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Crossover: Bodyguard

Part XIV: A Night at the Opera

Fandom: NBC Hannibal/Fear Clinic (webseries)

For @tranimation. She knows why.

Bedelia was proud of herself. She had willingly left the house tonight. The opera was in town and some culture would do her some good. Villatoro was at her side, as usual. Barney had suggested her dress for the evening, a dark red backless little number that had been hiding in the back of her closet. Villatoro appeared to forget how to breathe upon seeing her in it.

“You are going to…get us kicked out…” she whispered breathlessly.

Thank God for balcony seating. To any observer, it would merely look as though she were sitting on his lap instead of engaging in public indecency.

“Me? We’ll be fine as long as…you save the screaming for that harpy on stage,” Villatoro growled in her ear, chuckling as she slapped his hand away from trying to slide his hand down the top of her gown.

The risk was too much and she, reluctantly, returned to her seat. Villatoro, pleased with himself, fastened his belt and took a swig from the flask he’d hidden in the inner pocket of his coat.

“You are horrible,” she whispered as he got up from his seat. “Where are you going?”

“Men’s room. I need to stretch my legs anyway,” he replied, wrapping his coat around her shoulders.

Bedeila shook her head, turning her attention back to the preformance. She adjusted the coat around her shoulders, feeling heavy in one of the pockets. Looking back to make sure Villatoro wasn’t hiding in the shadows, she dipped her hand in, pulling out a small box. Curious, she opened it.

A ring. It was simple, very…him. a thin silver band with a tiny diamond in the center. She put it on, smiling when it fit. Villatoro had been rather nervous, even jumpy lately and now she knew why. She slipped the now empty box back into the coat and pretended to be enraptured by the opera when Villatoro returned.

“I miss anything important?” he asked.

“Nothing integral to understanding the story. Feeling better?”

“I’m ripping that dress off with my teeth the instant we get to the car.”

“I’m sure you will, darling,”

It felt like an eternity for the show to end. More than anything, Bedeila wondered how long it would take Villatoro to notice she was wearing the ring. They wove through the crowd of patrons, Villatoro stopping at the sight of Frederick Chilton, arm in arm with Freddie Lounds.

“Villatoro? My God, you look almost human,” Chilton said. Villatoro stood to his full height, towering over Chilton, Lounds and Bedelia herself. “What did you think of the preformance?”

Bedelia squeezed Villatoro’s hand in a silent warning to not start anything. The giant merely shrugged.

“Eh, tenor was off, the guy playing the flute in the orchestra was terrible and the main female singer sounded like a dying cat. Oreo?” he asked, pulling a packet of cookies out of his pocket. Bedeila dragged him away as Chilton stared in confusion and Lounds doubled over laughing.

“You made all that up, didn’t you?” Du Maurier asked.

“Babe, it’s me.”

Bedelia wasn’t even surprised that the answer actually made sense.

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Fan account (one-in5billion) from the X Files revival set (2015)

And without any warning we saw Gillian walking down the trail towards us with Nelson.  

At this point I heard in the distance “Nelsonnnn… NELSONNNNN” and out comes David jogging a little bit towards them.  Gillian turns around, laughs, and says “Nelson, you know your name. He knows his name” and looks up at David

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Wait Gillian and her friend Jennifer are not friends- what happened? Also, I agree her eyes have lost the joy behind them. I feel sad for her and I hope she finds happiness. Tbh I think right now is a money grab because maybe she fears that the jobs will dry up with age so she needs to do everything. But that is not the case, she will have work because she is good! In the we book she said she stops being herself and starts being what the boyfriend likes, I think history is repeating itself.

Anon, your post pretty well sums up the feelings for a lot of us. So thanks for your words.

As for G and Jennifer, I didn’t mean they are not friends anymore. I meant in the context of ‘We’ she just dropped Jennifer and the book like it was just another day. She went from 'We, We, We’ to the 'Crown, Crown, Crown’. and after the Page Six article and Portofino Gillian really backed off 'We’. That’s my observation. Remember after the vacation trip, her next 'We’ event with Jennifer, Gillian was the interviewer. I think that was so she herself wouldn’t get asked about the man in her life. So, I wasn’t talking about her friendship but her connection with JN and their book and how she did that to someone who was a long time friend because her choices didn’t turn out like she hoped.

You know, Gillian always tells two stories about most things in her life. Follow your heart, not your BF. Then, I always fall into my BFs patterns. Or 'I love David, we’re best friends’. Then, David Who? Or, I’m upset because TXF has no women writers. Then 'The Crown’ is the best thing going and I’m probably going to star in it because my BF is the writer. 😕

Let’s just see how this all plays out. We may get the Gillian of old back one day and I sincerely hope she looks in the mirror and sees she really it that good and doesn’t need this shit show to get good roles.

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Written by David Duchovny and Chris Carter
Directed by Michael Watkins 

  • Time to lose my mind
  • Oh fuck he’s having hallucinations 
  • Mommy Mulder….
  • She can’t hear you dumb ass
  • Sorry, inappropriate time to call him that
  • Ooo we’re getting the Mulder mind scan
  • He said, CSM, you’re a snake!
  • Don’t kill him please
  • We’re comparing Mulder to Christ are we
  • I mean…take his hand I guess
  • “I am your father” BITCH what a reveal
  • I already knew but…what a reveal 
  • Why’d they make this Michael guy relevant again
  • When was he exposed to the virus??
  • Gone?? Gone??
  • I do not think that his mother checked him out….his father, however
  • He’s really trying to get Mulder to assume a new identity
  • He’s in witness protection essentially
  • It’s been a while since we’ve seen Scully’s apartment
  • The code talker is alive!!!
  • Mulder’s got a new life now
  • If fucking Diana is in there…
  • Hello? Deep Throat, my man
  • He’s been alive the whole time….whew
  • If fucking Melissa is alive let me know right now…I still miss her
  • What are these hallucinations/dreams/whatever?
  • Did he just say ‘who are you?’ Who the fuck does it look like Mulder
  • Anyways,,,
  • Thanks Chris Carter, for that
  • Anasazi was a good episode
  • So…it’s the apocalypse? Sounds about right
  • So Mulder’s supposed to protect the whole fucking world from the plague 
  • Bitch??
  • Deadass shut up Diana
  • I’m sweating
  • We’re already halfway through the episode…fuck
  • No fucking way
  • Shitttttttttttt
  • That’s the same girl from Redux II
  • Uhhhh bitch…
  • So he….he cyberslept or dream slept with Diana
  • Sorry, had to put that out there
  • Got’em!
  • She’s always thinking….okay
  • Are they in a train car
  • Thanks I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it
  • Why are they doing this shit
  • The boy made a sand UFO
  • Prayer circle for Mulder
  • They’re doing God’s work apparently
  • Don’t listen to himmmm, Scully’s not dead
  • I’d love to have a grip on what’s happening
  • Hold on…what the fuck just happened with Krycek
  • Use it bitch
  • Dream Scully said you’re a fucking dumbass Mulder, wake up
  • She found him
  • Damn…the tear dripped off her face onto his
  • Ooo, RIP Albert
  • OOO FUCKKKK….Diana is dead!!!!
  • I knew this was coming but bitchhhhh
  • “You were my constant, my touchstone” “And you were mine” I DIDNT KNOW THIS WAS IN THIS EPISODE
  • And the kid…who the fuck…is that supposed to be Mulder?

Consensus: Lord, this episode delivered.

5 out of 5 stars

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Your prev response to that ask about Gillian being happy with Peter really got me thinking’re right. Gillian has seemed like a completely different person the past couple of years. She just doesn’t seem happy like she used to be. She even LOOKS like a different person. Then there’s David, and I honestly don’t know what to think about him anymore. I don’t fault that girl for dating him, but what the hell is HE thinking?

Well anon, it’s the question many are asking. Why is G different? Is it for show, is it for money, is it for fame? I just can’t wrap my head around her behavior.

I don’t hate her like most of my anons think but I hate this version of her. It’s out of character even with her know anxiety issues. She dumped Jennifer and the ‘WE’ book like a hot potato after Portofino and they were friends for more than 10 years.

David, as always, is a point of contention but she looks happy and relaxed around him except for at the stage door. So that brings us to MP. I don’t think they are dating but I do agree his behavior is questionable at best, reckless at worse.

So once again we have a Gillovny coincidence. Why all on a sudden do we have two trainwrecks in front of our eyes. Why do we have two people floundering in the public eye when they are know professionals in the celebrity biz. Why are we questioning their choices and behavior?

Well anon, in the words of Fox Mulder, “The truth we both know.”

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Written by Chris Carter     Directed by Kim Manners

  • Moment of silence for the last full season with Mulder
  • Alright….moment of silence over
  • “…by this haunting illness that I’ve seen consume your beautiful mind” SHUT UP we’re not even a minute and a half in
  • A look…
  • “In the source of every illness lies its cure”
  • Y’all remember when Scully had cancer…fuck
  • Moths? Weird bugs?
  • Uh bitch!! What the hell
  • Ya uh…you need to get out of there
  • Ma’am….I hope she’s okay
  • His brain’s gonna die…
  • I think his brain’s already dead
  • Skinner’s getting killed here and now
  • Mulder just started screaming…MOOD
  • What’s that
  • Where’s Scully
  • Oh okay
  • They’re animists….don’t tell them about the moth attack
  • Oh what the fuck
  • Can Scully come back to the US please
  • Moldy might be a little better?
  • “I feel you slipping away from me with every failure I make here” Scully, please….you have to warn me before you lapse into emo monologues…also, that gave me a major Memento Mori flashback….I’m not okay
  • Chris Carter be writing this and then going, ‘no, it’s not a romance’….bitch what
  • Stab him
  • Fine, let the doctor help you
  • Uhhh…a sea of blood? Why
  • I like that the show has progressively gotten crazier…that’s how it should be
  • Wait,..I vaguely remember this guy
  • Ooo yeah I remember
  • He might know why Mulder asked for him
  • Remote viewing! 
  • Go ahead, inject him
  • “They’re coming”
  • Skinner is not tolerating Diana today ladies
  • He’s reading minds, yes bitchhhhh
  • Another look….
  • Conclusion: There’s no god, it’s just aliens
  • I think if we’re looking at this critically, it’s not that great of a plot, but I’m not a critic so
  • Love getting held hostage in an Ivory Coast tent
  • 5% accuracy…lol
  • Oof he’s getting it
  • Yes, good choice
  • Get the hell out of there!
  • Uh oh
  • Just give up, they’re basically healing Mulder anyway
  • Diana Fowley is not gonna be happy about this…
  • Oh there she is 
  • Oh damn
  • Diana, you’ve been exposed
  • IM MURDERING CHRIS CARTER ON SIGHT (not actually, please
  • don’t arrest me)
  • Y’all hear summn?? I sure don’t
  • “Now we can be together” I mean, you die in the next episode but okay
  • Scully said He’s. Not. Dying.
  • Scully’s his doctor now, thems just facts
  • The doctor just got attacked
  • Read Scully’s mind, I dare you
  • Gillian Anderson’s eyebrow acting is unparalleled 
  • “Please. Hold on.”
  • I’m not….I’m not doing great 
  • The ship is gone…..

Consensus: Yeet, this one made me feel all the emotions. I’m ready to see what happens next.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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I like Gillian and I will continue to like her even there is Peter!

Good for you anon. It’s nice to have goals and a strong conviction.

But I’m sorry, I like Gillian when Gillian likes Gillian and I haven’t seen her like any part of her time with Peter Morgan. Feel free to prove to me otherwise.

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