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#gillian anderson

Honestly though, I hate the Bedelia speaks, in Hannibal. She pauses too much between words that it just irks me. 

I know she probably just trying to find the right words. But…it just…I love Gillian Anderson, but I can’t stand her scenes because of how her character talks.

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-You didn’t lose yourself, Bedelia. You just crawled so far up his ass, you couldn’t be bothered.

-Hello, Will.

Will Graham is shamelessly jealous…. Those horrible words jumped out of his mouth with no control. But he’s a little careful with Bedelia unlike with Alana.

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I’ve been working on I Wanna Believe! for almost a year and it opens in 3 days! It’s hard to express just how exciting and nerve wracking the process has been, I’d never been in a musical before and now I’ve written and will star in this one. Please come and see it! Tickets are half off for our preview performance on April 25! And if you see it and hate it please do the right thing and lie to my face afterwards, thank you.

Follow @iwannabelieveparody to learn more!





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you could see david's ankle tattoo in that video monique posted so he definitely wasn't wearing pants. shorts or underwear possibly, but not pants. monique had only a t-shirt on too.

Your stupidity is incurable.

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Omg I’m so proud of my mom for how open she’s become to wlw culture and I have a really great story

So long story short I made a “moments when Gillian Anderson was very gay” PowerPoint and I presented to my mom on our TV

But then I recently found a video of another moment where Gillian has some big dick energy and so I had to show my mom and I was like “here’s something I should have included in my PowerPoint”

And so I showed her and I was like dude that looks totally gay right and then my MOM WAS LIKE “oh yeah I totally know what you mean- do you know who I could see doing that? Kate McKinnon” AND I WAS LIKE OMG MOM IM SO PROUD OF YOU LOOK HOW MUCH YOUVE LEARNED

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