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So I started playing the Sims 4 again. I had to start over because I lost my data. It was my bad. I was trying to move my game to an external drive because I was running out of room on my laptop and I deleted the data off my laptop thinking it switched over…not! So I started over. It’s not like the switch worked anyway its still saving to the same location but I read that it’s an internal game issue that automatically saved to My Document. Oh well.

Anyway. Meet Phoenix Ashford!

I started her out as a Teen and I turned off aging so I can experience everything without any worry. I also am going to have her max out every skill - manually. Let’s see if I can do it.

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Game: Carcassonne

Publisher: Z-man games

Players: 2-5

Age: 7+

Time to play: 35 minutes

“Carcassonne, the world famous French city, known for its imposing fortifications, erected during the Antiquity and Middle Ages… Players must develop the area around Carcassonne.”

Carcassonne is a tile laying game, easy to learn, hard to master. No two games are alike and I highly recommend picking up an expansion or two and expand your options! Definitely check this one out!

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Gears of War’s esports scene has evolved quite a bit over the franchise’s history. It started as a mainly community-led endeavor with occasional tournaments by companies like Major League Gaming. Since then, Gears developer The Coalition has made strides to give the scene a professional edge beginning with more in-game competitive features in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and The Coalition’s development of the Gears Pro Circuit. However, with the scene’s grown, the team behind Gears esports has been careful to make sure there’s still respect and a celebration of the scene’s grassroots origins.

IGN sat down with Rose Gunson, the executive producer for the Gears Eleague series and Gears Esports creative manager at The Coalition, and Rod Fergusson, The Coalition’s studio head, to talk about the history of Gears esports, its future, and what makes it special.

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Witcher 3, Alien: Isolation, Resident Evil 5/6, and More Ports Coming to Nintendo Switch - Cinelinx

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