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George Harrison, 1987, photographed by Frank Griffin/Photoshot, via eBay.

“The governments and everybody’s still got the money, they still choose to use the money for military and for weaponry as opposed to building the inner cities, about giving people jobs or detoxifying the oceans or whatever. I mean it’s just in a nutshell greed, I think, it all comes down to greed. You know, industry, commerce and that, they just would rather just destroy something in order to sell… I mean, you know, this is the biggest joke, the guys now said how nuclear power isn’t actually cheaper. Now as we’ve got all these sort of horrible power stations, you know, it’s unbelievable, you know, it’s just… these people who are in control of it just have no hearts, no souls, and they don’t care about the people, they just don’t seem to care about us, they’re just concerned with their own greedy methods of how to get power and accumulate all this wealth and stature. […] You know, I love those people [Greenpeace] because they just get out there and actually do it. I mean, if I wasn’t me, I — that’s the kind of thing I’d like to be, you know, is out there on a ship getting harpooned by Russians and Japanese, you know. I think those people are great and any of these organizations, you know, just trying to save the planet, you know, save the world, while it’s — all the forests are all crumbling and those that aren’t being poisoned are being chopped up to make matchsticks and newspapers. It’s perverse actually when you get into it, it’s — it just makes me want to vomit. […] All the atmosphere that’s being created, I mean, right now just all this radio, television and satellites and there’s all this madness flying through the air, and all these chimneys pouring and smoke and motor cars driving everyone, people on telephones, you know, I mean there’s just so much disturbance in the atmosphere, that it — the atmosphere, nature, has got to adjust to that and I think that any weather is the result of that or the shifting of climate because of chopping rainforests down. You know, people seem so stupid they don’t seem to realize that, you know, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” - George Harrison, RTE, October 1987 (x)

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This is absolutely hilarious. My autistic husband listened to Animals as Leaders in 2017 so much that it beat out my love for the Screaming Females even though they were my top artist of 2018 and 2019 and ALL of my top songs of the decade are Screaming Females songs. I am also horribly embarrassed to admit that Ween was one of my top artists of the decade, which beat out Genesis.  

I also knew that Awaiting On You All would be my top song of the year because I have basically listened to it on repeat since I heard it in the George Harrison documentary on Netflix. 

And as always, rock is my top genre!

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Title: I Love You
Fandom: The Traveling Wilburys
Pairing: Bob Dylan/George Harrison
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 183
Summary: “You’re not being serious.”Bob looked at him incredulously. For a moment, George didn’t answer, then his lips cracked into a smile.
A/N: Part 5 of my Daily Fanfic Chocolates calendar :D Five short and sweet ficlets for Dylarrison, inspired by a tumblr post I saw about a year ago (after which I also wrote this fic). This is a whole bunch of fluff. Please enjoy ❤

(links to AO3 and the DFC masterpost are in the reblogs!)


The mumble was barely audible, much quieter than the sound the bed had made under the weight of an additional person laying down on it.

For a moment he already got upset because it felt as though the blanket was being pulled away from him as the person next to him also covered himself with it, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

Then a slightly cold arm snuck around his waist and warm breath began caressing his face in a steady rhythm as five fingers tiredly were run through his hair.

He let himself relax even further than he had been before George had arrived and let out a content sound that could only be described as a deep purr. He dragged up his heavy arm and placed it over George’s waist, holding him steady by the middle of his back.

Bob found himself drifting off and, in his last moments of wakefulness, managed to lean forward and press the lightest of kisses to George’s chin. Then he fell asleep, while George couldn’t stifle a yarn anymore and submitted to sleep, as well.

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