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Oh how could I face those faceless days?

If I should lose you now?


So close…

I can clearly picture Sam taking Gluntz (who could have a crush on Michellee) as his partner to a ball along with Guy and Michellee and they exchange partners. Gay romance is no controversy in their world so I doubt anyone would care as much. Obviously everything feels too good to be true until they switch back to their original partners. Guy and Michellee look back as they dance where Gluntz and Sam take a breather. Sam’s chest hurts when they kiss but openly reveals being happy for them. Meanwhile Gluntz doesn’t hold back emotions and looks away dejectedly.

In the end everyone will realize who they belong to and they all lived happily ever after. Not really. That’s only the beginning of a new chapter! Now that’s enchanting. 😉

This request was brought to you by: @weirdnightmaregirl . Art is by yours truly, moi!

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Sam with a touch starved s/o? I love ur acc so much 馃槶
  • Sam would notice your shift in behaviour now and then and it makes him question a lot of things about you in general.
  • He becomes easily concerned about you, he often checks on you if you are alright, y’know?
  • You notice that he keeps his main focus mostly on you when you two are outside doing any sort of activity together.
  • He makes sure to give you ALOT of attention! And even affection if you allow him to. Because he is a very tender person inside, he doesn’t mind sharing his love with you. Anything to make you feel better!
  • Sam… Actually somewhat relates to you in a slight kind of way. Due his lack of parenting in his early years as a child, he missed that big part of his childhood years, bonding and building that close relationship with your family.
  • Shhh… Just… Let’s forget about the world around us and just hug for hours.” Sam mumbled into your shoulder as you two continued to cuddle close. Man, you missed hugging.
  • You two would talk for hours in his room, outside, hell… Even on top of a train!
  • Sam and you had a lot of things in common strangely. You two had a good time bonding with each other.
  • Whenever you felt anxious and odd, Sam would often notice and hold your hand with his, giving your hand a light squeeze to reassure you he is there with you.
  • He wants to know more about you.
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Unpopular Opinion

When Guy mentioned all those things Sam said about his mom, it shows how good of a listener he is and how interested he was about Sam’s life despite not showing any signs of it. If Sam told anyone else about his mom, they would forget about it in a heartbeat. But Guy remembered everything from the start. And we all thought Guy didn’t care or pay attention to what Sam was rambling about. I think he was almost as interested in Sam’s life as Sam was with his.

We need more good listeners who care like Guy Am-I.

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domestic/road trip briefcase buddies things bc im soft!!!

  • sam cooks. he rly only knows how to cook green eggs and ham well and sometimes he gets sad when he cant quite replicate his mother’s recipes but thats ok. he’s also learning oatmush for when guy cant eat geah for every meal the way sam can. also Guy can’t cook except for like. instant stuff.
  • guy occasionally brings home instant/microwavable foods automatically with the groceries bc college, man. sam tries them enthusiastically and wonders why guy doesn’t bother eating them. guy is too busy having finals flashbacks and he cant stand very specific cheap instant stuff anymore
  • sam acts like he’s all good w animals now bc he hangs out w eb sometimes just talking animals. guy still has to take out the spiders and weird bugs bc otherwise sam freaks out and nearly smashes them.
  • they love hearing updates from mr jenkins!! the bird cant write but sam has (criminal) contacts who send them little updates occasionally when jenkins passes them by. also they sometimes find little bits of evidence when they’re on the trip looking for Sam’s mom
  • speaking of criminal contacts sometimes guy tries to stop sam from doing crime things so he doesn’t have to tell michellee that they got arrested, again, but sometimes sam does it automatically. look theyre not gonna miss one bag of chips at that one franchise sandwich shop, guy, they don’t even have cameras.
  • also sometimes its not even sam getting them in trouble!! sometimes it’s just ppl who are mad at him!! think like Goat but without the money motivator.
  • guy mostly only has family in stovepipe, but there’s occasional pockets of Am-Is that they run into. Sam adores all the family attention and theres somehow sooo many pictures of younger, more embarrassing guy from christmas cards and family letters and reunions. sometimes guy sees a pic of him when he had confidence and was proud of his inventions, but Sam’s always there to give him little reassurances that he’s loved the way he is.
  • the universe. keeps. throwing. fanfic tropes at them. accidental marriage? turns out this one town they’re visiting, Sam’s constant yelling abt snuzzling and gifts for guy constitute a proposal. coffee shop au? more like diner au, one time sam has to take over a grill and serves the whole place geah and keeps. flirting. with guy. there was only one bed? technically already covered with the hotel scene in stovepipe, but further. it gets to the point where guy starts to curse out the narrator and then stops to wonder why, its more excuses to be romantic with sam
  • michellee and eb send them letters on their trips abt things theyre trying out for the first time, like eb’s first time on am occycle!! sometimes theyre disastrous and sometimes it goes well but either way, sam and guy are leaning over the same letter, staring intently and snuzzling close, only seperating for sam to make a big gesture or guy to be anxious abt eb.
  • guy claims not to be good with children. honestly he isn’t, but for some reason the way he treats them like little adults (at arms length like most anyone else) endears them to him. some just ignore him but sometimes guy will just be COVERED in small children trying to get his attention. sam tries to convince him to keep one, at one point.
  • sam absolutely has a robin hood subplot. he keeps trying to either kidnap adopt every orphan they come across or give them a bunch of bruckles from the nearest wallet. guy only manages to make sam slightly more discerning with his pickpocketing in this case, and they nearly get kicked out of town by some of the more wealthy residents who suddenly seem to have empty pockets.

ok this got rly long but domestic/travel briefcase buddies is so good!!!!

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So I have a theory… What if Sam was looking for a partner in crime?


I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what Sam’s intentions were with Guy in the beginning, and why he got attached so quickly. Well, I think that aside from being lonely (obviously), he also stumbled upon a prime person to join him in a life of crime at the perfect time. At their first meeting, he observes that Guy is:

a) Disillusioned with the world


b) Jobless

c) Looking for a new path


d) Alone


Which was perfect for Sam at the time since as a lonely guy himself, he could use a buddy in the life he’s chosen. I don’t necessarily think he planned on roping him in from the beginning, but once they hit the road he saw this as almost fate.


If everything went according to plan (and they didn’t get attached to Mr. Jenkins), Sam may have hoped to let Guy in on his secret naturally over time.

It wouldn’t make sense if he’d planned to have Guy just as a friend and keep him in the dark permanently.. He obviously knew it was going to be discovered eventually. So maybe if he introduced Guy to his lifestyle by roping him into this adventure, he’d get not only a friend but a partner. 

What do you guys think?

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Something Neat?

My digital art improvement age 14-19!


Ah, 2015. The year of the blur tool, heavy lineart, Colors, and Not Flipping the Canvas.


2016! I understand lighting and anatomy a little better! I don’t know what to call this year it’s just a year where I improved a lot.


2017: year of Adventure Zone and finally starting to diversify characters’ face structure a little more


2018! Year of white backgrounds and not having any art from the summer on my computer for some reason. I was drawing, but all the evidence has vanished.


2019: I cannot get over how much I’ve improved this year! Everything is better than it was. I was looking at these this morning and realizing that I really DO have an art style more or less and you can see it even back in 2015.

I’m super encouraged by how much I’ve improved in the past and looking forward to years of having fun and improving along the way to come! 

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As the sinking ferry pulls Sam and Guy ever downwards into the icy depths of the bay, the pair do all that they can to stay together to the bitter end, their lungs aching with the need to breathe. And it’s beneath the murky surface that Guy surprises his bud with a gesture quite unexpected. Enjoy <3


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