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#good omens
Okay, I'm the Anon that sent the second repented!Gabe ask. Easier to just step off Anon I think. Anyway! It would be pretty funny, if like Beelzebub got in on this. Maybe he thinks Gabe is doing some investigating, like completely misinterprets his actions so he thinks az&cr have some sort of secret that allows them the whole immunity to hellfire/holy water. What I'm trying to get out is pretends to be repented Beelzebub trying to out do actually repented Gave for az$cr favor


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So like what if aziraphale and crowley went to see the leaning tower of pisa when it was first built and crowley turned to aziraphale and went ‘hey watch this’ and pushed it slightly so it started leaning.

It feels like the subtle sort of thing he would do but then he accidentally made it a major tourist attraction at the same time.

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Please watch Good Omens! Michael Sheen and David Tennant are so good together. And I'll have another person to obsess over it with, lol. I think I'm driving my family crazy. I'm reading the book too, btw!

haha, no exaggeration—after seeing the Good Omens posts on here I started reading fanfic after fanfic, seeking out h/c situations for two characters I didn’t even know.

Michael Sheen’s last-picture-as-Aziraphale tweet and the “You’ll always be him to me” response from Neil Gaiman made me wistful for a performance I still have yet to watch.


My options for catching up properly are somewhat limited at the moment, but no worries: either way, I definitely will!!

😇 😈

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So in Good Omens, Crowley turns the M25 (the circular highway around London) into the sign odegra in the language of the Black Priesthood Of Ancient Mu, translating to “Hail the Great Beast, Destroyer Of Worlds” and the motorists who drive it charge it into a fog of low-grade evil around London.

My question is, as someone who lives in Washington DC and spends the better part of my life sitting in her traffic, who is responsible for the Beltway, and what rough beast, it’s hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

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i want to draw crowley as one of the sailors from sailor moon and you bet your ass i will do it and fail miserably

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Protective/possessive/top Crowley for the win ofc! but what would azira do if somebody was trying to get his mate's/husband's attention, and Crowley at the moment does not realize it cause his to busy admiring his angel? (😅)

Heck Zira would snap his fingers in Crowley’s face and be like “dear please someone is trying to speak to you” and then turn to the person trying to get his husband’s attention like “sorry for him but also aft do you want?”

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