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It’s cold and wet out today, and my old goat gave me a hell of a scare when I went out to do laundry and I realized that he wasn’t able to get up.

I rushed out to the pen to help him up on shaky legs and assessed him as best I could. It was a bit hard with how sluggish he was acting, but I got a sneaking suspicion about what the cause of his problem was the longer I looked at him.

He gets achy in his back end in the cold weather and might lay down in order to give his back legs a rest (he got into a fight with a full grown black belly ram before we got him and hasn’t really used his back legs like a goat should since then).

The problem with a goat laying down too long is the same with a cow; their rumen starts to fill with gas and it can actually kill them.

Remembering this, I massaged his sides and he started burping and perked right up after about 20 minutes. He’s better now, but I’m paranoid by nature and have alarms set to go out and check on him every half hour to hour.

Pretty sure he just laid down a little too long and couldn’t get back up once he bloated to a certain point.

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is this a bad time to say that the accent on the a should be reversed? « à » (not that it really matters cause like he’ll understand and appreciate it regardless)

This just proves that the 4 years of French I took in high school did NOTHING 😭

But no he definitely appreciated it and gave me the biggest smile and that’s all that matters and UGH I’m so sad he’s not in Charlotte anymore 😭

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Wowsers I am sooo shocked by the amount of love and support I’ve gotten for this project! I was incredibly nervous to even put this Kickstarter out because I though maybe people wouldn’t enjoy my character and designs. I am soo honoured to have so many fantastic people supporting my artwork, thankyou all so much!

If you’d like to be a part of this snazzy product feel free to check out my Kickstarter by searching Faith Varvara on Kickstarter or click the link in my previous post

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#TGIF it’s still #BlackHistoryMonth Thanks @wnba for highlighting the FIRST WNBA athlete and the FIRST female athlete to have a @nike signature shoe #AirSwoopes. Sheryl Swoopes @airswoopes22 Recent 📷 by @playerstribune
For all media/booking inquiries email Check out Sheryl’s black history inspired figures here at
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