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Hola! How you doin’? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I realized I never made a full body reference of my OC’s in their school uniforms (only as chibis but that doens’t really count), so I thought: What better way to do that than by drawing my OC’s in hard-to-draw poses holding fairly agressive weapons?

This drawing took quite some time but I’m really happy with how this came out! I drew these poses before in a Victorian themed drawing, also with these weapons. But I read somewhere that it’s good to redraw old drawings every once in a while to see the progress you’ve made, so that’s my excuse for being too lazy to come up with new poses heheheheheh

My OC’s (+ weapons) from left to right starting at the top row: Florence (halberd), Claire (war hammer), Ruby (flail), Olive (dao), Eleanor (scythe), Mae (gun), Audrey (bat), Lillian (whip), Juliette (axe), Stella (spear), Irene (mace) and Hazel (short sword).

OC’s + Art: itsminjuu
Background (wallpaper):…

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Got matching memorial tattoos for my step dad with my mom today.

Hers was a cover up and turned out amazing.

The wording on mine is my mom’s handwriting. It’s a very meaningful tattoo.

My uncle did them for us.

My mothers says “The hardest goodbye”

Mine says “Daddy’s little girl”

I was spoiled rotten by my step dad.

We also have his date of death along the bottom.

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Lainie: “am I jealous of an orb?”

Markus: “do you want the truth or what will make you feel better?”

Lainie: “don’t you dare.”

Freckles: “heeeey. No. *in mumbled voice* im not an orb”

Lainie: “You’re orbish.”

Sides and Sunny in sync: “and you’re annoyingish”

Lainie: “don’t start with me, bots”

Sunny: “technically, you started it”

Parame: “technically, im finishing it”

Everyone: “boooo”

Parame: “I’m beeing bullied”

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