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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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mk11 actor au names

Shang Tsung: Cary hiroyuki tagawa. (he is the same because i couldn’t think what else.)

Shao Kahn: Robert Richie.

Frost:Sydney Cravens.

NightWolf: Larry Luján

Johnny Cage: Linden Bowey.

Sonya Blade: Sophia Heifer.

Cassie Cage: Erica Burch.

Jax Briggs: Gregory Stephens.

Scorpion: Edward Yuan.

Noob Saibot: Daniel Chiplock.

Baraka: Greg Divisio.

Raiden: Christopher Epcar.

jacqui Briggs: Megalyne Jones.

Sub Zero: Luke Blum.

Kano: Trevor MaConnihigh

Kabal: David Cahill.

Liu Kang: Robin Yang King.

Kitana: Kaprice Zamiar.

Kung Lao: Anthony Shuai. 

Jade: Becky Guabe

Skarlet: Beata Defelice

Erron Black: Travis Baker.

D’vorah: Kelly pepeke (last name’s just insect in Hawaiian because i couldn’t think of what to do.)

Kotal Kahn: Jackson Philips,

Geras: Brandon Green.

Kollector: Andrew Morgado.

Cetrion: Mary Mcglynn.

Sindel: Lani Montelongo

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We’ve put together a neat list of royalty free furnace images. We’ve also added hot water heaters, tankless water heaters, and air conditioning units. Totally free use - these were donated from a Brantford furnace repair company. 

Here is the link to the royalty free library of furnaces, feel free to save and share were needed. 

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