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#garden witch

first time trying communicating through candles and a circle!

i set up a little altar and candles/incense, and made a salt circle around myself with protected black salt (also i was sitting right in front of a big mirror).

i ended up using a red candle flame to communicate with a god i was interested in! i leaned over the candle and asked for a symbol for yes/no, and i got a sharp heat on my right eye for yes, and in my left for no (confirmed multiple times). it was crazy cool to get answers to questions that made sense.

that was after probably 10-15 minutes of meditation and focus, and fire-scrying (is that a thing? staring into a flame to see images? it’s worked for me before but it’s probably bad for your eyes :/)

i also noticed that my incense smoke had started curling around me and the candle? and that it almost seemed like it was cupping my head? it was super sweet and felt loving. i felt safe and comfortable the whole time and conversation, and it flowed very naturally.

i feel very lucky to be able to concentrate that energy and get such clear responses.

i hope to do this more often and learn more about history and our world! also any tips for opening/closing circles or general deity/gods communication tips would be much appreciated! thank you :)

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Witches’ Garden 2020: Garden Recclaimation update!

🌵 The cactus seedlings are doing great and growing slowly but surely. (Pencil for scale)

🌱And the first edible seedlings of the year are up and about! Four cultivars of basil for all your culinary, medicinal and magical needs.

I’ll definitely be able to harvest extra and make some products available for purchase this year! ✨

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After giving it a lot of thought, I am now very excited to announce that I will soon start doing tarot readings!

I absolutely fell in love with divination and all I want out of this right now is to share it with people the way I wish I was exposed to it before finding my craft. So stick around! 💖

Blessed be 🕊✨

All the love, from a Sappy Witch 🥰🔮

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Anyone know of any good (preferably witchy) plants to grow in my garden? I don’t have a whole lot of space but I have three more beds to fill (can’t emphasize the small part enough, they’re 2 ½ square feet) and I’m out of ideas. I live in a slightly colder area, but summers do get kinda hot.

I already have chamomile, lavender, basil, peppermint, rosemary, chives, garlic, marigold, and hyacinths. Still want more plants thought!

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💕Valentine’s Day Travel Altar💕


🕯🌿💖Valentine’s Day Traveling Altar💖🌿🕯

-big heart boy of rose quartz (<3)

-clear quartz chunk 

-yellow beeswax candle

-four tiny snail shells (given to me by my close friend)

-one lil sugar cube 

-pinch o’ salt

-small bundle of bamboo root trimmings (shoot pulled from our best friend’s childhood backyard)

-key to an old heart (lock)

-dessert rose

-roughly polished chunk of Carnelian 

-one lil Rhodonite 

-one turtle shell scale

-tiny tiny chunk of fools gold 

-and my favorite Zoltar fortune i have ever received (neatly tucked under everything)

Mason’s sweet grandmother left us far too soon two days ago, so tonight we fly back to Texas for the funeral. I made us this lil travel altar for our journey and our heartache. Wish us safe travels and send us love. Happy Valentine’s Day sweet witch babies. 🖤 

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