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#fremione fanfiction
Paper Rings (769 words) by tabbytabbytabby
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hermione Granger/Fred Weasley
Characters: Hermione Granger, Fred Weasley
Additional Tags: Fluff, Established Relationship, Marriage Proposal

Hermione waits for Fred in their favorite spot, unknowing that he has a surprise planned for her.

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Fred: *refusing to get out of bed*

Hermione: Just get up! It’s not that hard!


Hermione: What?! It’s not even that cold out! And you’re not even an animal!


Hermione: Just get out of bed!

Fred: NO!

Hermione: Ugh… That’s it… *picks up Fred bridal style*


Hermione: No.

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Hermione: *baking cookies*

Hermione: Fred…stop it. *swtas his hand away*

Fred: Fine… *stealthily trief to scoop some with his finger*

Hermione: I SAID STOP IT!*hits his hand with the spatula*

Fred: Just once? Pleaseeeee

Hermione: You’ve had some 17 times! Hey! *swats his hand again* I’ll be surprised if I have enough for one batch.

Fred: Oh alright… *leaves*

Hermione: Finally…now wheres the cup… *looks into the cupboard for the measuring cup*


Fred: *sitting in a closet* Haha~*scoops up dough with his finger*

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Fic Hunt (AGAIN)

So hello, I’m here again, shamelessly asking you wonderful people to help me track down a fred x hermione fic! It has been too long since I’ve delved into this world I can’t even remember to bookmark things before I exit 😂 ANYWAY, story goes that hermione had gotten herself in a car crash which caused memory loss? Harry’s wand was in the back and there was this one scene where she asked Fred about his wedding ring and he kind of just waved her off like “oh you’ll meet her soon?” when in fact, she was his wife?

Did any of that make sense oh my. But if anyone knew it, I would be SO thankful. I’d even write you a snippet out of thanks. 😩 thankbyiu in advance 🦄

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Hello lovelies, I just posted a new chapter of my  Fremione fic Healing a Heartbreak! I’m pretty excited about it so tell me what you think! Hope you all are enjoying your New Years!


“Good morning, Ms. Granger. Did you oversleep this morning?” My assistant, Lucy, asked politely.

“I did.” I answered curtly. She frowned. “I went to the Burrow for Sunday dinner last night.” I tried to explain.

She nodded with understanding. “I hope it wasn’t too bad, Ms. Granger. Anyways, you have one meeting today at 2:30 with Kingsley, but after that there’s nothing of great importance.”

I smiled at her. “How many times do I have to tell you to just call me Hermione, Lucy? I would like to think that we’re on a first name basis.”

She grinned at me. “Of course M-” she paused, “Hermione.”

Walking into my office I noticed that there was a bouquet of sunflowers sitting on my desk. Walking over to them, I wondered who sent them.

The card wasn’t much of an answer.

In a field full of roses, you are a sunflower. With love, the unmessy painter.

The unmessy painter? Why could that possibly be? My mind flashed to Fred getting paint on only Ron yesterday, but I quickly dismissed it. Fred wouldn’t send me flowers, I knew that.

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I’ve just gone through the entire inbox (WOW), and mapped out a whole bunch of one-shots. I’m coming BAAAACK!

Also there are nearly 1,500 of you here. What the heck?!

Thank you for all of your kind words and support. You’re all wonderful and I wish I could send you all thank you notes individually. 

If I were to do some kind of 1,500 or 2K giveaway, what would you like it to be? Keep in mind I’m 1) a writer IRL who is also 2) getting married so I’m broker than a handful of leprechaun gold, but I’d love to make/write something. Thoughts? Suggestions?

You’re all gorgeous!



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Here’s a list I’ve compiled! Some aren’t finished, but most should be good stuff.

  • Love means never having to time travel by BlueRosesAtMidnight on
  • What Am I To You? Ao3 by Lilyrae123 (6/? Chapters) 
  • Ours by Chlobliviate on AO3 (23/? Chapters)
  • Infelix Felicis Ao3 by eleigh (19/?)
  • One Kiss by MarauderTimes (oneshot)
  • True Love’s Charm by LeprechaunFairy
  • Just a Harmless Joke on Quotev and by CrazyGirl47 (21 chapters)
  • A Rude Announcement by HufflepuffBook_Keeper (one shot)
  • Falling Through Time Ao3 by Wittyhistorian (34/?)
  • Sweaters and Green Tea by Corhahale (one shot)
  • This Journey With You by misshallieb (of course) Quotev/Ao3 (8/?)
  • So Much More Than Words by The_Quiet_One1696 (one shot)
  • All the Way by NiteFang (one shot)
  • Can’t Get You Off My Mind by Soyforramen (one shot)
  • Live Fiercely by senatsu (one shot)(this one’s sad)
  • Of Laughter and Love by clarabella_wandering on (one shot)
  • All the Weight of the World by GittieKittie (one shot)
  • These Pretty Lights by Shamelessly_Radiant (one shot)
  • Alright Granger by hannahbobana (one shot)
  • Alright, Granger? By JustAHobbit (one shot) (part of a fremione series)
  • Marrying Fred Weasley by Little_Miss_Dracula
  • Questionable ; by therentyoupay (one shot)
  • An Unlikely Confidant by ThrsdyNxt and the one shot sequel (that was actually written first and prompted the rest of the story): The Journey Back (it’s sad. Prepare yourself)
  • Stupefied by InSleepHeSangToMe (25/26 chapters - probably won’t be completed but that’s ok (sorta not really)) (it’s sad)
  • Solidify by FelixFelicisWithATwist (one shot)
  • Candle Light by RoyalBlossom (one shot)
  • Tumblr Writing Prompts by Brattness (collection of drabbles)

I hope this helps! Feel free to add others you know of, and happy reading!!

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Thank you for filling my fremione heart! Could you write one about hermione accidentally wearing Fred’s shirt or scarf or something and the weasleys and Harry notice

Hermione could have sworn it was all a dream.

It had felt like a dream. A dusting of snowflakes falling from the sky, soft fairy lights in the trees. Even the habitually grumpy gnomes hadn’t seemed so angry about their lot in life.

She curled up on a bench in the garden, a book in her hands, reading in the quiet night before bed. She had shivered and moved to pull out her wand to conjure some flames, but Fred beat her to the punch, pulling his jumper off in one easy motion. He offered it to her and she had refused at first.

“It’s freezing Fred,” she said, shivering again. “Let me warm both of us up.”

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Hello! Could you write an imagine, fic, whatever you like to call them, where Fred and Hermione have a daughter who is a Hufflepuff, but Fred then finds out from Ginny that their daughter has a boyfriend and he f i l p s out? Thank you very much!

YAY! I’m so happy that you’re back and happy because you’re my fav and deserve the world. And you are writing a novel?? AH! That’s amazing!! So um also if you don’t have requests closed I have a idea, if that’s okay? Cuz I don’t wanna put pressure on you to write so?? But I do have one I wanna share: Fred and Hermione have a daughter, and she starts Hogwarts and they get a whiff from *gossip*Neville that she has a boyfriend and Fred l o s e s it. Anyway, that’s my idea. Love your writing!

Oh hey I’m back?

* * *

Fred stared out the kitchen window, tea slopping over the edges of the cup in his hand, splashing down onto the saucer and table beneath. His hands shook, his lips a thin line, his breaths coming in almost a hiss in and out, more quickly than was probably medically advised.

Ginny sat across from him, pointedly staring at the plate of biscuits sitting in the middle of the table. The silence between them covered the room like a pall.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake, Fred Weasley, you’re soaking the biscuits,” she snapped, grabbing at the plate and slamming it down onto the windowsill. The plate shattered, sending shrapnel of porcelain and bits of biscuit ricocheting from the table.

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