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as someone who isn't very sexually confident and doesn't particularly love smut, i would like to commend you on something you do exceptionally well in 'let me crawl inside your veins'. you write so poetically, and your sentences flow so well and I'm not sure many people have commented on how fantastic your syntax is for your smut but it's bloody AMAZING. hope you have a fantastic day :)

You have absolutely made my day!!! 🥰😘

Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing feedback, I sincerely appreciate it so much, you have no possible idea what reading your message has done for me this morning 😭 Thank you!!!!!!! 🙏🏻😍🥰😘


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Excerpt from my Sansaery Persephone AU

Sansa never was quite like the rest of her family.

She was not Robb, with all the restless righteousness of the wind barely contained within him, nor Jon, lord of nothing except endless expanses of snow and the icy heat of frostbite. Sansa was even further divorced from her father, the King of Winter, the king of all the north, in his silence and icy resolve. 

Neither was Sansa wild, she did not run with the wolves and take the faces of men, as Arya did. She did not practice Bran’s sorcery, nor wish to inspire the savagery practiced by the Skagosi, Rickon’s devotees.

If Sansa could be said to be similar to any of her relations, it would be her mother. Catelyn, goddess of northern rivers and hot springs. Catelyn had been Southron, once, worshipped throughout the Riverlands. She would not have moved north if it weren’t for her love for Sansa’s father, but still, she was happy in her home.

It was in that respect that Sansa and her mother differed. Catelyn was content to live out her days in the drab cold of the northern landscape, but Sansa wished for more. She wished to live in the realm she had only heard of in songs, a world of intrigue and sunshine and courtly love - the South.

While her siblings scoffed at Mother’s tales of her time in the Red Keep, the palace of the Southron gods, Sansa listened. 

While her siblings took up swordplay and magic, Sansa learned wordplay and needlework. One day, she would travel south, be presented in front of the court, and she would be known throughout the realm as the foremost goddess of the Southron pantheon. Perhaps she would even be wed to the King’s son, the golden-haired Joffrey. A northern princess for a southern prince. It was fitting.

Foolish dreams, Sansa thought, later, when she chanced a look back into her past, Foolish dreams for a foolish girl.

Full work to be posted on AO3 whenever I get around to finishing it. :P

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I saw a lot of posts written by people worried that king Bran will be a thing in the books too. So, if we do not consider that we probably will never see the books ending ( GRRM is taking too long to finish them, and this is suspect ), I would like to say to these people.. just chill. Chill, read carefully the previous books, all the prophecies and the way Jon Snow and Daenerys clearly grew together ( even in two different continents ) to understand what ruling means, and you’ll clearly see that in no way the Jon Snow’s ending will be him disappearing in a forest and the Daenerys’ ending her growing mad and killing innocents. It is not just gonna happen, I am pretty sure about that. 

The series ending was all a D&D invention, that they think was gonna be cool because omg, no one ever expected that ( yeah, because it had no logic at all BUT– ) and they ignored GRRM’s ending. I think that queen Sansa and few other things are gonna be canon in the books, but for the rest ( her satanic majesty, Jon and Sansa failed geography etc. ) we only need to thank Dumb & Dumber. I am not gonna say that asoiaf will end with Daenerys and Jon ruling together and everyone live in peace and prosperity, but– they will have a relevant role, and that role will not be “you are my queen but I need to kill you because Tyrion told me so five seconds ago”. So just chill. 

If you want to be worried about something, then be worried about if we ever gonna read or not that books at all. 

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This was actually written before “The Iron Throne” aired, so this was how I thought everything was gonna go.  Guess I’m Boo Boo the Fool

  • Daenerys mourns Missandei and Rhaegal, meets up with army at King’s Landing, tears down main wall with Drogon, takes down Golden Company
  • Bells toll, Jon convinces Dany to listen to bells and go talk to Cersei (on basis that Lannister brothers can’t reason with Cersei anymore), innocents are spared
  • Daenerys and Cersei meet up to discuss surrender terms, Dany is killed via poison tea (so how Olenna was killed), Cersei becomes the Mad Queen, Euron puts Dany’s head on a spike along with the others from before
  • Jaime tells Brienne that he has to go south, convinces Arya and the Hound to help him get south, kills Cersei, now a Queenslayer as well
  • Euron tries to flee but is killed by Grey Worm in revenge for Missandei
  • Clegane-bowl happens and both die (quiet confrontation before duking it out)
  • Drogon destroys the Red Keep and the Iron Throne out of grief, flies away to somewhere unknown
  • Tyrion mourns Cersei and Dany, destroys his Hand pin
  • Jamie returns to Winterfell, escorted by Brienne, Jon, and Podrick to be exiled in the Night’s Watch, Jon reunites with Ghost and Tormund before going back to finish some things (takes Ghost with him)
  • Tyrion refuses to be king of Westeros, Ser Davos of House Seaworth is elected by a gathered council
  • Bran becomes Grand Maester because of his council, sits on the King’s Council
  • Yara retakes control of her uncle’s fleet and becomes leader of the Iron Island, some of Euron’s crew secede to become actual pirates
  • Arya travels to Storm’s End to reunite with Gendry and has new dream to travel the world
  • Brienne finishes Jaime’s story so far in the book, forms Queensguard for Sansa
  • Winterfell secedes from the Seven Kingdoms, Sansa pronounced Queen and decides to never marry again
  • The Wall is reconstructed to prevent any more dangers
  • Jon returns to Dragonstone to honor Dany, finds more buried dragon eggs in the caves below guarded by some Children of the Forest
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So! Against my better judgement, I’ve decided to give everyone a sneak peek into the cover for the second installment to “The Chronicles of Sansa Stark and Petyr Baelish”. It has been dubbed, “The Crime”.

NOW BEFORE YOU ALL GET UPSET AT ME; I decided to do something I haven’t seen in Sansa/Petyr fics and I wanted to make Sansa blonde. I know that’s part of the intrigue that is Sansa Stark but I like to change things up! SO PLEASE DON’T MURDER ME! <3

That being said; there’s going to be a reason behind the hair change too. So before yall crucify me, there is a reason behind her blonde hair which will be revealed. :)

Anyways, I can’t wait to see what comes from this installment! I will share tidbits on tumblr as I go just like I did with this story too!

Just from the first chapter, it’s going to be a very bumpy installment for our lovebirds.

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