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#glow up

It’s okay to make mistakes

Today wasn’t the best day in my life. I had some problems with studies, some problems at work (these ones were sorted out but still it was super stressful), and three of my six pet rats are sick. So basically I did again what I fear from and what I try to stop doing - I binged on junk food and I picked my skin. Again. It felt horrible. What did I do afterwards?

My decisions:

🌸 I will take care of myself;

🌸 I won’t make myself feel bad about doing these things;

🌸 I will think of better coping mechanisms;

🌸 I will love myself more;

🌸 I will try to think before I act the next time;

🌸 I will respect myself.

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Journal entry #48📝

Date: 2/17/20

Today’s mood:🙂

Amount of water (cups):11

Skincare routine:✅✅

Dental hygiene:✅✅



Today’s talk: An average day. Class happened. Some of the speeches sucked today. Work was slow today but didn’t have to deal with any attitudes. Didn’t have volunteering because the kids didn’t have school today so I chilled at my dorm. Sarah wanted to get dinner at Moe’s so we did that. Feel down right now but the rest of the day was okay.

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We all deserve happiness 💕

Past few days have been really good - I have been using LifeSum app and eating the exact calories that it suggests (for me 1440). I have been losing weight - very slowly - and I am feeling a lot better physically and mentally. I’m not anymore overeating or undereating, and I have to say, this feels amazing. I really hope that I will succeed in this journey to better health and well-being and fight against eating disorder.

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#wishlistwednesday | krave beauty oat so simple water cream | $28

i really like liah yoo’s concept for krave beauty, and i think she describes this cream best in this video and this one. i also really loved to hear from the formulator about his creation process, as an apprentice formulator myself! this cream looks delightfully simple yet nourishing, and you can mix serums and actives into it to make it a multitasker suited to your particular needs. i’d love to see how my skin reacts to it!

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One of the best sermons ever. I’ve literally watched this sermon about 8 times since yesterday. Two of my favorite pastors in one room. Now that’s a gift from God 🙌🏾. I urge you to watch this if you’re going through something ❤️.

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