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I mean Kylo probably sees it as a terrible sad offense that he slept with other women before sleeping with Rey but I see it as some necessary prep for him to increase his endurance, if you catch my drift, before getting together with Rey, because the two of them are so fumbling and in love that if both of them hadn’t known what they were doing they would probably never get around to having sex and just lie naked together and cry and start weeping about who loves who more

Originally posted by nerd-brarian

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talk to me abt this baby pwease her names maria and shes the mc of panda pearl, my webcomic (and probably gona be visual novel) shes 14 and babey

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Yo rrrryan here this is my frist animation ive ever done XD hope you enjoy moya bluuuussshhhinng~

Open for askes my dudessss

Ryan out~

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