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#fred weasley and george weasley

Fred: Did it hurt?

Hermione: *rolls eyes* Let me guess, when I fell from Heaven?

Fred: Nope.

Hermione: Wait what then…

Fred: *grins* Did it hurt when you fell for me?

Hermione: *pulling out her wand*

Fred: Er… *sweats nervously*

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Imagine this!!!

Hermione is staying at the Burrow for the summer, let’s say leading up to her fifth year, so after the tournament stuff. Everyone’s all together and no one has gone to Grimmauld Place yet

All the Weasleys are outside playing Quidditch and all that, Hermione is reading in the shade because she doesn’t like Quidditch and all. But then she notices something in the corner of her eye.

Fred, who got scolded and has to degnome the garden, decides he’s going to take his shirt off.

Hermione catches this action and can’t seem to look away and she doesn’t know why but she really can’t stop observing (and admiring) Fred as he peels his shirt off his himself. Its boiling hot outside so everyone understands why.

He pitches his crumpled shirt somewhere Hermione doesn’t care but she’s no longer focused on her book. She’s just watching the magnificent reward given to her by the heavens, his muscles all over his arms and form ripple as he throws the bloody gnomes away.

Then Hermione thinks something. Something that makes her blushes and realised something  ‘I want to be wrapped in those arms…’ and thus began her long standing crush she never told anyone about.

Fred looks back and mumbles. “What did you say?”

Hermione realises she said that out loud.

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ok so Ron says he doesn’t like spiders because when he was 3 the twins turned his teddy bear into a spider right? the twins are only 2 years older than Ron, which means they were FIVE YEARS OLD when they did this and I’m just??????? like they were five and they didn’t even have WANDS and they managed to deliberately turn a bear into a spider???? even if they managed to steal a wand from their siblings or parents that’s a really tricky bit of transfiguration and at age five most kids are just doing uncontrolled magic….. like TBH in my opinion Fred and George had more innate talent than the trio combined but they just wanted to chill and do pranks and I respect tf out of that

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Weasley twins x reader - Pumpkins


Originally posted by summerisbittersweet

Hmm how about a platonic Slytherin reader x the Weasley twins where they are preparing a super big prank for Halloween? There must so many possibilities to scare people when you have magic (But I can’t even think of a single one😂🙇) - Anon❤️

Walking down the hall, you were minding your own bussiness when you were suddenly yanked into an empty room. You went to punch them but they caughtyour fist, that’s when you noticed the two red heads.

“Of course it’s you two morons.” You snickered.

“Hey!” Fred yelled.

“That’s not nice!” George finished.

Rolling your eyes, you wrapped your arms around both their necks and rubbed their messy hair.

“What do you two want?”

“We’re planning a prank.” “We want your help.”

Grinning you nodded eagerly and sat down on one of the tables. The two boys sat in front of you and clapped their hands together.

“We need pumpkins.” “Lots of them.” “Know where we can get some?”

Humming you tapped the table as your thought then nodded your head.

“I can get you pumpkins no problem.”

“Great!” George yelled.

“Can you bring them to the main hall doors at 9pm Friday, when the party is well underway?”

“Sure, see you then.”

Winking at them, you slipped out of the room and changed your course, heading towards the one perosn you knew would give you loads of pumpkin for a prank. Hargrid.

Jogging towards his hut you knocked on the door and waited.

“What can I do for ya (Y/N)?” He smiled inviting you in.

“I was wondering if I could have some of your pumpkins, the twins and I are planning a prank. We need some of them for Friday at the main hall doors, 9pm.”

Taking a seat on a chair, you wrapped your arms around fang as he padded over and hugged the dog with a big grin.

“Of course ye are, I can do that for ya.”

“Hagrid you’re the best!”

Throwing your arms around the tall man, you stayed to talk with him for a few hours before heading back to your dorm. Now all you had to do was wait until Friday.

When Friday came, you met the twins outside the main hall just before nine to find Hagrid delivering the pumpkins.

“I had no part in this.”

With that he slipped into the main hall and the twins grinned at you.

“Now, we cast a small spell on them.”

The boys pulled out their Wanda and whispered a spell under their breaths, and the pumpkins grew arms, legs, faces stood up.

“Tadaa!” They yelled.

“That’s so creepy but so funny!” You laughed.

Walking over, you pat on the pumpkins heads and it smiled up at you.

“Now what?”

They stormed over to the doors and flung them open.

“RUN FREE!” They yelled.

And the pumpkin people did just that, they ran into the main hall scaring people.

The twins and you doubled over in laugher, tears falling from your eyes from laughing so hard.

“I suppose you three had something to do with this?” McGonagall said sternly.

“Possibly.” George snickered.

“Maybe.” Fred laughed.

“There’s a chance we were.” You grinned.

The three of you stood up and grinned up at the teacher. She sighed heavily and rolled her eyes running a hand down her face.

“Impossible..” she muttered before walking away.

Biting back your laughter, you glanced at your best friends, you couldn’t wait for the next prank


Harry Potter: @darth-dorle @stiffinme @andreasworlsboring101

All: @sitkafay @havlindzk @drakelover78 @sammysgirl1997 @mp0625 @tc5322 @hahaboop @captainxholmes

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Originally posted by milesgmorales

Pt 1 - Pt 2 - Pt 3 - Pt 4 - Pt 5 - Pt 6 - Pt 7 - Pt 8 - Pt 9 - Pt 10 - Pt 11 - Pt 12 - Pt 13 - Pt 14 - Pt 15 - Pt 16 - Pt 17 - Pt 18 - Pt 19 - Pt 20 - Pt 21 - Pt 21b - Pt 22 - Pt 23 - Pt 24 - Pt 25 - Pt 26 -  Pt 27 - Pt 28 - Pt 29 - Pt 30 - Pt 31 - Pt 33 -

The early matches already shifted the mood of the school, nerves as to how the rest of you would handle the year without Quidditch melted away and the worries of those possibly named as champions in the deadly tournament were forgotten for now. A simple compliment from you for Evangelinne stunned her for a moment until she relaxed in your explaining Bryt had caught you off guard and you didn’t mean to interrupt their usual plans. Unknown to you the tension between Fleur and her dropped as well when her comments on you had been shown to be true easing any plans to avoid one another had been dropped completely. A much needed relief when Fleur’s team B2 was up against D2 for the early Saturday match with lunch separating the match between Slytherin and D3 so Hogsmeade could be settled to that Sunday, the day after the Champions would be announced.

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Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

Pt 1 - Pt 2 - Pt 3 - Pt 4 - Pt 5 - Pt 6 - Pt 7 - Pt 8 - Pt 9 - Pt 10 - Pt 11 - Pt 12 - Pt 13 - Pt 14 - Pt 15 - Pt 16 - Pt 17 - Pt 18 - Pt 19 - Pt 20 - Pt 21 - Pt 21b - Pt 22 - Pt 23 - Pt 24 - Pt 25 - Pt 26 -  Pt 27 - Pt 28 - Pt 29 - Pt 30 - Pt 31 -

- Ok, naming this one 33 because i accidentally named two chapters 22, and to fix it all would be too exhausting for me, so continuing the Triwizard Year, hope you enjoy it, plz let me know what you think :D -

You barely had six hours until breakfast and with your lovely nap you dressed in the sweater on the top of your pile tugging it to rest over your worn jeans covering your boots and tall socks coated in Nifflers. Bag slung over your shoulder shifting in each step as you drew your hair back out of your face into a tall ponytail only to pause for a moment at the Gryffindor first years whispering about your being asked to the Ball.

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Gif not mine

Summary: Fred Weasley is an annoying git.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,8k


The sun was shining bright outside and it was certainly the most beautiful day you had seen in weeks. The trees waved their leaves as the wind made its way through them, creating a hypnotizing motion your eyes couldn’t drift away from. 

You admired the view through the windows in History of Magic’s classroom, wondering how the headmaster could allow the teachers to ruin such a perfect day with their boring lessons. You wanted so desperately to be outside with your friends, sitting under one of those big trees and laughing until your stomach hurt. 

It was a crime that Dumbledore hadn’t cancelled the classes. You were trapped in that old, dusty classroom with a boring teacher giving a boring lesson. Who cared about Goblin Rebellions? Well, Professor Binns did, but none of the sixth-year students was paying attention.

Alicia, sitting on your left, was doodling on the corner of the piece of parchment she was supposed to write on. Angelina, on your right, had her eyes fixed on the book she had brought to the class, already predicting she would get bored. And you, totally unhappy for being there, was looking at the windows dreamily and hoping to get out soon. 

You were startled on your seat when you felt something lightly hit your back and fall on the floor next to your foot. You looked at it and realized it was a tiny crumpled piece of parchment, nothing written on it. Frowning, you turned your attention back to the big windows, but it didn’t take long for another small piece to fall directly on your table. You looked behind and saw all your classmates minding their own business, some even sleeping. 

When you were about to turn on your seat again, you noticed the two ginger heads in the back row. 

“Of course,” you mumbled to yourself, already knowing who had thrown the paper.

You ripped a piece of your parchment roll and wrote a message on it.

Got nothing better to do?

You crumpled the paper into a ball and whispered a charm, touching it with the tip of your wand. Discretely, you threw it behind you, knowing it would go exactly where you wanted.

After a minute or two, you received your response. 

Are you serious?

You snorted. It was understandable that he was bored, but you were not some kind of toy he could use to entertain himself.

Yes. Go pester someone else, I’m busy.

Looking out the window is what you call busy?

You were watching me? What a creep.

You’re literally sitting two rows ahead. I can’t not see you.

Right… creep.

Okay. Maybe I like watching you.

When you realized you were smiling, you blushed. Had Fred Weasley just made you smile? That was new.

You put his note in your pocket and didn’t reply.

Professor Binns dismissed the students and you thanked heaven it was the last class of the day. Now you could just relax and enjoy the weather outside for a little bit. You asked if the girls wanted to come with you to the lake and they gladly agreed.

The grass looked so green and felt so soft that you inevitably smiled. You had longed for the moment you would step on it, inhaling the fresh air and feeling the wind lightly brush your cheeks. 

You spotted a nice tree and suggested sitting under it. The girls liked the idea and followed you, already taking off their robes to stay in just their uniforms. You did the same, putting the piece of clothing on the ground so you could sit on it and be more comfortable.  

“Ah, I wish it was Friday,” you sighed as you leaned back on the tree. 

“Yeah, me too,” Angelina nodded, “I would go to bed right now and get up only at noon tomorrow.”

“Are you that tired?” Alicia asked, a playful smirk on her face, “We’re not even playing this year.”

“I know, but the teachers are not exactly going easy on us. We have so much homework.”

“True,” you agreed, “I don’t think I can handle it anymore.”

“Just imagine being Harry or Cedric, though,” Alicia said, “Or even Krum and Delacour. I’m sure it’s a lot tougher for them.”

“You’re definitely right.”

“Isn’t that him?” Angelina asked, pointing at the boy exercising by the lake. “Krum, I mean.”

“Yes, it is,” You nodded, eyeing the boy’s toned back. “Oh God, he looks good.”

“Is that so?” a very familiar deep voice reached your ears, followed by an amused chuckle. 

You took a deep breath and turned your head to look at the tall boy standing next to you. “Yes, Fred. You heard me.”

“I did, yeah,” he nodded, “But I don’t think he did.”

You scanned Fred’s face, a mischievous smile spread across it. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, I would.”


“I’ll be right back.”


As he turned around to leave, you quickly stood up, not quite believing he was capable of doing what he had implied. Viktor Krum didn’t even know you existed! Angelina and Alicia shared a curious yet funny look, while George and Lee watched everything from far away, holding their laugh. When Fred saw you were about to grab his arm, he sprinted towards the lake.

“Fred!” you started running after him.

He looked over his shoulder and wasn’t able to control his laugh at the sight of you, all flustered and annoyed. 

“Fred!” you called again as he got closer to where Krum was, “Don’t!”

“Catch up, Y/N!”

You tried to run faster, but you were already going on your full speed. Your hair swayed with the wind as you did so, and you felt the desperation building up when Viktor Krum turned around to see what was all that movement about.

Luckily, a small group of girls, who had been watching Krum exercise, approached him with parchment rolls and quills, probably to ask for his autograph. Fred slowed down, changing his direction, and you did the same, actually going faster this time. 

You stretched your arm as much as you could, feeling your fingertips brush on the back of his shirt. He was laughing again, the notion that you were getting close excited him. You laughed too, realizing this wasn’t about Viktor Krum anymore.

The opportunity was there. Fred’s shirt was just inches apart from your grip, all you had to do was run a little bit faster. So you did. With your final tired boost, you grabbed his shirt and pulled him back. 

Of course you hadn’t exactly planned it and of course you collided with him, knocking the two of you down. 

He fell on top of you, but, due the speed, you both rolled over a couple of times, shifting positions before finally stopping. 

You were on top of him now, laughing like a monkey. Fred wasn’t any different, though. He laughed so much his cheeks were slightly red. You both had a bit of grass on your hair and clothes, but none of you cared about it. You were still laughing out loud while your friends watched from afar and the group of girls gathered around Viktor Krum.

As you slowly composed yourselves and the laughter faded away, you realized the position you were in. You were resting your head on his chest and he had his hands on your waist, your legs tangled together. 

Suddenly, it wasn’t funny anymore. You blushed fiercely as you placed your hands on the grass, just above his shoulders, and supported yourself, raising your upper body from his. 

“Now what?” he asked, panting. 

“I don’t know. I didn’t think I would catch you,” you answered sincerely. 

“That’s because you wouldn’t,” he said, taking a tiny leaf off your hair. “I let you do it.”

“Right,” you scoffed.

The silence that followed your small chat was comfortable, but it stopped being when his eyes went from your hair to your lips. You knew what was going on in his head and you instantly felt your heart starting to beat a little faster. 

“You look amazing on top of me.”


Before you knew it, his lips were pressed against yours. 

A mixture of feelings flooded your heart at that moment. First, there was surprise, given the fact that he had caught you mid-sentence. Then, as you took in the softness of his lips, you felt relaxed, closing your eyes. Not much later, your cheeks were burning like hell, and you could swear you heard a faint cheering somewhere.

Fred had one of his hands still on your waist, but the other was now on the ground as it supported him up to kiss you.

It wasn’t long until he pulled back, a small peck sound reaching your ears as he broke the kiss.

“…ley,” you breathed.

“Y/L/N,” he smirked.

You blinked a few times before realizing you were still by the lake, with people around. You slowly stood up, brushing off the bits of grass from your hair and clothes. Fred did the same, not able to hide the smirk that lingered on his face and feeling really proud of himself. Always the cocky type.

“I wasn’t going to tell him, by the way,” he said as you tightened your tie, “I just wanted to make you run.”

“Well, you achieved your goal.”

“With a little bonus in the end.”

You looked at him feeling amused, but you managed to pull a straight face. “Is that how you’d call it?”

“I’d also call it one of the perks of being extremely handsome.”

You laughed, crossing your arms. “You’re an annoying git, that’s what you are.” 

“I think I can be both, actually,” he smiled.

“Maybe,” you agreed, “But you wouldn’t be such a git if you… I don’t know… asked me out on a proper date.”

“Is that so?” he raised his eyebrows and you nodded, “Very well, then. Y/N Y/L/N, would you like to go with me to the Astronomy Tower tonight?”

You looked at him for a few seconds before replying, just to add a little dramatic pause. “Yes. I would.”

“Good,” he stepped closer, “Meet me in the common room midnight.” 

“Okay,” you blushed with the proximity. It was interesting how your body would react to him that way, even though Fred had just kissed you.

“Don’t be late,” he added before quickly pecking your lips once again, “See you.”

“S-See you.”

He walked over to George and Lee, who welcomed him loudly, although you couldn’t understand what they were saying due the distance.

You looked at Angelina and Alicia, still sitting under the same tree. Angelina raised an eyebrow at you, but she had a playful smirk on her face. Alicia gave you a thumbs-up and an excited smile before motioning for you to go to them.

You chuckled, looking down. It was going to be a long day.


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I’ve been a little Newt crazy lately so I decided to post this amazing fanart (credit to the amazing person who made this). I aspire to be as kind and sweet as he is. I’ll probably post another fan art just because I can.

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(Wooo HP! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)


Originally posted by indianajcnes

Severus-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d find himself baffled and would wonder if anyone has put on a spell on you, trying to slow you down and show you how he can express his love for you as he doesn’t want to rush into things. As you’d still try to make him pick up the pace and would beg him for what you want to do to him, he’d grow to love and be a more and more confident in himself as to what else he could do to you.


Originally posted by lucifertime

Remus-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d be pleasantly surprised and would do his best to keep up with you, proving himself worthy all while teasing you about being such a surprise. As you’d beg for more and would show him how eager you are about it, he’d do his best all while admitting to you playfully as to how lucky he is to have you all to himself this way, only to be quite tired afterwards and in need of cuddles.


Originally posted by indianajcnes

Sirius-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d be amazed and wouldn’t be disappointed at all, loving it a little too much and practically begging you to not stop, growing possessive of you. As you’d beg him back and would act even more desperately for him, he’d go even crazier over you and would nearly be just as loud and eager, feeling blessed that you’re drive is just as high as his.


Originally posted by jasonsfolly

Lucius-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d be thrown off of his usual confident and in charge self, finding himself barely giving you a fight and letting you do as you please to. As you’d show how confident you can be and how you aren’t afraid to put him in his place to get what you want, he’d find himself so turned on by you he’d seem to provoke you more and more whenever you’re both out.


Originally posted by eezzox

Draco-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d try to follow along with you and prove himself to you, only to realize how different you truly are once in bed. As you’d pin him down and would be just as vocal, he’d find himself getting quite turned on and even more at the thought of being the only one to be able to see you like this.


Originally posted by gjnnypotter

Harry-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he can’t help but wonder if you’re always like that and would ask you about it, all while letting you do as you wish as he enjoys seeing you in control. As you’d tease him and would be so much more confident, he’d be at your mercy and would do as you wish, only to later on just cuddle to you and assure you that he likes being the only one to see you like this.


Originally posted by firewhisky

Moody-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d take it upon himself to try and calm you down and would ask you bluntly as to where his sweet you went, giving you a real challenge and just being eager. As you’d still persist and would confess to how you just want to please him and yourself, he’d melt under your charms pretty easily and would let you have your way with him, before he goes right to tiring you out.


Originally posted by quiblrr

Fred-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d love it a little too much and would find himself forgetting about your usual demeanour, just wanting to see how far you could go. As you’d be eager and would show how deep you can take him or would be bold to try something he’s never done before, he’d grow confident in himself even more and would just want to satisfy you.

George-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d be stunned and would look at you in awe, finding himself letting you take charge of him completely. As you’d be so playful and confident in yourself, he can’t help but encourage you even more and would beg you, loving to hear you be so loud for once and smirking as he reminds himself of how reserve you usually are.


Originally posted by mentorxfather

Tom-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d seem to want you even more and would feel like he’s the luckiest man to have such a different side of you all to himself. As you’d have fun with him and would just show all the dirty things he makes you want to do to him, he’d just want to praise you and give you exactly what you want and are desperate for.


Originally posted by thelordsoftherings

Percival-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d take it as a challenge to prove himself to you and would tease you while at it, asking you playfully as to where your usual self went. As you’d be cocky enough to answer him and would keep going with what you had in mind, he’d do whatever he can to make you get back to your shyer self just from the sheer pleasure.


Originally posted by the-damned-do-not-cry-blog

Barty Crouch Jr.-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d enjoy it a little too much and with quite the enthusiasm as he can’t help but pin you down and prove himself to you. As you’d taunt him and would prove yourself to be rather loud, he’d love it and would practically beg of you to take it all out on him, wanting to see how far you can truly go.


Originally posted by iammeantformuchmore

Newt-As you’d show yourself to be desperate and rather not so shy about what you like and want in bed, he’d be startled and can’t help but be at your mercy completely, wondering to himself if you haven’t been under a spell or anything. As you’d tease him about it and would just show how much you want to please himself and you, he’d be speechless and would end up just more than often looking at you afterwards and ask you if you really aren’t under some sort of influence.

Tags : @angel-with-broken-wings , @wherethefairytalescometrue . @witch-queen-of-the-north-side , @xlijahsgirl , @jedionironthrone , @starspangledassbootie , @panda-land , @ecurrier109 , @fandomwritingismylife , @happyshaddow94 , @my-youth-is-my-own , @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 , @withered8dandelion , @mad-boggart, @bexholtzmann , @amyisacinnamonroll , @emoryhemsworth , @antonija89 . @bookowlextraordinaire , @thebookwormslytherin , @sunnyfortomorrow , @fandomnerd1492 , @anoukikriszti , @sovereignoblivious ,  @the-baby-bookworm , @alayna-the-fangirl , @sirius-black-is-my-dogfather , @madamrogers ,  @ada-s-fuckking-username , @irenlaja2022001 , @rocking-like-a-ravenclaw , @thebandgirlnextdoor , @lovelywickedness , @elinaksy, @pilindielofgondor , @carpediemwallflower , @bloodamdroses512 , @karenmissa , @sparrowharkness , @angelprotectress , @thepokyone , @gruffle1 , @murielthemagicalgirl , @shorteeby40 , @angelprotectress , @the-not-so-iconic , @thephenomenalkingofthebrogues394 , @thebookwormslytherin , @kittycat2279 , @aethersghoulette , @shatneredperson , @splashytors , @lovelywickedness , @weirdestlove

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Hey for all of the UK Harry Potter fans that don’t own the movies, I have a code that I can’t use for the digital versions. Send me a message if you want it. It can only be redeemed for those that live in the UK. First come first serve.

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I wrote you a shitty fic because your comment on my "I look like ginger Malfoy" post made me snort cola out of my nose XD - Colovaria by plant_boi_potter if you want to take a look!

OH. MY. GODDDD. A gift fic! For me! 😄

This is great - your Malfoy is such an uppity little sour puss and 100% deserves a harmless blow to his vanity. Now I want a continuation of this where Fred and George hex him to be a ginger until he learns some empathy or kindness. Maybe after a week of this he finally eats some humble pie and goes to Potter for help, and then they shake hands and the hex breaks. Ahh, so many options!

Also, “Oh look, it’s freckles and his less attractive brother” is an amazing way to insults the twins hahaha

PS - y’all are always welcome to use any of the hcs I post for fics, I fucking love seeing where y’all go with them ❤️

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