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An unbreakable connection

I don’t know if this is unpopular opinion, but I’m ok with the ending of Frozen 2. As in, the separation. I see it as a progression and I’ve never thought of it as a complete separation. For one, Nokk is supersonic! Also, Anna can send Elsa a message via GMail ie Gale Mail (credit @kpfun​!)

Also (and this is a new thought that I just had):  Elsa now has an unbreakable connection with Anna. Maybe it’s because as 5th spirit, she now has 4 extra pairs of magical eyes and ears (Gale, Bruni, Nokk and Mr Giant)!


In the first GIF, Elsa sent a message to Anna who is miles away in some unknown, dark cave. Elsa had no way of knowing where Anna is except by magic. In the second GIF, Elsa sends a snowflake to Anna despite being miles away on the fjord, and Elsa knew exactly where to bring Nokk to find Anna (Anna could have been anywhere in the forest). 

The point is, I believe 5th spirit Elsa knows exactly where Anna is no matter where she is in the world. And I’d like to think that Elsa also knows how Anna is feeling. “Big Sister is watching” haha. Kristoff better watch out!

To further prove my point, consider that Elsa did not know where Olaf’s flurried remains were; but when she asked Anna if she wanted to re-build a snowman, Elsa just used her powers and magically located Olaf’s remains. 

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Frozen 2, y’all shoulda went harder!!

Why in the world did they not do all the trailers with snippets of Show Yourself instead??????

I would not have waited so long to freakin watch it!!!!

I think it’s WAYYYYYY better than the first and SOOOOOO shoulda got a freakin bitch ton of awards!!

New fav movie for sure

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Recently I’ve been thinking how alike Anna and Iduna are.

1. Anna’s resemblance to Iduna is so strong

2. Anna takes on a motherly role to Elsa in Frozen 2 from the moment Elsa is troubled by the voice. OK, sometimes it’s overprotective and irrational but that’s what some moms are like, right?

3. She soothes Elsa to sleep by using Iduna’s method.


4. “Show Yourself” shows us that Iduna has been proud of Elsa all along and believed Elsa had a destiny with her powers. It’s heartbreaking that we never get to see Iduna telling Elsa that though I’d like to believe it did happen off-screen.

Thus I’ve made a very raw edit imagining Iduna is the one speaking to Elsa in the following 2 scenes. Had to make it black and white so Iduna’s face isn’t jarringly blue! I’m not good at this so apologies. And maybe someone out there with mad editing skills will take this as a prompt.


You’re doing great, Elsa. When are you going to see yourself the way I see you?


If anyone can resolve the past, if anyone can save Arendelle and free this forest, it’s you!

I believe in you, Elsa, more than anyone or anything.

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