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So, I recently saw a post about transgender people particpating in athletic events on a pretty high level. People were concerned because they were able to choose what event they participated in (as in they chose whether they participated in the male event/female event). Obviously this created some scandal, because some argue that that is now their gender and therefore should be able to compete with other men/women, while others argue that their body autonomy is still different than that of those they’re competing against, either giving them an advantage or disadvantage! so what do y’all think? should those who are transitioning be able to compete in the event of the gender they’re transitioning to? Should they have to still compete in the gender they were assigned at birth? should they have to compete in their own events/ league? DISCUSS IN THE COMMEMTS BELOW!!! (Please stay respectful to one another, despite varying opinions, and actually discuss with reason, not just argue and cuss each other out. let’s share our ideas without making fools of ourselves)

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I saw this on Pinterest and I had to ss it. i don’t know if I’ve mentioned on this account before, but I’m a very religious person who’s had a very religious upbringing. and I’ve usually had a pretty weary stance when it came to the topic of abortion. many people argue that it’s taking a life, which is obviously a very debatable subject. but for me, besides that arguement, I believe that we have agency. for me, looking at it from a religious standpoint, God have all humans the gift of agency so that WE can decide for OURSELVES what we do with our life. especially for my religion, we focus a lot on the importance of being able to make choice for ourselves, and I think taking away a woman’s rights to her body is a gross abuse of what God meant by giving us the ability to make our own choices.

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Movie Reviews (2019)

22. I Feel Pretty

Every woman has the right to feel whatever they want to feel. But as we live in a diversified society, some people will always have to say in everything we do.

This movie is all about compassion to every woman around the world. Letting go of all the insecurities we have or embrassing them and turn the weakness into our strength.

I am personally one of those girls who dont feel good about myself. I have stretch marks. My skin is not that clear. I have uneven skin tone. My height doesnt match my age because I looked like a high school student even though I’m actually in my twenty.

You see, this world is already at its worst. Our ecosystem is slowly dying and somehow the people are also dying…from consideration to one another. Some wants to gets above the other so that they feel good about themselves but that’s now how it goes.

Feeling good and being good about yourself is completely different.

I recommend you to watch this. Not just for the girls out there but for everyone. Everyone should feel good about themselves. No matter what color their skin is, how their hair looks like, the weight and height doesnt really matters.

If your heart is full of love and happiness, that’s all that matters.

Appearance will fade but a beautiful soul will last a lifetime.

See what insights I’ve got after I watched the movie. Pretty wordy right? Hahahaha.

Anyway, this is the main purpose of every movie. They dont just make million-dollar movie just for the graphic and other shits. They want to make a statement that the viewers will remembers.

Don’t just watch with your eyes. Open your heart and mind and you will be albe to read between the lines.

Rate: 10/10

I nailed the last sentence didn’t I? Hahahahaha!

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