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#gamma hammer
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Goodnight, Sakaar

It was quiet. Which was surprising, given the green giant sleeping next to him. He’d honestly expected Hulk to be a snorer, or perhaps a talker, but all he got was the faint sound of breathing and the gentle rise and fall of a chest.

The silence left a ringing in his ears, a pounding behind his skull left over from the gladiator ring that made every muscle twinge and was really making sleep difficult at this point. It wasn’t that he wasn’t tired - he was fairly sure he’d never been this tired in his life. But his mind wouldn’t rest, wouldn’t settle, and kept forcing the unwanted to the forefront of his thoughts.

If not for the disc in his neck, he was fairly sure he would be conjuring a storm by now.

He could feel the lightning seethe under his skin, and for a moment idly watched it burn and glimmer across his hand.


Useless, stupid, sparkles.

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(A.N: I’m so glad all of you liked my last one! This is my first attempt at writing something angsty, and there are warnings in this for a little bit of gore [not much, but a bit] and also major character death)

Bruce had thought he was okay. He’d thought he could get through this fight, this one last fight, without incident. By himself, smashing Outriders left and right with the metal coated fists of the hulkbuster. Hulk had done his part, facing down Thanos on the Statesman.

Now? Now, it was Bruce’s turn.

And he was calm. He was confident. For the first time in his life he wasn’t useless, he wasn’t a nuke sitting idle with people waiting for him to explode. He was a fighter.

And he was winning.

But then Thor had fallen from the sky, and his world was turned onto his side. A streak of red, hitting the battlefield with a dull thump was all it had took to make his heart clench with fear again.

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Oh my gosh for the send me a ship thing could you do either Thor x Bruce or Thor x Starlord? (Sorry I don’t know the ships names but I just really love those ships now.) and if you don’t really do marvel then never mind, thanks

Hon’, Marvel is the majority of what I write.


Thor x Bruce (Thunder Science/Gamma Hammer from what I could find? I don’t like either, tbh. <D)

  • Insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: Thor
  • Likes to watch reality tv: Both (Guilty pleasure)
  • Refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: Thor
  • Is the jealous / protective one: Bruce (Bruce gets both; Thor doesn’t get jealous)
  • Goes all out on the holidays: Thor (He’s still learning; plus his entire family has the “too much” gene)
  • Cries over books: Bruce
  • Is terrible with kids: Bruce (How much some of them like the Hulk worries him; that and he just has n o  i d e a what he’s d o i n g)
  • Drinks too much caffeine: Bruce 
  • Could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: Both
  • Never wears matching socks: Bruce when he’s sleepy; Thor because he can’t decide which pair he likes better so he wears one of each
  • Punches a tree when they’re angry: Bruce (rarely but it’s happened; Thor used to, but now wouldn’t want to hurt the other possible Groots after meeting youngun Groot)
  • Gets scared by the toaster: Bruce (when he’s extremely tired/not awake yet; Thor tried to have conversations with it before figuring out what it was)


  • Insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: Both (Peter’s not bad but… he’s not exactly good either <D)
  • Likes to watch reality tv: Thor (Peter thinks it’s all nonsense)
  • Refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: Peter
  • Is the jealous / protective one: Peter (Again, Thor doesn’t get jealous; you bet your ass Peter does though)
  • Goes all out on the holidays: Both of them but for completely different reasons
  • Cries over books: Peter
  • Is terrible with kids: Thor (Not necessarily bad but definitely not as good as Peter)
  • Drinks too much caffeine: Neither
  • Could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: Both
  • Never wears matching socks: Both (Peter has never had a matching pair of socks in his l i f e)
  • Punches a tree when they’re angry: Peter but he has to be really mad to do so (Both don’t want to hurt any other possible Groots and Peter would never hit Groot himself)
  • Gets scared by the toaster: Peter
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can u write thorbruce + 32? (also im currently about to go to band camp so have fun!)

band went great for me haha thank you! i hope you have fun at camp! (32 - “You could have died.”)

Bruce stumbled down the stone stairway with the frantic energy of a madman. He knew Thor was here, he could feel it. The bottom of the stairs gave him two options, to enter a room lit with eerie blue light, or to follow another flight down. Bruce’s gut told him to check the room. So, he did, his footsteps light and his breathing heavy as he made his way through the open doorway. The blue was overwhelming, a bright neon that made him want to throw up. But he had to keep looking. Thor was here somewhere, and Bruce was going to find him. He had to.

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thor is THAT boyfriend who always mentions his boyfriend like “hey have u met bruce banner???? is the moon adn the stars. like that dean martin said, a pizza pie hit my cornea” 

“thor that’s not how it goes” 

“Shut up steve what do you know you don’t have SEVEN DOCTORATES LIKE MY BOYFRIEND–DOCTOR BRUCE–” 

“oh god” 

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Recommendations please

I like a soundtrack when I’m writing and recently started writing Bruce Banner/Thor. However, due to the disappointing lack of Thruce videos, I’m not sure where to go for song ideas. Holding Out For A Hero maybe? Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions perhaps you could let me know. Thanks.

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