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#for you

I see you

and I see my future

and I see my life

and I see the love of my life

and I see the father of my children

and I see how much you love me

and I see how we can make our dreams a reality

I love you deeply my love.

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Why does the heart long for someone they will never have

Why can I spend all day thinking about them while I am barely a blip in their sub conscious

How can I live knowing that I’ll never be with them, that I’ll never be the reason for their smile, never hear their laugh, never look into their eyes as I tell them how no words can express how much I care, how much I adore, how much I love

How much I ache  

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Won’t you come with me, just dancing on the floor? You’re so beautiful, oh, cariad, cariad, cariad, cariad, you’ve got me saying yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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hey. you are doing so good and i am so proud of you. everything you’re doing? everything you’ve done? phenomenal. i am so. proud. of you.

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I’ve been watching her for what seems like an eternity

Across my room she undresses for me, slowly, intently…..making sure I don’t miss a moment

I can smell her desire from my post and it’s intoxicating, it signals for me to move closer though I dare not…her instruction was clear

Her hands move like honey from her face down to her soft wetness

I am her witness

She turns her back towards me, and I am trapped in a dance of desire

Her hands move down her legs to reveal her skin beneath the stockings…

I am enthralled.

Engorged, in absolute awe.

She drifts towards me, placing a single dripping finger to my lips…

“For tonight, I am yours….and forever, you are mine”

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and of you, for you,

the words can not describe.

you grace my lips with sweet agony,

pulling gently at the strings of my heart;

a puppeteer with no intention than to create love.

and of you, for you,

the words will not connect.

you hold me close with burning hand,

hotter than bated breath on listening skin;

a fire with no intention than to keep me warm.

and of you, for you,

words I cannot say.

I fear my passion is different to yours,

a language foreign to your ears;

yet you speak it anyway in an effort to learn.

and of you, for you,

I am ever grateful.

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