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-Good Omens press

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-Fan Art

-Good Omens press

-Good cause

-“Hey everyone I’m having a baby with a 25 year old I just started dating”

-Good cause

(To be clear, I support them in whatever the hell they wanna do! Congrats!)

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Three days. Aziraphale had been forced to stay with Crowley for three days, so far. To say Crowley was paranoid was an understatement. Their trials were over, they passed with flying colors. Not a hair on his angel’s head had been harmed. Their respective sides seemed to be leaving well enough alone, but Crowley couldn’t be too careful. Maybe heaven and hell were watching, waiting for them to separate before trying again.

The angel and demon had spent every moment together. Crowley followed Aziraphale to the shop and busied himself with drinking and the occasional book he found that caught his eye. Sometimes he fell asleep on the tiny sofa while Aziraphale hummed at his desk.

Crowley never left Aziraphale alone in his flat either. If there was somewhere he wanted to go, he took the angel with him. Aziraphale was patient. He never complained about Crowley’s clinginess. Even when the demon griped about long hours at the shop, or huffed when Aziraphale woke him up early so he could get fresh eggs from the farmer down the way. They were struggling financially and the angel liked to bless different parts of the farm each time they went, and he payed handsomely for the eggs.

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I was listening to Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley yesterday, and there was a line in it that kinda stood out to me:

#47 said to #3: 

You’re the cutest jail bird I ever did see,

I sure would be delighted with your company,

Come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me

Call me weird if you want,  but I can see Crowley saying this to Aziraphale

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Here’s a fun but likely impossible thought: the reason Aziraphale hasn’t fallen is because Crowley, with all the strength of his love and imagination, believes that he won’t

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