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Another garden-variety Ink Imp has been spotted! The Ambivalent EarVine! It has found a comfy flowerpot, and grown accustomed to it as it ponders whether to explore the rest of the garden or stay where it is.

Brush and ink and watercolor on paper, 5” x 7”

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Here’s another New Beijing garden concept. I still don’t really know what I’m doing when I draw digitally, so it’s a strange learning process filled with a lot of guessing. I’m not sure if the shape of the architecture has a certain name, but I’ve seen the stone shape a couple of times before.

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Over the long weekend we took a trip to the Tampa and St. Pete area! Here are some clips from our time at the beautiful Sunken Gardens, and the Florida Aquarium.

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Hey, hi! I’ve noticed I’d gotten a few new followers lately so I thought I’d kind of re-introduce myself…soo

Hello! I’m River; 26 she/her. I have a background in political science, specifically environmental policy and international relations, but I somehow accidentally became a farmer back in 2016. I see farming using regenerative methods as an overtly political act. So I share a lot of posts about sustainabile agriculture, food sovereignty, solar punk kinda diy stuff, and cute fluffy animal pics from my farm and others. I’m currently working on a farm in New England, and I don’t have much (any) experiences farming in other regions, but if anyone has an interest in getting into this field, or if you’re getting into gardening, animal husbandry, homestead type-stuff, I’d be so happy to chat. It’s mid-winter and the ewes haven’t started popping out babies so I’ve got more time than usual.

Some of my favorite topics are:

  • Intensive rotational multi-species grazing (say that five times fast)
  • No till gardening; soil health, integrated pest management, the whole shebang
  • Food certifications and labels! There’s so many! What do they all mean?!
  • International trade agreements and how they fuck everything all to fuck
  • Water and carbon footprinting
  • Cheese
  • Government assistance to farmers; from subsidies for specific crops to cost-share grants for conservation projects. Don’t even get me started on the farm bill.
  • Young farmers and how we need waaaaaaaaaaaay more of them
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