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You know how some apple species have died out / been forgotten over the millennia?

Well Aziraphale suddenly makes it his mission to scavenge and search for every single one of them, and he gathers the seeds all up, labeled and everything, and gets a greenhouse and nurtures each and every sapling until they bear beautiful and healthy fruit.

And then he brings Crowley in with his hands over his eyes.

“Angel- what could you possibly want to show me-“


And Crowley’s jaw drops an inch, his tongue resting uncomfortably against his teeth as he sucks in a sharp breath. His heart drops in his chest from everything at once, from the sweet scent of fresh leaves and fruit, to the whole room being filled with symbols of knowledge - and now, because of Aziraphale - love.

He feels himself tear up, can’t keep himself contained, and turns to bury his face against Aziraphale’s neck to let it all out- in relief, in acceptance, in love.

Aziraphale loves him just the way he is, loves all of him, from past to present.

Just as it should be.

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i was scrollin thru my art folders n found this doodle and honestly?? past me?? WHAT THE FUDGE!!! D : <

im cryign all over again : ( !!!!! but yeah this is based on a commission i saw @dement09 did n i wanted to draw my take on it,, but also i never got around to drawing lapis w painted nails, piercings n an undercut : (

hopefully i can because.. i need… GFS TMT!!!!!! but seriously this au?? slaps?? love that n also this is a double kin combine for me bc azi n peri?? 👀👀👌

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✨ # Anipoke de hoje ✨Em breve …

Nova animação “Pocket Monster” começa‼ ️

A aventura de Satoshi e Gou finalmente começa 🌈

E o passado desconhecido de Pikachu … 🍀

Hoje às 17:30 - Transmissão na TV Tóquio

Hoje é a partir das 5:30 ⌚️

Não cometa um erro

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