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| Felice solamente colui

Che avendo provato la vertigine

Fino a tremare in tutte le sue ossa

E a non misurare più la sua caduta

Ritrova d'improvviso

La potenza insperata

Di fare della sua agonia una gioia

Capace di gelare e di trasfigurare

Quelli che la incontrano |

Georges Bataille

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georges bataille, ‘the language of flowers’
It is to flowers in general, and not to any specific flower, that one is tempted to attribute the strange privilege of revealing the presence of love.
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“Remember that truth is not stable ground but the ceaseless movement that destroys all that you are and all that you see.” –Georges Bataille, The Sacred Conspiracy: The Internal Papers of the Secret Society of Acéphale and Lectures to the College of Sociology

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georges bataille, ‘story of the eye’
I managed to lose any sense of words like hope or despair. But in my weariness, I realized that my life had to have some meaning all the same, and would have one if only certain events, defined as desirable, were to occur.
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“One’s being burns with the desire to become pure through and throughout the night. It burns even brighter as love shows itself capable of crumbling the prison walls around each of us. But what could be more grand than the breach through which two beings might recognize each other without succumbing to the vulgarity and platitudes of infinity?”

-Georges Bataille, The Culprit

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La situazione degli uomini è scoraggiante. Essi debbono «comunicare». Ma la «comunicazione» non può realizzarsi senza ferire o insozzare gli esseri. La «comunicazione» non può avvenire da un essere pieno e intatto ad un altro: essa vuole esseri in cui si trovi posto in gioco l’essere al limite della morte, del nulla. La presenza altrui è pienamente rivelata soltanto se l’altro si china egli pure sull’orlo del suo nulla. La comunicazione avviene solo tra due esseri messi in gioco – lacerati, sospesi, chini entrambi sul loro nulla.

Georges Bataille, Su Nietzsche

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Richard Gavin - The Latent Radiance
With Akephalos as the fiery seeder of the earth, as the possessor of the immortal fire; connections with Lucifer abound. Noteworthy is the reference to Akephalos as the daimon with sight in his feet. Other artistic depictions of the Headless One show him as having eyes in his shoulders, still others have him carrying his head like a mere plaything, a bauble whose utility pales in comparison to the uneorldly sight of the celestial flame he wields. Such images evidence a shift in visionary faculty, an irrational form of body-rooted perception that suggests a bypassing of the rational mind…
The irrational mode of esoteric perception inherent in Akephalos was further elaborated upon in the 1930s by the French philosopher, author, and eroticist Georges Bataille. Acéphale was the name given by Bataille to both a public review journal he edited and published, and also to a secret society he founded and lead. The journal was a cultural backlash against the rising tide of fascism that was plaguing Europe at that point in time. He was disheartened by the ignorance, violence, and injustice that he saw increasing throughout the continent, particularly in Germany, where National Socialism was increasing in influence and power. Bataille accused the Third Reich of hijacking and misinterpreting the wise and empowering words of philosophers such as Nietzsche in order to suit their vulgar fascistic aims. Given this, one can wonder if part of the inspiration for Bataille invoking the name of Akephalos with his two-pronged undertaking was to summon the entity who is “the truth” and who “hates the fact that unjust deeds are done in the world.” From a historical perspective, apocalyptic theology has a longstanding tradition of the beseeching of deities who return to Earth to deliver a swift and supra-human justice. Such a dynamic is understandable, given that these intelligences are being prayed to by peoples who are living under unjust regimes, suffering oppression, or outright genocide.
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georges bataille, ‘story of the eye’
To be God, naked, solar, in the rainy night, on a field: red, divinely, manuring with the majesty of a tempest, the face grimacing, torn apart, being impossible in tears: who knew, before me, what majesty is?
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georges bataille, ‘the solar anus’
Movement is the figure of love, incapable of stopping at a particular being, and rapidly passing from one to another. But the forgetting that determines it in this way is only a subterfuge of memory.
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