will keep you full and satiated without fucking your shit up.

4. Try to restrict all day near nothing before the meal.

5. Avoid the rice that comes with the meal. It’s calorific and too filling.

6. Stay away from the ribeye, pork belly, and beef belly.

7. Stick to sides like kimchi, spinach, bean sprouts, and cucumbers.


Rice-400 cals a bowl

🍖Calories in the Meat: Per 3 oz🍖



Beef tongue-180


Pork Belly-441


🥬Vegetable Sides: per 1 cup🥬

Seasoned soy sprouts-60

Seasoned spinach-120

Spicy cucumber salad-30

Stir fried zucchini-72

Steamed eggplant-20

Stir fried cucumbers-135

Watercress Namul-35

Spicy radish salad-29

Braised potatoes-121

Bok Choy-9

Stir fried radish-35

Sesame Broccoli-80

Stir fried eggplant-145

Sweet and sour radish-33



Per 1 tbsp Oil-120

Per tbsp vinegar-5

Per tbsp steak sauce-15

Per 1 tbsp sriracha-0

Per 1 tbsp soy sauce-20

Let me know if you’d like to see anything else on the list, as well as any requests for master posts!

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If you haven’t tried their tacos they’re absolutely hands-down amazing. I encourage you to seek them out and get some.

#Repost @taquikardiataqueria
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Conoce la historia de #Taquikardia. ¡Una receta con más de 50 años de historia!

Our recipe has more than 50 years of history! #tacotuesday #taco #foodporn #food #foodie #texas #texasmade #texasstrong #support #local #small #business (at Taqueria 287)

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