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You know sometimes you have to just look at your dream and go “Now we don’t have time to unpack all that?” at yourself? Yeah.

My dream last night involved like aliens kidnapping kids and no one would listen so I held a press conference to prove it, except people still wouldn’t listen. 

At one point I grabbed Boris…something Prime Minister of the UK by his stupid outfit (which was like a very green and black graduation gown thing with a very goofy hat, kind of sporting a Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame vibe) and started yelling at him, which made me into a major celebrity and getting interviews. People were like, ‘You should run for Congress! People love someone who beats up a foreign minister!’ and the entire time I’m still trying to remind people that hey, alien invasion here.

The end of the dream involved me, my new coworker, and a couple other people fighting the aliens that were like Ghostbusters Pillsbury Doughman sized and just running around and trying not to get crushed every time we took one out.

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