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asked: Hi, your writing is so amazing! If you’re open for requests, could a get Sousuke and Makoto from Free! in a poly relationship with their curvy s/o? I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for the support hun! I greatly appreciate it! Yasss, I love me some Sousuke and Makoto! I’d love to be in the middle of that sandwich!~ Hope you like this sweetie!


Free Day Fun

Words: 536

Warnings: Fluff, some suggestive themes if you squint.

Groaning, you tried to ignore the kisses being placed down your neck and the pair of hands running down your plush sides. Of course, the one day you all get to sleep in, they decide to fool around with you; typical.

“No,” You whined out. “It’s our free day, let me sleep, please.”

You could feel the rumbling in their chests as they chuckled at your words, even refusing to open your eyes as you tried to go back to sleep. The fingers that were playing around the top of your sweatpants made you open your eyes.

“Guess you caught me princess.” Sousuke’s husky voice filled the still air, his eyes staring down at you, a sliver of a smile on his still sleepy face.

“Isn’t that part of the fun?” The gentle voice of your other boyfriend Makoto came from your other side. You felt a kiss being placed on the side of your head. You smiled, sinking back into the softness of the pillows as both of them started to pepper kisses down your body, fingers ghosting over the softness of your skin as the sensations calmed you down and made you relax once more.

All three of you have been together for about two years. It was interesting to say the least, but you all loved and respected each other. You would have date nights with them, they’d have their own date nights and of course, all three of you would have date nights too. It was nice, much nicer than your past relationships that’s for sure. You could be yourself in front of them no matter what and you knew you could go to them for anything.

Sitting up, it startled both men who sat up too and waited to see what you would do. Turning your head to the left, you gave Makoto a chaste kiss on the lips and turned to the right, doing the same with Sousuke.

“Not that we didn’t enjoy that, but what brought that up?” Makoto asked with curiosity as his fingers gently run up and down your back.

“Nothing, I just love you guys is all.”

“We love you too (Y/N), always will.” Sousuke said this seriously, his hand grasping your chin to make you look into his eyes. He was always the more serious one, even in silly situations, but it balanced out Makoto’s laid back and carefree spirit and it kept you grounded of course.

Without another word, Sousuke captured your lips with his, his other hand rubbing your thigh. Of course Makoto joined in too, his lips trailing down the back of your neck and back. His large hands gripping your wide hips to keep you in place if need be.

They always showered you in affection and you adored every single second of it. Of course, you gave them affection too, you wanted to show them how much they meant to you in every way. As the two of them continued to kiss and touch you, you knew you wouldn’t be getting out of this bed anytime soon today. Instead of complaining, you decided to succumb to their kisses and enjoy the pleasure your two boys were about to bring you.

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This is from inside my fic on AO3, Disconnect. It’s a Social Media AU about… escaping social media to gain confidence. I won’t link it. It’s 32.4k words from my MANIC BRAIN! I’m insecure but I spent `WEEKS` on it so I couldn’t back out.

I drew SEVERAL pictures for it as well! If you want to read it, find it yourself. I’m scared. Just know… Ikuya is basically a fucking E-Girl who loves Electra Heart KLJFDSAKLF;!! Not sorry!~ Also… I headcanon he likes Electra Heart/Marina anyway haha~ (Is this an art account now? Haha~)

(Also DO NOT repost my art! I’m tired of seeing people repost it to get more popular than I am. It’s depressing as fuck!)

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Nitori and Yaku - 69 (minutes)

“You do realize, don’t you, that nearly everything he does, he does out of spite?”  Ai looks over at the table next to his.  “I mean.  He asked Lev out because you told him he didn’t have the guts to do it.”

He really shouldn’t be listening in.  It’s not very polite.  But with the volume the three people are talking it’s not like he really has to strain to hear them.

“Hey.  He wanted to ask Lev out to begin with.  They’d had mutual crushes since we were in high school.”

“Yeah.  Tetsu was just nudging him along.”  Ai drags his attention back to his book but he’s still listening to their conversation.  He’s starting to get names.  He can’t stop listening now.

“Thanks Koutarou.  You’re the best,” Tetsu says sweetly.

“No you’re the best,” Koutarou responds.

“You’re both disgusting.”  Ai can’t help the way his gaze darts over at the irritated tone.  But the other two just laugh at the speaker.

“Kenma,” Tetsu scolds, “stop being a jealous salt pile just because Shorty’s not here to smother you in affection.”

Kenma rolls his eyes and turns his attention back to his phone.  “Keep it up and I’ll tell Yaku you’ve been talking about him.  What was it again?  ‘Yakkun’s been so grumpy lately maybe he needs a new boytoy.’”  The laughter stops and Ai looks over curiously.  “That is what you said isn’t it Kouta?  And what was it you said Kuro?  ‘Maybe he needs to become someone’s boytoy?’  That’s what you said last night isn’t it?”

“You wouldn’t,” Tetsu hisses.

“I think we all know the answer to that,” Kenma replies, eyes still on his phone.

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i dont watch sports animes bc im still not emotionally recovered from free! yet

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Due to what’s going on with those apps that are stealing works from Ao3, I’ve locked some of my works. I don’t know if this will help or not, but I want to reduce the chance of some of my works being cross posted if at all possible. So, here’s what’s locked and unlocked on my account:

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Sousuke x Aiichirou 💞💞💞

Damn ya gotta ask me about the characters I barely know about (I mostly know Free characters from fanfic dude lol)

- Aiichirou is the mermaid and Sousuke is the surfer!

- Aiichirou is the Stressed™ knight and Sousuke is the prince who likes to drag him off places to try to get him to relax (but it just stresses him out more lol)

- Sousuke is the dragon and Aiichirou is the prince he kidnaps

- Sousuke is the assassin and Ai (imma just call him Ai from now on bc phone) is his intended target

- Sousuke is the vampire and Ai is his ‘blood donator’

- Sousuke is the jock and Ai is forced to be his tutor

- Ai is the witch and Sousuke is the prince who asks for his help

- Ai is the werewolf and Sousuke is the unsuspecting werewolf hunter

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