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Temperatures on Europe this morning – Major cities temperatures #weather (Temperaturile diminetii in Europa)

Temperatures on Europe this morning – Major cities temperatures #weather (Temperaturile diminetii in Europa).

Morning temperatures for major cities in Europe are found in the following chart. Temperatures Europe.

Find nearly real time temperature on Europe  here [maxbutton id=”1″ ]

Temperaturile diminetii pentru principalele orase din Europa se gasesc in urmatorul grafic.

Morning temperatures
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[Anglo Saxon art above]

One thing I find interesting about European history is the how Germanic tribes mixing with native Celts from Scotland (Anglo Saxons) to Spain (Goths) even France (Franks) led to what is largely seen as the modern European. While we do know the ancestors of Celts had naturally red hair I still wonder if they would’ve developed the blonde gene if not for the mixing with Germanic peoples. I know that the Finno-Ugric were naturally blonde yet asian looking because they were related to the Sami (a Siberian tribe that migrated to Europe much later). Though they mixed with nordic groups to the point Finns all have a white phenotype. Another thing to note is that Germanic groups already had natural redheads as well. Anybody have a answer to this long post lmao

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