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“I can’t do Emotion Algebra, [redacted name]!” said by [redacted name] in my RODBT group.

Everyone then agreed that Emotion Algebra needed to be a thing and someone should write a PhD dissertation on it. 

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Yesterday, I was on campus for a PGR event but went to the pub with a few of them afterwards. I may have a collaboration for an article in the works with someone who lectures in criminology and honestly I feel so proud that someone could work with me on something. I guess some light networking in the pub can be a good thing.

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Yesterday I signed up for classes! Can’t believe I’ll be back at the campus in a month’s time😊 Despite the start of semester was delayed because of corona virus, I’m already starting to feel nervous about going back to school. Looks like impostor syndrome’s hibernation is coming to its end 😬 I’m excited to go back and nerd freely, I’m also worried at the same time whether I can do this.
During my time off, my Korean got worse, and I’m trying to improve before the class begin. So studying ahead, or just reading in Korean will hopefully help. 

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Speaking of children, do you know of anyone who had a baby while in graduate school and was still able to finish/do well? I have a Master's and I plan on doing a PhD, but by the time I finish I'd be in my mid 30s and tbh with an ideal timeline my partner and I would have kids sometime before then. I'm not going to not go to grad school because I want a family, but I'm also not going to not have a family because I'm in grad school. It's just hard to find success stories online.

I know people who have managed to do it, but it’s probably worth mentioning that most of them have partners or parents who can provide childcare (either personally or financially), because that’s not something anybody can afford on a graduate student salary. What I would suggest if this is something you’re considering is to have a serious conversation with your partner about budgets and timelines and what’s feasible. Then, I would highly recommend that at every school you apply to you ask about institutional support for parents and ask for contact information for other student parents in the department and talk to them about how they’ve made it work. Most graduate schools have at least a few students who are also raising families and they won’t be surprised by that request.

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There’s something so fascinating in being able to see the ink slowly run out in a pen.

Today was supposed to be a day spent in the library to get a head start with my transfer VIVA presentation but I have had a week of broken sleep and I have cricked my neck so I can’t turn my head so day at home for me with readings. I am thankful that I spent some time yesterday planning my presentation and how to address my feedback so now all I have to do is transfer that into a PowerPoint and write a script before sending to my supervisor for some corrections. I am up early tomorrow as I have a meeting at 11 and I am teaching at 2 and hope my neck is better. Sometimes I am not surprised that my body is hating me at the moment because I am not resting enough.

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“an assumption had been made that the orient and everything in it was, if not patently inferior to, then in need of corrective study by the west. the orient was viewed as if framed by the classroom, the criminal court, the prison, the illustrated manual. orientalism, then, is knowledge of the orient that places things oriental in class, court, prison, or manual for scrutiny, study, judgment, discipline, or governing.”

went to caffe nero today and ordered my go-to, a hot chocolate milano. afterwards, i went to the local public library because their website said they had a film in their archives that would be beneficial to the exhibition i’m curating. the information desk said they didn’t actually have it, so that was a waste. i did start properly reading edward said’s orientalism, though. i’ve read excerpts of it for the writing and anthropology classes i took in undergrad, but never the full text. will probably be referencing it in my dissertation.

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*curtsies* can't thank you enough for your academia posting! as someone in the process of doing masters applications it's really heartening to hear an honest perspective about your PhD

*Curtsies* Y’know, that’s exactly why I do it. A PhD is fucking hard but it’s also really rewarding, and I try to offer an honest representation of what trying to live with that paradox looks like. I think a lot of people go into grad school with misconceptions about what it’s going to be like, and they struggle because the reality doesn’t match their expectations. So while it might sound like a cautionary tale from time to time, the goal is really just not to perpetuate myths that do more harm than good. Anyway, I’m glad to know the blog’s been helpful and wish you the best in all your academic endeavors!

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A year ago today I got accepted into my first PhD program - which happened to be the program I’d ultimately choose to attend. I remember not being able to do anything with myself for weeks as all this news was unfolding and I was processing decisions. It was a period of great anxiety in spite of the excitement and relief - but I think my favorite thing was emailing my advisors each time I got an acceptance and having them share so much excitement and pride. They were the ones that were happiest of all… Of course, I had a kind of constant stomach ache from December 2018 to mid-August 2019 between applying, waiting for decisions, making the choice of where to go, planning a move, and then leaving Seattle. I could hardly hold a conversation for all the noise happening in my head. But the feelings from that first call were incredible and I felt so lucky and privileged and honored to get that call. It’s a good reminder as I slog through my first winter quarter in this new city. I’m here for a reason and I am damn fortunate to be.

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I wasn’t able to eat enough and nutritious food for the past 48 hours and I felt like dettaching from the world 😂😭Anyway, I had eaten my favorite, rice, and took a long warm bath with a promise of drinking more tea 🥰 TIME FOR SELF LOVE BIIIH! Let’s fight again tomorrow! 파이팅!!!

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Woman at craft circle: One day, a man will come into your life and he will make you very happy and you will make him very happy.

Me [a useless lesbian]: I can assure you that is not going to happen. 

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I’m going back to my PhD!!!!

My university finally came back and said they weren’t going to make any accommodations for my new disability, and so I’m transferring back to the uni I did my masters at to work with the same supervisor. I’m seriously excited and currently reading many, many textbooks, articles, and reports. I’m getting this d*mn degree. Just watch me.

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