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Complementary Yearning


Tony knew he and Peter’s lives would be forever changed following that fateful trip to Afghanistan. Because while they not only had to get used to a newly defrosted Steve Rogers living in their home as their SHIELD-assigned bodyguard, thanks to the shards of shrapnel lodged in his chest, Tony also had to deal with the fact that Peter’s favourite source of comfort had disappeared.

Part of the Pieces of Echoes Series, written for the IronDad and SpiderSon Valentine’s Day fic exchange 💖 for @on-the-verge-virgil

Read it HERE 😊

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What’s this ‘Phoenix Project’ you keep mentioning in the tags?

Hey, thank you so much for the ask!

The Phoenix Project is the name of my new Superfamily story 💖. I’m still currently plotting it out, but I’m hoping to have the prologue written by the end of next week, and once I get that and a couple of chapters under my belt I’ll start posting it, hopefully around the first week of March. The story will feature Steve as a fighter/ test pilot, Tony as an engineer/ instructor, and of course Peter, who will be around ten years old. There’s also a lot of world-building that I’m working on, as it’s not going to be set in the MCU or even on our Earth 🤓

I’m pretty excited though, if you couldn’t tell! 😆

Thank you so much for the ask! 💖

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I really miss your Everlark writing. Any chance you'll participate in the exchange this year?

Oh wow, thank you so much for this message! You just made me smile on a really dreary afternoon! 💖

And I honestly would love to write something for the fic exchange if there’s a prompt that catches my eye! I’ve missed writing my everlark sweeties!

Thank you so much for the ask @lovely-tothe-bone 💖

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Chasing Demons Final Chapter Preview

Behind? Catch up HERE 😊


They had also held a press conference the day before, attended only by journalists hand-picked by Pepper, where Steve laid out his entire story in what Peter called PG-13 detail, starting with his arrest following he and Tony’s anniversary dinner and ending when he was finally released from the Atlanta hospital to come home. Images that Tony recorded from his HUD along with several documents that Bruce had been able to capture from the prison’s computer systems were also released to a few selected news stations, further corroborating the growing pile of evidence against not only many of the men and women holding high positions in the government and other agencies, but also various news outlets.

It was a start, at least. But Steve knew he wouldn’t be able to truly rest until every last single HYDRA agent had been flushed out from their mole tunnels and arrested.

But unfortunately, at the moment he still needed to figure out a way to get to the bathroom and back without causing a scene.

Slowly, Steve pushed himself up to his feet, using the headboard as leverage as he placed all of his weight on his right foot. The cast on his left foot was massive, and had to weigh at least ten kilograms with how much hardware was poking out of it. The surgeon had explained that he’d been required to use several of what he called medical pins in order to hold Steve’s bones in place while they healed, which were now sticking out of the bright blue plaster in such a way that it made Steve feel sick to his stomach to even look at it. And not to mention the constant prickly feeling he’d had in the foot ever since the surgery from the bones knitting themselves back together. Steve had always hated that tingly, pins-and-needles feeling.

Although apparently not enough to stop breaking his goddamn bones, as Tony would say.

Keeping his right hand flat against the bed, Steve released the headboard and began hopping towards the bathroom, stopping at the end of the bed to balance himself on the footboard. The bathroom was still about ten paces away with nothing more for him to grab onto, but once he was able to get to the doorway he would hopefully be okay.

However, for all of Steve’s meticulous planning, he realised only three hops in that he’d neglected to take into account the soreness in his right hip caused by him trying to compensate for the extra weight on his left foot. He paused in the very centre of the room, already dripping with sweat as he rested just the tip of his left toes against the floor, trying to take just a touch of weight off his right leg, and not even a second later found himself flat on his face, completely stunned, with his entire left side screaming in protest.

“What the—?” Steve heard from the bed as he attempted to roll over, his damaged ribs making him feel every single centimetre of movement. He refused to look as Tony sat up and poked his head over the end of the bed, already bracing himself for the lecture he was about to get.

“Jesus Christ, Steve, what the hell are you doing?” Tony demanded as he knelt down next to him, bleary-eyed and disheveled. He slid his arms underneath Steve’s shoulders, trying to hoist him back up. “You trying to give me a heart attack or something?”

Steve glowered as he looked away, too embarrassed to even meet Tony’s eyes even as his entire left side was now throbbing with every beat of his pounding heart.

“I just—I just needed to pee.”

“Okay. And you didn’t wake me up… why, exactly?”

“I didn’t want to. You were sleeping.”

To his credit Tony did at least make an attempt to hide his eyeroll, although it was not entirely successful. “Ah huh. And how’d that turn out for ya there, hmm?”


“No, don’t you be ‘Tony-ing’ me right now,” he snapped. “You know damn well that I’d much rather be woken up with a kiss and a soft, ‘hey sweetheart, can you help me hop on over to the bathroom?’ or something like that as opposed to you smacking your face into the floor ‘cause you’re too damn stubborn to admit that you need me to help you.”

The full chapter will post on Monday, January 27th 😊

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The chapter was so good! Did you research a lot for the locations?

Aww, thank you so much sweet anon! I’m so glad you enjoyed the chapter! 💖

Seagate Penitentiary is actually a real canon place in Marvel Comics and the MCU and is mentioned a few times in the Luke Cage Netflix show as well, if I’m not mistaken. It’s where Justin Hammer and Trevor Slattery were both incarcerated after their respective arrests.

As for its location, the Marvel Wiki only says that it’s off of coastal Georgia, so the fact that I have it off of Jekyll Island was my own doing 🤓, and yeah, I did a bit of research on Jekyll Island for the story. I even had one of my readers message me and say that they had been to Jekyll Island before. 😊

Thank you so much for the ask, and for reading! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Chasing Demons! 💖

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I'm about half way through of ur chasing demons fanfic and ive finished the one shot and the pieces of echos one and let me say they r all so good to read! I've been reading them like non stop for about a week and I'm completely addicted! Just thought I would let u know that i think ur an amazing writer and I can tell u have put a lot of time, research and planning into ur stories and that there FANTASTIC to read!!! :D keep it up! :D

Oh wow, this was such an amazing message to wake up this morning!! Thank you so much, sweet anon, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my Pieces series!! 💖💖💖

I’ll be posting the latest chapter of Chasing Demons in a few hours, and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

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Have a long form fiction class and I submitted my 60 pages for reading last Monday, my workshop is tomorrow.

It’s been a week and I am so desperate for feedback I’m bothering my friends and family that have it like feedback? Feedback please? Please, ma’am, may I have some feedback?

I’m dying to know. I feel like a needy cockatiel.

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Harumichi angst for everyone! This is the fic that’s been rambling about in my head for quite a while now and I finally got tired of it running itself into circles, so here it is. Inspired, as all of my Harumichi fics are, by @docholligay.

Michiru did not pray. It seemed a rather pointless endeavor, when all was said and done. 

Either deities didn’t care to exist and thus her pleas were heard by no one or the deities that did exist were cruel and she didn’t particularly care to draw their attention.

However, desperation can sometimes make even the most skeptical into a temporary supplicant. And standing amidst the wreckage of all that she had held dear, surrounded by the bloodied and broken bodies of those she had cared for, she couldn’t stop the unspoken prayer from sweeping through her, like a wave crashing on the surf. 

Please. Not this. I’ll do anything.

A heartbeat.

Keep reading

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Chapter 3 has been posted!  Thank you so much to everyone reading, and especially to @stjohn27, my awesome prereader and sounding board.  ♥️

“Pardon me, Captain,” said the soft voice of a petite blonde girl from the doorway of Steve’s temporary quarters, which were really nothing more than a chair, a narrow bed that was several centimeters too short for him, and a tiny bathroom. Either space at Bagram Air Base was at a premium, or they just weren’t used to having such tall people visiting. Rhodes had mentioned something about there being a height restriction on the fighter pilots, so…

“Yes, ma'am?” Steve answered, looking up from his latest drawing.

The girl chuckled. “It’s actually Airman, Captain. I’m Airman Wilson. And there’s a phone call for you, sir. You can take it down in the General’s office.”

“Um…” Steve stammered. He had no idea where the General’s office even was. The only places he’d seen since he and Rhodes had rescued the Starks three days prior were his room, the mess hall, and the gym. He knew both Starks were still in the hospital, but he hadn’t spoken more than a couple words to Tony Stark since they’d arrived at the base. Tony’s cold as ice reaction to Rhodes calling Steve Captain America still stung more than Steve wanted to admit, and he had been trying hard to stay out of their way ever since.

“I’m not—, I don’t think—”

“I can escort you, sir,” Wilson replied.

“Thank you, ma'am—, I mean, Airman.”

As Airman Wilson led Steve along the maze-like corridors and down three floors to the offices of the command personnel, he couldn’t help but wonder how in the world he was ever going to fit into this time. He very likely couldn’t go back to just being a soldier—not without some pretty extensive lessons in the modern military technology at least—but yet he didn’t feel comfortable with the possibility of just being a regular civilian either. He had worked so hard to get where he was during the war, and now… it was like someone had simply plucked him from his own time and dropped him into the future as a sort of survival school exercise or something.

And just like he’d often wondered during his real survival training way back when, he wasn’t quite sure if he was going to make it through.

Read more on AO3/ FFN :)

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Here’s this. It’s months late which I’m so sorry for but better late than never right? lmao nah, anyway, this has been in the works for ages. Maybe I’ll get the backstory I planned for it typed out one day ;) 

With Love, GeekyZelda, Janell <3

“Sam Heap, is that you?”

Sam, knee deep in sticky swamp goop, turned in the mud to find a familiar, grimey face peering at him through the trees.

“Wolf Boy? I’ll be damned,” Marwick snorted, “You know I go by Marwick now.” The man quirked a smile and added, “You will be damned if you spend the night out here, it’s supposed to snow tonight. What are you doing here?”

“I got… Lost,” Sam shrugged helplessly. “Do you think you could help me out?” Sam said gesturing to his shins.

Marwick snickered and moved to pull his old friend out of the mud.

“Ow, ow, ow, that hurts!”

“Well, If you hadn’t gotten yourself stuck we wouldn’t be in this situation, would we?”

Sam was quiet for a second before he muttered, “Shut up. Just get me out of here.”

Marwick pulled and Sam complained but after some time, a bit of cursing, and a lot of sweating Sam was pulled from the mud and Marwick marched him back to the cottage on Draggan Island. Marwick gave Sam a pair of trousers and tunic to borrow for the night. While Sam changed Marwick moved to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate.

Marwick walked back to the living room to find Sam huddled under a blanket on the floor in front of the fire. He was watching the snow start to drift outside the window.

“Looks like the freeze is starting to set in,” Marwick commented. He handed Sam his cup of cocoa and sat down on the ground next to him.

Marwick had almost finished his cup when Sam spoke, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, Marwick.”

Marwick chuckled. “It’s been far too long. I think the last time was at that party Septimus threw a couple years ago..”

Sam snorted into his hot chocolate mug. “I remember that after party. You were a tad tipsy if I recall.”

“I was not.”

“You danced on top of the table. You flung your pants out the window.”

“I did not!”

“Yes, you did! I specifically remember the pants moment. It was rather exciting.”

Marwick pressed his palms into his eyelids and groaned loudly. “So, so embarrassing and I don’t even remember it.” Sam snickered and bumped his shoulder against Marwick’s, “It’s okay I’m sure no one really remembers that night, we were all drunk anyway.”

“You remember it,” Marwick nudged Sam’s shoulder back.

“Of course I do. That was the first time I realized that I was in-” Sam cut himself off and took a long sip of his already empty hot chocolate. Marwick raised an eyebrow and watched him closely.

“You were in… What?” Marwick prompted.

“Nothing, nothing.”

“Sam, what were you in?”

“I told you, nothing. Do you want some more hot chocolate? I need some more.” And maybe something stronger, Sam added to himself as he made to stand.

“Sam, wait.” Marwick grabbed his wrist and pulled hard. Sam sat down with a bump to find himself inches from Marwick’s face. His lips were very distracting and his eyes were a warm brown that Sam could find himself easily getting lost in.

“Marwick, I, I uh,” Sam lost his train of thought as Marwick’s eyes roamed his face. Sam watched the other boy’s face grow red as he spoke.

“You what?” He leaned in closer.

“I’ve been waiting to do this.” Sam practically tackled the other boy in a kiss. They fell backwards onto the wood floor and knocked the cocoa mugs out of the way.

Sam is a rough kisser, Marwick observed. He kind of liked it. He kind of liked it a lot.

Marwick has no clue what to do with his tongue, Sam thought. We’ll have to work on that. It’s an acquired skill, really.

They talked the night away. Catching up on the years since Marwick had left the Camp Heap. Sam told him about his expedition in the forest, he still wasn’t sure how he ended up knee deep in swamp mud.

Time passed and before he realized it, Marwick found Sam dozing on his shoulder. Marwick smiled at his old friend and leaned into him, relishing the feelings it raised. Marwick could feel sleep pulling on his eyelids when Sam surprised him by speaking.

“I honestly didn’t think I’d see you again, at least, not on our own.”

“I didn’t either.”

“Marwick,” Sam moved his head from its resting place to look the other boy in the eye. “I have to ask you.”


“What are we now?”

Marwick was quiet for a while, thinking over his response. “I don’t know. What do you think?”

“I think I rather like this.”

“I think I agree.”

Sam smiled and Marwick leaned toward him. Sam met him halfway, smiling as they kissed.

The fire crackled. Outside a blizzard raged. And inside a sleepy cottage on Draggan Island two lost men found each other again.

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((This was intended to be a small poem thing and it grew into this. Sorry.
Until next time, GeekyZelda))

If you say
Goodbye today,
I’ll ask you to be true.
‘Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.

The morning they received the news from the healer Silas and Sarah couldn’t leave the bed. Tears from both pooled on the pillow as he ran his hands through her hair and she clung to him like a boat in a storm. They lay between the sheets until the sun set, neither sleeping, simply appreciating the other’s presence. No plans were discussed that night, no thoughts of the future. Just their last lingering shred of hope as it was blown out the open window.

The next day, they called a family meeting.

“All Heap children in attendance, please. We have something to tell you.”

The formality of the letter spooked them all.

Simon and Lucy rushed straight to the family homestead first thing that morning. Sam and Marwick traveled through the queen’s way as soon as possible. Edd postponed a date with a cute ordinary wizard. Erik paused in the middle of a three day spell. JoJo left the sanctuary of the Grotto. Nicko sailed straight home from the Port. Jenna cancelled three meetings with foreign dignitaries. Septimus took the first day off of his career.

That afternoon, no later than 2 pm, all Heaps and associated spouses were crammed into the room behind the big red door. The feeling of safety and comfort that usually permeated the space was overshadowed by an ever increasing anxiety. Sarah sat at the head of the table. Silas served a pot of tea and stood behind his wife, his hands on her shoulders. Everyone held their breath as she loosed her news.

“I’m dying kids.”

Keep reading

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When Archie Hopper tries to counsel a young woman dealing with her own eventual death, how can he cope with his own feelings and need to do his best? Archie (Jiminy) / OC.

Chapter 15 of Tu Me Manques has been posted! Morphine. Here’s a tease:

“I never got my medical proxy papers out of there to give to Dr. Whale,” Cherise admitted sheepishly. She wrinkled her nose and looked up at Archie with her dark, exhausted eyes. Silently, Archie brought over the bag and removed the lone paper from the bag. He skimmed it and set it down upon the rolling side table to give it a final look-over for Cherise’s approval. As he was setting the tote bag down next to the recliner he had been occupying not long before, he realized the important medical papers lacked quite a bit of information that was required.

He stared at Cherise and furrowed his brows at her, happy to remove himself from the subject of rooming together at last. “You never filled these out! Cherise! This is unlike you!”

“I have an excuse.”

“I’m sure you do, but these are important! What if something terrible happens?” Archie felt his heart leap to his throat. He suddenly saw Cherise in his mind’s eye, slipping into a coma. Yet without the papers signed, there was no one to decide on Cherise’s behalf. There was no one to protect her. Immediately Archie saw himself fighting to try to keep Cherise alive, but in vain. But she’s still in there and I know it! She just needs time to pull through! Please no! I know she can make it. She just needs time. She needs time to heal. Please don’t do this. She’s in there. She’s in there… Give her a chance.

“Archie. Earth to Archie… Hopper!” Cherise droned. Archie snapped from his nightmarish daydream and shook his head to shake off the image of his adored patient looking so helpless and grey within his mind. He fluttered his eyes over and over until the haunting image had left.

Please give it a read and review. New to the story?

Chapter one right here!

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When Archie Hopper tries to counsel a young woman dealing with her own eventual death, how can he cope with his own feelings and need to do his best? Archie (Jiminy) / OC.

Chapter 14 of Tu Me Manques has been posted! The Still Small Voice. Here’s a tease:

His eyes glazed over as he scanned the area for Henry’s form. He didn’t see the boy, but he spied the back of Mayor Mill’s head. Surely she was hovering over that imaginative and bright child, shielding him off from his birth mother. Regina was probably reeling after Archie’s departing words to her about insisting how he would be treating her son from now on. If she was going to do her worst, then he promised he was going to do his best. Those words, powerful enough, granted him a special sort of strength and enabled him to stand much longer than he assumed he could. He didn’t feel like a hero, but Archie did have that wonderful feeling of his words giving him wings. Or maybe that woozy feeling of being detached from the earth was his head rushing from that goose egg that was starting to throb. He reeled forward with an uneasy feeling in his stomach. So much for standing. He was lucky, and he knew it, to have Marco suddenly brace him up.


“It’s a head rush. I’ll be okay.”

Please give it a read and review. New to the story? Chapter one right here!
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Twenty-eight years and you’ve been the psychiatrist to a doomed patient. You try to help her cope with her eventual demise. You do all you can to make each transitioning moment a little easier on her and yourself. Eventually you realize you’ve become part of her.

Every Tuesday, Archie Hopper has spent his late afternoons with a kindergarten teacher with a terminal ailment. As he begins to help her open up to the world, a friendship develops.

Who counsels a psychiatrist?

Chapter Nine: Social Conventions is live!

Archie is out to pick up Cherise for the party. It’ll be good for both of them to do some socializing, right?

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