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(a.n: oof its been like 6 months since the last update ANYWAY enjoy the angst and love. for those of u not caught up, the boys are stranded on an ice planet, and thors powers have gone haywire and almost destroyed the ship.) 

The two had made a careful camp, in the wake of the ship, and it was almost comforting in a weird sort of way. The ships wingspan protected them from the falling snow, and the fire that blazed in front of them from the small amount of wood they’d been able to gather was comforting. 

Oddly, it reminded him of home. The smell of smoke, and the warmth of a companion next to him. It was like his childhood had come back in full colour - the dark blue shade of the night  sky, orange and yellow flames illuminating the underside of their faces. All they needed was a few good ghost stories, and they’d be set for the evening.

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Diary Entries of Robert Bruce Banner #4

January 4th, 2020

Wow, I thought I’d be writing this later on, but the seasonal depression decided to hit hard and fast this year I guess.

New Years came and went, nothing too special, and then things just went downhill. Rain came soon after New Year’s Eve and made everything cold and wet and it’s put such a damper on my mood that I don’t want to do anything.

The last couple days it’s been a struggle to get out of bed, I really hate this time of year. The cold and darkness makes it hard to stay motivated or excited. I guess I’ve been desperate to stay warm or at least give the illusion I am so I’ve been taking a lot of baths. Thor has joined me quite a few times but I’m worried the amount of baths I’m drawing is getting to be too much for him. He was fine with joining me the first couple times but now I’m worried it might be too much of a commitment.

If I’m not in the bathtub I’m trying to keep my spirits up and not focus too much on the outside circumstances. I’ve been watching some home renovation shows that take place on tropical islands, stuff like that. It’s definitely helping.

I’m hoping we get snow later this week. When it’s just cold and wet it’s depressing, but snow helps lift the spirits and such and Thor mentioned possibly going sledding if we do get some snowfall.

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Diary Entries of Robert Bruce Banner #3

December 29th, 2019

I had to look at my phone before writing down the date. This entry could honestly cover the last 5 days, seeing as were all stuck in the post-Christmas limbo.

Christmas was good. Really fun actually. Tony had the idea of getting our kids together and have them all open Christmas presents with all of us. Tony and Pepper brought Morgan, Scott and Hope brought Cassie, and Clint brought Kate. It was…really nice. A little too loud for me, but if laughter is the loudest thing I’ll endure again, I’ll gladly accept it.

Thor and I have just been lying around the house doing nothing. Pretty sure we’ve watched 20-something movies at this point and could feed a city with the amount of takeout he’s ordered. When we aren’t vegging, Thor has been trying the new guitar and he’s got the nack for it. It brings a smile on my face to see him play.

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someone send me like. the pining-est fics ever pls i want the desperate longing the cheesy ridiculously fluffy nonsense in fact i Need it i actually need it ok so. gO

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does anyone know of any good fics where tony or steve [ or both ] like ,, help thorbruce get together ?? pls this is such a god tier concept in my head but idk of any & i am in Desperate need

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(The sequel to Alone is here! I had a few requests for there to be a part 2 to this, and with my christmas trade with @astrobruce coming up i figured what better way to wrap up the decade than with a prison break. Enjoy!)

He didn’t know how long they’d both been there. There was a lot about their current situation that he found he didn’t know, really. Their location, for a start. He couldn’t feel anything of the outside air, as if the sky itself had been closed off from him. Thor hadn’t felt like that since…well, since Odin had cast him out, really.

At least he knew Bruce was beside him. He couldn’t see the scientist - or his green companion, but being Asgardian had its privileges. The weather may have been barred from him, but Bruce’s breathing rang true in his ears if he wished to listen to it. The coolness of the metal against his cheek as he placed his ear to the wall, the soft tones of Bruce trying to talk to him - and his ability to talk back. It made the whole ordeal a lot less unbearable.

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i know my fellow thorbrucers are feeling neglected, so here’s y'all juice!!

Static Cling: Ch. 1

Times change, people change, things change. That was just the order of things. To refute that would be a very… Loki thing to do, and even he’s evolved in his own right.

Revelations and prophecies and many a battle have landed the new King of Asgard where he is today, set on a truly new path… a path forged by the vigilant collective that is his people. Though Asgard was but drifting stardust in the cosmos, it remained still in the hearts of those who lived there, believed in it. It wasn’t just a place anymore. It moved with them. It lived with them.

Thor Odinson found himself marveling once more at his reflection, this time through the sun-kissed mirror of one of SHIELD’s off-duty facilities in upstate New York. It had taken a little over 5 weeks to return to Earth, and an additional month or so for everyone to adjust and settle in to their new home. For now, his people would be housed and cared for here, and Fury would ensure their privacy.

He was out of his otherworldly battle attire, instead donning an exuberantly patterned short-sleeve shirt and stylishly torn jeans. The likeness to his father was still there, but it was fading. There was a spark of newfound wisdom, something so very… himself. His fingers gently brushed over the new dark patch over his right eye, sighing to himself. Their triumph had eased his mind greatly, but now, he was king. He had to do things differently. Do things right.

“Mother, Father,” Thor stared at his upturned palms, “I hope to make you proud.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that.” A soft, quiet voice interjected from the doorway. All ears, the god turned and livened up immediately.

“Banner…!” He rushed to him, a bright smile on his lips. “How are you feeling?”

It’d been close to 2 months since Bruce bravely flipped the Hulk switch, and only a week and a half since he’d returned. Up until that point, there’d been a vast difference in the green behemoth’s behavior. This planet was small. Breakable. His history here was unforgettable, and that was in no way a good thing for him. And so, in his own, Hulk-ish way, he’d clung to both Valkyrie and the God of Thunder, afraid to be near anything or anyone he could hurt. This place had also become his haven, and he never strayed very far. Thor had learned to bitterly accept that he’d seen the last of the mild-mannered doctor… until Heimdall sighted his small frame wandering around the perimeter of the building. How he returned was a mystery, but it was one that didn’t need solving just yet.

Bruce smiled back. “I’m… honestly feeling pretty good right now.” He awkwardly fiddled with his accommodated clothes, pressing down the lapels of his dark blazer. It was so delightfully… strange to be back home. So many things were the same. So many things weren’t. He was excited to see the world afresh, and to forge again the bonds he left. Now, he didn’t feel so… alone.

Thor’s large hand moved to Banner’s shoulder, giving it a familiar squeeze. “Wonderful.” It’d been a harrowing few months, and of all the people he expected to grow closer to, Banner was the least of which. Not that there were any complaints. He was a fascinating, gentle soul, and just as much of a hero as Hulk was. Seeing the doctor calm now was in turn tranquilizing for him, and he noticed the seconds trudging slower and slower along. He couldn’t recall if that was normal or not. He pulled his hand away and folded his arms loosely over his broad chest. The look in his eye screamed for words to spill forth and lift the silence, but all he could produce was a big, dumb grin.

Bruce winced under his panicked gaze. “Haha… yeah, um… What’s with that face? It’s starting to freak me out.”

“Pfft, what?? Shut up, you’re freaking yourself out, weirdo.” The Asgardian gave a short, derisive laugh before moving to grab his shades off the window sill.

Things had been this way since Banner’s unexpected arrival, and it would’ve been fine if he wasn’t discovering new things all the time. He’d chalked it up to elation for having the kind scientist back, but that couldn’t explain the warmth in his chest at the mere sight of him. Nor the ill-contained laughter at his dry quips literal hours after telling. And why did he find his quirkiness so endearing? Thor blinked, realizing that he hadn’t eased Banner’s confusion in the slightest. “So…” the god diverted, gesturing the other to follow him out of the room, “…have you seen any of the non-Revengers yet?”

The scientist shuffled along beside him, the lights of the corridor flickering subtly above them without his knowing. Ah, yes. The team he—or rather Hulk—abandoned. There were a lot of emotional holes to patch up there, and he wanted to work on that as soon as possible. “Tony was the first to reach out. I’ll be heading over to the city once he’s back in New York. If these last two years have been as crazy for him as it was for me, then we have a LOT of catching up to do.” He smoothed his trimmed, greying hair with a bit of a smile.

“Bruce, you have no idea.” But it wasn’t Thor’s story to tell. The flickering ceased, much to the god’s silent relief, and the pair approached the end of the hall to wait for the elevator.

“Mm,” the physicist hummed, “it may very well be up there with becoming King of Asgard.” The doctor lolled his head to the side, looking to the other mindfully. “How’s that notion working for you, by the way?”

“It’s… quite the notion,” the god sobered up some, rocking back and forth on his heels. “My kinghood was always an eventuality, but sometimes I find myself shocked to have it happen this way. Nevertheless, I’m prepared to do right by Asgard… and Midgard.” He paused, scratching the side of his bearded jaw. Though he took the mantle as leader, it was comforting to know he had so many allies in this long, uncertain journey. Some new, some long-standing, and others pleasantly unexpected.

Ding. The elevator arrived, and the two descended. “…Thank you.” Thor blurted out suddenly. It earned him a look of confusion, and he continued. “You risked your humanity to protect my people. I haven’t had the chance to express my gratitude, sooo… thank you.”

Bruce averted his eyes as he often did with praise. Those kinds of things left him with a twisting, warm feeling in the pit of his stomach, and he didn’t know what to do with it. He reached up and held the god’s arm, shaking his head adamantly. “Stop, you-you’re my friend for goodness’ sake…! There was a lot more at stake than me staying me.”

The God of Thunder exhaled quietly through his nose. Ding. “You’re a good man, Banner.”

“Maybe a bit too good.” The doors parted and on the other side stood Loki. He took a large step back to let them through, delighting in the doctor’s clear discomfort as he meandered his slim form. The raven-maned god was never to be without supervision in this place, but to be surprised now would be useless. His cunning had gotten him this far; it wasn’t meant to be any other way. His eyes bounced between the two before steadying on his elder brother. “Where might you be headed?”

“I think I should be asking you that.”

“You were wrong to believe I would’ve remained content in this hovel for even an iota of a moment. All the others are free to roam about and integrate; I desire that same luxury. Now, I think I’ve proved my reformation, so if you could call off your guard dogs…”

He eyed the nonplussed doctor to Thor’s vast amusement. Oh, Loki could be so narrowminded at times. One way or another, it all revolved around him. At least that made the new king privy to his mind games. “You really think he’s around to keep you in check?”

“Is that—is that not what this is?” Loki stammered. “For the entire week, you and he have been attached at the hip. I thought you were threatening me.” It was a sickening sight; all of Asgard gallivanting with humankind except himself, and Thor parading the Beast around was icing on the cake. Just what was the point of the doctor lingering in that meek form? Had he still not accepted what he was?

“Uh, no??” Thor sputtered back. “Banner has a mind of his own, thank you very much. He can go wherever he likes. Tell him, Bruce.”

“I-I can go wherever I like.”

“Exactly. Now stop being annoying, or I’ll call the Valkyrie.” He brushed past the mischievous prince, feeling eyes burning holes into the back of his head.

“You still haven’t given me an answer.”

Thor paused in his stride, the doctor in tow. “……One chance. And I mean ONE. Try anything and you WILL be dealt with, brother.”

“That’s all I ask.”


A taste of society. It was what Bruce wanted after all this time, and he received it graciously. Thor suggested eating out, which turned out to be a great idea. His exposure to people was stimulating but minimal, and he couldn’t say he felt stressed even as the tables started filling up. There was something about his god friend that just made things easier to deal with. “I really wish you didn’t have to cover my tab,” he muttered from behind his menu. He’d pick something inexpensive.

“No worries, Banner, I know you would do the same for me.” Thor reminisced about his first experiences on Earth. The culture shock. The customs. It was so strange to him back then. Excitingly new and exceedingly frustrating. To think this place had done more than Asgard ever could to tame his boisterous side. To mold him and mature him. He felt at home now more than ever. He’d already made his choice of what to have, nursing the mug of beer in his hand while sneaking glances at the oblivious Midgardian. His remaining eye moved over his features. The concentrated ridge above his brow, the ways his eyes scanned the glossed pages. His gently clenched jaw. He moved his hand over his mouth, giving a quiet hum as he saw something that caught his interest. Was Banner always this… effortlessly beautiful?

“Welcome to Cindy’s! My name is Jessica, that’s a cool eyepatch, and I’ll be your server today. What can I get for you?” A chipper voice projected from beside him.

“What-what?? Oh! Yes, meals! Food! We are certainly here to…eat. Yes, kind waitress, I will take the ribeye steak—medium well—and all sides that go with it. I’ll pay extra.”

“One ribeye steak and… Great! And for you, sir?”

“I’d like spaghetti pie with a side of… steamed broccoli. Thank you.”

Jessica jotted the request down, and an indicative buzzing sound caused her to glance up. The mini chandelier brightened and dulled at random intervals, and Thor could feel his ears grow hot with embarrassment.

“Ooh, looks like we’re gonna have to fix that light! Sorry about that… Would you like to move your seat? You still can.”

“No, no,” the god sighed, refusing to look skyward, “there’s no need.”

“Alrighty then. Hmm… I can’t put my finger on it, but you look awfully familiar…”

“Really? I’ve been getting that a lot! It’s very strange…!”

“It is! Well anyway, I’ll be back with your food in a few!” With that, the upbeat waitress took their menus and disappeared around the corner. Were it any other time, Thor would have gladly taken pictures with the young lady. But the whole thing would undoubtedly draw attention, something the introverted Revenger didn’t like. Thor sipped quietly at his large, frothy beverage, an amusing contrast to Bruce’s iced peach tea. The doctor silently sipped at his own drink, wincing at the tickling noise looming over their heads. Eventually, the noise and light show abated, much to their mutual satisfaction.

“Nice diversion, by the way,” the doctor commended with a humorous smile. “Could’ve fooled me.”

“Thanks!” It went quiet again, and for Bruce, that was okay. Thor awkwardly tucked his arms under the table, appearing smaller than he actually was.

He stared at the handkerchief housing his utensils. The signs and symptoms were all there. Turned out he had a bit of a thing for his friend.

“So! Banner!” He spoke up once more, voice almost hoarse with nerves. “What’s spaghetti pie?”

want more? read the next 4 chapters here! (story ongoing)

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Diary Entries of Robert Bruce Banner #2

December 18th, 2019

50 years old. Didn’t think I’d make it this far.

Thor woke me up this morning with forehead kisses and happy birthdays. He claimed I was “a youthful babe in the cradle of the cosmos.” It made me smile, I know he was trying to make me feel young, but I’m not Asgardian. But then again I’m unsure of how the gamma rays affected my aging. We’ll wait and see.

Thor and I went into town for brunch and he gave me the first part of my gift which was one of those Jr. Volcano kits. We headed back to the house and put it together. I’m glad we started to give each other joke gifts. It makes things so much more light hearted and non stressful.

Tony and Pepper stopped by and gave me their gift and best wishes, I haven’t opened it yet, but they’re not here so it’s not too high on my priority list.

Thor is putting a movie in now, he says it’s my favorite but honest to god I have no clue what that is.

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I just realized that my otps from two of my main fandoms have the same initials!

Thor Odinson/ Bruce Banner

Thorin Oakenshield/ Bilbo Baggins

And there’s even a kinda similar dynamic between them??? Strong prince with long hair, norse roots - and a slightly nervous , well mannered, highly educated man who is reluctant to join the fighting but is a valuable part of the adventure/mission.

What do I do with this knowledge???!?

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