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#fred weasley and george weasley

Imagine this!!!

Hermione is staying at the Burrow for the summer, let’s say leading up to her fifth year, so after the tournament stuff. Everyone’s all together and no one has gone to Grimmauld Place yet

All the Weasleys are outside playing Quidditch and all that, Hermione is reading in the shade because she doesn’t like Quidditch and all. But then she notices something in the corner of her eye.

Fred, who got scolded and has to degnome the garden, decides he’s going to take his shirt off.

Hermione catches this action and can’t seem to look away and she doesn’t know why but she really can’t stop observing (and admiring) Fred as he peels his shirt off his himself. Its boiling hot outside so everyone understands why.

He pitches his crumpled shirt somewhere Hermione doesn’t care but she’s no longer focused on her book. She’s just watching the magnificent reward given to her by the heavens, his muscles all over his arms and form ripple as he throws the bloody gnomes away.

Then Hermione thinks something. Something that makes her blushes and realised something  ‘I want to be wrapped in those arms…’ and thus began her long standing crush she never told anyone about.

Fred looks back and mumbles. “What did you say?”

Hermione realises she said that out loud.

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ok so Ron says he doesn’t like spiders because when he was 3 the twins turned his teddy bear into a spider right? the twins are only 2 years older than Ron, which means they were FIVE YEARS OLD when they did this and I’m just??????? like they were five and they didn’t even have WANDS and they managed to deliberately turn a bear into a spider???? even if they managed to steal a wand from their siblings or parents that’s a really tricky bit of transfiguration and at age five most kids are just doing uncontrolled magic….. like TBH in my opinion Fred and George had more innate talent than the trio combined but they just wanted to chill and do pranks and I respect tf out of that

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Harry Potter Lightning Era - Full Alternative Face Claims - Part 1

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Asa Butterfield as Harry Potter


Linus Wordemann as Ron Weasley


Tashi Rodriguez as Hermione Granger


Lucky Blue Smith as Draco Malfoy


Charlie Rowe as Neville Longbottom


Natsya Kusakina as Luna Lovegood


Georgie Hobday as Ginny Weasley


Cameron Monaghan as Fred/George Weasley


Anthony Boyle as Seamus Finnigan


Markel Williams as Dean Thomas


gifs are not mine!

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Fred and George’s first year at Hogwarts

For @flaming-hotcheeto

(Thank you for letting me run with this idea, mate. Hope you enjoy) :)



Originally posted by avocadosalad2

  • Firstly, it must be known that  Professor McGonagall would have had high expectations for the twins when they arrived.
  • Bill was a very calm student, Charlie was great at Care of Magical Creatures and Percy was a delight to teach.
  • How bad can these boys be?
  • These hopes crashing down in approximately twenty-two (22) minutes
  • George has decided to take Fred’s place in the sorting ceremony.
  • The hat yelled at them for ten minutes
  • Lee Jordan found this hilarious, and from this friendship, McGonagall knew she should have retired when James Potter and Sirius Black tried to pull the same trick.
  • They’re good students, never late with homework but this doesn’t stop them from messing around in classes.
  • It’s mainly Lee at first
  • It’s November 9th when Filch drags them to his office, trying to get them expelled for a ‘minor’ prank.
  • (They had dyed Mrs. Norris pink)
  • It was when he stepped out to get Professor McGonagall did the twins start rifling through his office.
  • And then they found gold
  • The marauders map.
  • Or the blank paper version of the map.
  • It took three weeks for the maps potential to be unlocked with some help from Messers Wormtail and Padfoot. Prongs just laughed a lot.
  • George ended up in the hospital wing when he tried to use an engorgio charm downstairs.
  • Fred never let him live this down.
  • Ever.
  • Speaking of mistakes, they put a love potion in Professor Flitwicks drink during charms.
  • He confessed his love for feathers quite quickly afterwards.
  • Overall, Fred and George’s first year at Hogwarts was just the start of their prancing prowess.
  • And it was a miracle they were allowed back for their second year.
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what do you think are the Weasley Twins "type"?

Okay this is going to be relative short only because their type is rather similar.

Both of them would want someone with a good sense of humor, that’s a give in. They would also need to be able to get along with their families. The boys families are everything to them. Definitely want someone to play quidditch with.


Originally posted by dracomalfoyw

Fred: he would want someone outgoing like he is. Fred would also want to be spontaneous with her as well so she needs to be comfortable with that.  His girl doesn’t need to be a genius but she needs to be smart.She also needs to be able to keep him in check when George isn’t around. 


Originally posted by georgeweasleyx

George: He wouldn’t if she was outgoing or reserved, since he’s a mix of both. He thinks intelligence sexy and really attractive. His girlfriend would end up being smarter than Fred’s probably. George just wants to feel comfortable around her. He has incredible emotional intelligence and he knows his own feelings so he may want a girl like that as well. He has no problem talking about how he feels about you. 

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Previous chapters

Words: 1215

Hermione was alone in the Common Room, sitting on one of the sofas in front of the fireplace with the knitting needles that worked alone suspended midair, the works they had produced on the wooden table half covered with books and notes, the ball of colored wool on the ground and Crookshanks, who was trying to play with it, belly up. The crackling fire was the only source of light in the room but the girl probably hadn’t noticed, too absorbed in the book she was reading, just as she mustn’t have noticed the late hour or that all her housemates had gone to bed nearly an hour before. Fred’s gaze fell on the prefect’s pin, pinned on her black robe, the flames reflected in it dancing in red, yellow and orange shades. Ever since Hermione became prefect, she had taken on a more authoritarian attitude, and although everyone who was used to the idea that she and Ron let them do what they wanted, too engrossed in their adventures and dramas that usually had something to do with Harry, began to be annoyed Fred, who would still continue to do what he wanted, found it incredibly sexy. He didn’t know which part of that situation ignited his hot spirits so much, perhaps the position of power in which she was, perhaps the fact of being able to circumvent her authority, or perhaps simply the idea of ​​breaking even more rules, anyway, every time he saw her scolding someone or just adjusting the pin on her chest he felt something that scrambled his bowels, which is why he had tried to avoid her a little more than usual, at least until then: after that evening, when he, George and Lee had been the protagonists of one of her reproaches, he hadn’t resisted anymore and now he was luring in the shadows, watching her from a distance like a maniac. The truth was that if she had been someone else he would’ve let his hormones lead but she was Hermione and with her he wanted to do everything right, which involved tackling that subject before revealing that he had an absurd kink about her and he didn’t face that topic, despite a part of him desperately wanted to, for fear that it would be too hasty and she would misunderstand his intentions or she wouldn’t feel ready yet and knowing that he was looking forward to it would made things embarrassing. Probably feeling observed, the girl looked up from her book and turned in his direction, squinting her eyes to identify his figure in the dark. With an almost astonished expression she glanced at the clock, which marked a couple minutes past one a.m., and in a tone partly worried, partly so incredibly similar to McGonagall’s, she asked him what he was doing still up.

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Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Weasleys-fest! During this fest we show our love for the members of the Weasley family. It doesn’t matter what kind of fanwork you create as long as one of them stands central.


  • 25-01-2020 - 05-02-2020: prompting
  • 06-02-2020: Link to promptlist posted
  • 10-02-202: Link to the AO3-collection is posted.
  • 20-03-2020: Due date
  • 01-04-202: Masterlist online


  • Anyone can create fanwork for any prompt. During this first edition of this fest there is no need for claiming.
  • You may create any sort of fanwork; fanfic, fanart, moodboards, roleplay, etc.
  • Be respectful to all participants.
  • A member of the Weasley family must stand central in your fanwork.
  • All pairings are allowed as long as you keep to the previous rule.
  • All works must be beta-read.
  • Tag and rate your work properly.
  • If you post on Tumblr, tag this profile so we can find your work.
  • If you have any further concerns or questions go ahead and send an ask or private message!
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So I know there are a lot of fests within the complete Harry Potter fandom. But I was thinking about a Weasleys fest?

It would be with all sorts of fanwork, but where one of the Weasley family stands central. So a work around Ginny, Ron, Fred, George, Percy, Charlie, Bill, Molly or Arthur.

The works could include any Pairing as long as one of the Weasleys stands central.

Would any be interested in such fest or? Please give your opinion in the comments.♥️

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hey so this is a request from @69owo​ : “ If it’s okay can you right Fred pinning for one of Ron’s friends but it feels weird because she’s younger? “–I’M SO SORRY THAT THIS IS LIKE A MILLENNIA LATE!

also i’m so so sorry if this isn’t at a what you expected–i gave it my best :)

synopsis: fred is afraid that the reader won’t like him back because the circumstances surrounding the two of them are kind of awkward


Originally posted by patrickonthebox

The boot of the car shut loudly as Y/n finished grabbing her bags. “Thanks, Ron. Again. You know for taking me in for the week. My parents are back on their book tour but they booked it too early.”

“It’s no problem, Y/n. You know my mum always loves having you around–she always complains about there never being enough women around,” Ron responded, helping the girl take her trunk inside.

“Your family really is the best,” Y/n continued with a big smile on her face.

“I’m glad you’re excited to be here,” Ron said putting the trunk at the bottom of the staircase, “Harry and Hermione will be here in a couple of days too.”

“That sounds great! I’ve missed them,” Y/n responded looking around the cozy home.

“You better have missed me too,” Ron joked.

“Of course, silly–you’re literally my best mate, why wouldn’t I miss you?” Y/n responded, laughing lightly.

“Damn right. Alright, I’ll take this up to Ginny’s room,” he said, pointing to the trunk, “and you can get comfortable.”

“Thanks again, Ron. I think I’ll go outside for a bit,” Y/n said looking out to the backyard.

Ron shrugged, “Okay, but mum told me to remind you, dinner is at six.”

“Won’t be late.” Y/n exited through the back door and walked up the hill in the backyard. She finally reaches the top and sits under the big tree.

“Hey–Ron told me you were outside,” a familiar voice called out.

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WARNINGS: mentions of death

PAIRING: eventual fred weasley x oc

SUMMARY: in which fred weasley falls in love with a ghost and she falls right back 


THE EVENING OF JUNE 13, 1943 BROUGHT A HUMID MASK OVER HOGWARTS School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the school year was coming to a close, hence the summer weather. A period of time where students were rushing to meet deadlines, prepare for finals, and, most importantly, figure out how to stay in touch with their friends, for Harper White and Myrtle Warren this wouldn’t be difficult. Every since second year they had a summer routine, first month of summer was spent at Harper’s house, second month at Myrtles. No year was different. Always the same thing and they were content with that, having a routine meant no surprises, no opportunity for something to go wrong. 

The day happened to be a Sunday, which meant the students got a break from their tiresome classes. Harper and Myrtle decided they would pass the time by wandering around the corridors, gossiping about their peers. 

This went on for hours, gossiping back in forth about anyone that came to mind. They usually did something productive but the end of the school year was so close that work just seemed too tiring. It was now six o’ clock so, the two decided it was time to head down to the Great Hall.

They started their journey across the school, still gossiping. It was on the second floor that they were stopped by Myrtles bully, Olive Hornby. Olive constantly picking on Myrtle, occasionally taking a jab at Harper but, her main focus was Myrtle. Maybe it was how easy it was, Myrtle was never the type to stand up for herself, or maybe it was because of insecurity. To Harper, Myrtle was one of the most beautiful people shes met and her personality made her a thousand times prettier. 

This time the insult was focused on Myrtles glasses, “You look like a fish with those eyes,” Olive spat at Myrtle. Harper was just about to say something in return but stopped when she saw Myrtle dash into the closest lavatory. 

Rushing into the lavatory she saw that Myrtle had gone into the very last stall, with long strides Harper rushed to the stall. Lightly knocking on the door she said, “Myrtle, please open the door. Olive is just a bully, you shouldn’t listen to her.” 

Surprisingly Myrtle opened the door, she had lines of tears down her face. The sight of Myrtle like this made Harpers heartbreak, she rushed to Myrtles side, saying anything and everything to help Myrtles confidence. This was a constant routine, Myrtle would get bullied and Harper would be there to help her. Sometimes Harper wished that Myrtle could stand up for herself; it was sad to see her get beaten down day after day.

A few minutes of comforting went by when, out of nowhere, Harper and Myrtle heard someone enter the lavatory. At first, the two thought nothing of it, assuming that it was another girl just going about her business. The person started to talk in a weird language, it was nothing like the girls have ever heard, it wasn’t just the weird language that threw the girls off it was that the voice belonged to a male.     

Seeing as it was the girls lavatory Harper exited the stall she was in to tell the man to leave. When she stepped out and turned to face the man she saw a huge, scally, dark-green body, Harper craned her neck to meet the eyes of this creature. The last thing she saw where massive, burning, yellow eyes, after looking at these eyes her body immediately went cold, all life that was in her body disappeared in a second. Harper White’s body fell to the floor, the bubbly girl that once was there, now gone.

The loud thud caused Myrtle to jump from her resting position on the toilet and rush to Harpers side. Not sparing a glance at the man or the creature she kneeled beside her only friend. Trying to wake her up but failing horribly Myrtle turned to the boy for help. Upon looking at him Myrtle realized that he was Tom Riddle, a boy just the year above her.  

“Tom? Please, you have to help,” she pleaded. 

She was foolish to think that he would help, foolish to think that Tom Riddle would help her, Myrtle Warren. She then noticed that there was something next to him, she too made the mistake that killed her best friend seconds earlier. She looked at the creature in the eye, within a second she dropped dead on the floor and there they were, two best friends dead on the floor. Two best friends that made the mistake of looking the monster in the eye. Two best friends that were just comforting each other. 


White. The only color that filled the vision of Harper White. Replaying what happened to her just minutes before over and over again in her head, a sense of dread consumed the girl whole. She wondered what had happened to Myrtle, she hoped that, by some chance, her best friend was still just sitting in the stall oblivious as to what had just happened. But, Harper knew better than that, she knew that at the sight of her dropping her friend rushed to her side and got killed as well. 

Harpers eyes had just started to adjust to the bright light, the large room she was in started to form. She sat up from her lying position on the ground and looked around. The room was familiar, it was her family library back at her house in Oxford, the ceiling was high, it reminded Harper a lot of the great hall. The very top had mural of the night sky, at a young age Harper use to lay down underneath it and just stare for hours upon hours. 

The room was quite different, there was almost no color, everything was a glossy white, couches, books, shelves, rugs, everything.  Harper didn’t quite understand why she was here, she knew that she died but she wanted to go back. She wanted to continue studying at Hogwarts, it’s all that she wanted. She didn’t ask to be brought here, she didn’t ask to die, she didn’t even know how she died. 

Suddenly, she heard movement to the right of her, her head snapped into that direction seeing a man. Not just any man, her father. Her father was the person she looked up to most in life, she was devastated when he died two years ago. Again, she found herself confused as to why he was here, she found herself being confused a lot. 

“Father? What are you doing here?” She questioned.

“It seems your time has come, it’s sad to see that you’ve gone so soon.”

“My time?” 

“There is a time after a witch or wizard dies in which they must decide if they want to roam the place they died as a ghost, or if they want to live where everyone else goes. It is the time for you to make this decision.” Her father explained. 

There was no possible way the Harper could make this decision, of course she wanted to be back with her father, but she knew that Myrtle would have chosen to stay at Hogwarts. Harper knew that her dad should mean more to her than her friend should but, Myrtle would not survive by herself. Plus is her dad already spent this much time he could last longer. 

It was then that Harper knew what she had to do, “I wish to go back to Hogwarts.” 

Then, without a word, her father nodded, turned around and disappeared. It was then that Harper became light-headed, so light-headed that she passed out. 


Awaking with quick jolt she looked down and saw her body, instead of being met with hard flesh and bones she now had a sheer air like body, she was cold, almost freezing. Her skin, instead of an olive tone was now pale, almost too pale. 

Looking around the lavatory she spotted Myrtle, in the same state she was, sheer and pale. “Myrtle!” Harper floated to her best friend, the feeling was weird but almost normal. 

“Harper! What the hell happened?!” Myrtle frantically looked around the lavatory searching for Tom Riddle and that horrendous creature that was situated next to him but, they were nowhere in sight.  She almost thought it could have been a dream except her body told her otherwise.

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Angelina Johnson and Fred Weasley NEVER dated. They were NEVER a thing. The idea that they were ever a couple is a false narrative invented through years of mistaking actual canon with fanfiction (like the idea that Snape was ever Draco’s godfather, or the idea that the school ties match the students house colors). It is NOT “creepy” or “wrong” that Georgelina happened. Fred & Angelina went to one dance together as friends, that’s literally it. George & Angelina were friends & then became more.

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